A New Laser Technology Can See Inside Our Bodies Like Never Before

When you think about looking inside your own
body, you may only be able to picture images like this or this. But an emerging technique gives us pictures
that look like this…using laser-induced sound waves. Early technologies that use this technique
seem to provide us with highly detailed, super clear images of the structures inside our
bodies…with no discomfort or dangerous ionizing radiation involved. This promising technique is called photoacoustic
imaging. A basic breakdown goes like this: Different biological materials have different
chemical structures. The hemoglobin in your blood, for example,
is chemically different from the calcium in your bones, and this means that they’re
able to absorb different amounts of energy. Photoacoustic imaging takes advantage of these
differences in composition by tuning laser light to the wavelength that can be absorbed
by the tissue you want to look at. So an apparatus sends tuned pulses of laser
light to a specimen or body part and the tissue that can absorb that wavelength of light absorbs that energy…and heats up. And when the tissue heats up, it expands ever
so slightly. That expansion and then rapid cooling generates
a wave of oscillating pressure in the surrounding material: the rest of your body or the air…which
is, in the simplest possible interpretation, a sound wave—that’s the ‘acoustic’
part of the name, giving us ‘photoacoustic imaging’. Then, ultrasonic detectors capture these microscopic
changes in pressure and processing software reconstructs an image based on what those
sensors “hear”. It’s pretty different from other current
imaging technologies. CT scans and X-rays and PET scans use damaging
ionizing radiation to see inside your body, so we want to limit how many times we expose
someone to that radiation. An MRI involves an extremely strong magnetic
field, which can be a problem for anyone with any kind of metal implants, and they often
take many minutes to form an image. Even ultrasounds, which also use sound waves,
actually aren’t as clear as this newer option. Ultrasounds are more of a catch-all: you see
everything, all the tissues in a specific area, whereas with photoacoustic imaging,
you can pick and choose what you want to see just by tuning the wavelength of the laser
beam. And while this technique is only just starting
to be clinically explored as an alternative to more traditional imaging and prototype
clinical machinery is just now being developed, the idea has actually been around for more than a century. Alexander Graham Bell—you know, the guy
who invented the telephone?—was the first to observe that electromagnetic waves could
induce sound waves when applied to materials. But the technology that’s started to emerge
and be refined in just the last decade takes that initial observation and makes it into
something that could seriously revolutionize medicine. Imaging veins and arteries this way, for example,
can tell us more than ever before about changes in someone’s circulation, or abnormalities
in blood flow related to cardiovascular diseases. We can see how tissues are faring after surgeries,
we can see what kind of effect a drug is having…the applications are really kind of stunning when
you start to think about them all. Because not only can this technology be used
to image tissues at extremely high resolution. You can also introduce a foreign material,
like a contrast dye or a specially designed nanoparticle, to see things you might not
be able to otherwise. These substances can be tailor-made to bind
to certain kinds of cancer cells or other forms of gene expression. And then you can tune the laser to the wavelength
absorbed by that contrast or nanoparticle, giving you an extremely detailed and accurate
pictures of how a disease manifests in your body. And I guarantee you’re not ready for what’s
maybe the coolest part: there are several companies that are making versions of this
technology that’s highly portable, and are designing software that uses machine learning
to identify different structures on the image for the user. Both of these developments mean it’s possible
that some patients could use this technology themselves to monitor their own health and
things like progress during recovery from a condition or a surgery. Technologies like this are an exciting look
into how we’re improving our understanding of our own bodies and the way we can look
at and treat them. I love how physics and engineering and computer
science and medicine are all coming together to make this happen, I think it’s a great
example of how big leaps in science are, by necessity, cross-disciplinary collaborations
that, by the sound of it, will continue to improve lives all over the world. If you want even more on new and improved
ways that we can monitor our own health, check out this video here, and make sure you subscribe
to Seeker for all your medical innovation news. If you have another emerging medical technology
you’d like to see us cover, let us know down in the comments and as always, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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100 thoughts on “A New Laser Technology Can See Inside Our Bodies Like Never Before

  1. That same acoustic frequency can also be used to destroy cancer frequencies between 100,000hz and 300,000hz this is how the human body can be healed.

