A Rare Glimpse Into How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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28 thoughts on “A Rare Glimpse Into How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Why Russia love FL or east coast? Remember the demonstration of the atomic bomb? Just saying – be prepared east coast or FL, Russia is on you…

  2. You know who has TDS? His children. Ivanka Trump jokes “every day is a one handed Gridiron dinner for my father.”

    And: “Being Trump’s Daughter Is the Hardest First Hand Job.”

  3. Sen McConnell and his "bodyguard of liars" continue to protect not the truth but another liar and an impeached criminal who continues to serve only the interests of oligarchs and putin at the expense of Americans health and welfare. 

    Vote on November 3, 2020 to end the attack on our Republic.

  4. This is all Trump's doing! This is y Trump had that Russian guy at our Whitehouse, Trump's a very dangerous man to our national security, DEMOCRACY & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Trump must be IMPEACHED!

  5. Russian spies bad, American spies good. Russia's sinister, Americans Patriots. Most of the world sees the grey area.

  6. I just learned about this last night- this morning and that was 2-3 days ago. Trump impeachment was important, but this is more worrisome, than American politics. Don't let it slip, again, MSNBC.

  7. Don't know why the US doesn't send out a dozen or so REALLY noisy fishing trawlers that just happen to be going everywhere the Russian ship is going…

  8. I hope that spy plane drops a Daisy Cutter on that f**king Russian tub! TWICE! But, that would make Trump mad, right? He probably INVITED the damned thing, in the first place! . . . SMH

  9. That Russian ship on the Georgia and, South Carolina coast, was orchestrated by Lindsey Gramham and, Doug Collins. They both are Senators from Georgia and South Carolina, so, America, you can just bet that the US government KNOWS exactly why that Russian ship is in US waters.

  10. Spy-craft….Was it just some $73b signed to the military?? Nice Chrissy intensive to win votes, I suppose!?? If military control counts, the Dems. might not have much clout left

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