A Simple LEGO Deck Box

A simple LEGO Deck Box If you like LEGO as much as I do,
building a deck box comes naturally. I will show you how to build a simple LEGO
deck box for your Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh
or other collectible card games. Let’s get started. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. Young Mage is devoted to reaching and teaching
young mages of all ages. Subscribe now to show your support. And don’t forget to tap that bell down below
to get notifications of all the cool stuff coming soon. Here is the simple deck box. It’s a great starting point for more complex
deck boxes. I have more complex deck boxes I will show
you in future videos. This box is a good size for most decks you
will want to store. The top is reasonably secure. When you take it off you have cut outs to
easily grab your deck. This box can hold 100 double sleeved cards. It’s not a great design for tossing in your
backpack. Even though it’s strong, it can be crushed
if you do accidentally sit on it. Or throw it. Or drop it from a large height. Or put it behind a car tire. Let me show you how it’s built… To hold the cards you will need an internal
space that is seven by nine bricks. For this box I’m using one-by bricks for
the walls. So my overall design is nine by eleven bricks. You can see from the base my flats extend
one unit on two sides. Finding large flats that are odd units is
pretty much impossible. For now don’t worry about it, we may use
that space in future deck boxes. As you can see I have covered the base in
smooth flats. That way your deck is on a smooth surface
instead of dealing with the bumps. I staggered the smooth flats so there’s
no chance of a card getting stuck in a groove. This is important if you don’t sleeve your
cards. The walls are made of one by sixes, one by
fours, some one by three’s, one by twos and a few one by ones. It is important to build the walls with a
strong overlapping pattern. You don’t want to keep putting the same
size brick directly on top of each other. Since my walls are all blue, here is an example
of poor construction and here is an example of a strong wall construction. For standard size cards, you will need to
build your box a little more than nine bricks high. The base has the smooth flats inside of it. And the top of the wall has a couple of one
by eight flats. These flats are to secure the top without
tearing apart the walls. The top is a simple set of flats with some
one byes as an overhang. The one byes hold the flats together. If you don’t travel with your decks, this
simple LEGO deck box is a fun alternative to buying one. You can use your construction skills to make
a sturdy box that is very functional. And if you are still worried about that extra
one unit overhang on the bottom… Use it to make a cool design or other pattern
for your box like this. Make sure you click like on my videos, it
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may interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. And until then, Rhino out.

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