  2. next step for creation the star treks tricorder, together with bio-rfid tech from know-labs , DMI from rHEALTHx and dr Rife's machine . You could see everything in your body, count and check everything and ultimatly kill all microbes or viruses just in a moment and by yourself. Please , get this devices together and put in our smartphones ;)))

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    Tum logo ko me Saath nahi bithaunga. Bohat zyada akkal hai tum me. Mujhe to chutiya samajhte ho jhantu prasad.

  4. You mentioned if there was a product that is ground breaking, to put it here in comments. Check out cone beam extremity CT by Curvebeam. 3D, weight bearing, low dose, compact. Thanks!
    BTW, great channel!

  5. magnetics and acoustics are the secrets to the Uni~verse.
    and yet, they hide behind the names of laser technology for means of secrecy.
    imagine we could all build a space ship in our back yard.
    whose profiting then? not the elite lol

  6. The nano contrast die is already inside most of our bodies from the air we breath(Chemtrails)… Water we drink. Etc. Vaccines we get injected with. The "contrast dies" also "bind to" cells proteins tissues which are not cancer… And they can be engineered to bind to many other things and be used for alternate dark purposes.. Beware

  7. لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له ملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير

  8. Royal Ramond Rife, invented a microscope to see live viruses & bacteria & individual molecles that cause all diseases in the human body, he made medical history & won a nobel prize because he could identify & kill the virus & disease using acoustic resonance to find the frequency of the virus & disease to basically vibrate it to death but leave all healthy cells intact & his microscope had 6000 parts & he single handedly ended all diseases in 1939/41 but CIA or some other government funded source confiscated his research & threatened anyone that was helping build it just like Nikola Telsa has been forgotten on purpose because there would be no need for high paid doctors or hospitals & equipment! Because The Greed of certain people is beyond comprehension to most of the modern society & the population of the planet without war & disease & those who profit from it cannot be allowed, they want the world for themselves & vacinations or deadly viruses or harp weather disasters that they hide behind will play a massive part! The Georgia Stones speak of population reduction to half billion is already in place & thats what they want, so i thank those true pioneers that pave the way to better human health & who genuinely care but as with all great inventions it will get stolen by the 1% & kept from the general public or be sold beyond the price range for those who need it most & that like all other forms of. Needless suffering on this beautiful blue & abused planet earth is in my personal opinion the real terrorists in & of the world we live in! Very Sad but Very True do your own research & find the truth for yourself & may you all have a healthy & happy long life because its your birth right,
    Peace & love to the world!! 💚🍀🙉🙈🙊👍

  9. It's not new, and after the video I'm still unclear what exactly is new, but popularizing science is mostly good.
    static: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photoacoustic_imaging

    functional: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multispectral_optoacoustic_tomography

  10. Her Necklace looks like a freckle chocolate. That's what my mum called them. They probably weren't really called that. The hundreds & thousands or rainbow sprinkles chocolate. I think she was wearing it as a kind of confession/replacement necklace while also as a deep learning or programming tool to remind her that that stuff isn't healthy & will make her feel sick. I would know. I was left alone with the lolly jar more than once. . .oopsidaisy….. 😋

  11. oh finally, been suffering with blunt force trauma internal injuries since 1998 that they cant see . hope this is real….

  12. "Royal Raymond Rife" used sound technology to treat patients. Although his invention was a bit shady, I always thought we dont use sound wave technology in medicine enough but mostly chemical and harmful energy.

  13. Hmmm. Some of it works a lot like what I do in nuclear medicine. From the looks of things they’ve only managed to successfully isolate blood and so far. I have a feeling this is gonna reach a glass ceiling before it becomes extremely useful. In nuclear medicine we can bind a radioactive isotope to a molecule to achieve imaging, which is ionizing but well below a dangerous threshold, they are gonna have problems finding material to bind to these very similar molecules that absorb heat that aren’t damaging to the body that have a high enough target to background ratio to produce helpful data. Just my opinion as someone that’s been in medical imaging for 17 years. I’m sure it can make slow steady progress but I doubt it’ll erupt the way people here seem to believe. But then again I guess that’s half of the channels propaganda for clicks.

  14. Non invasive safe imaging has been around for more than eighty years. The Radiological power elite will not allow profit reduction or threats to their business model. Remember, medicine and disease is strictly a for profit business. Apple even had to dumb down their i-watch prior to release, removing sensor readings for blood pressure, skin conductivity, oxygen levels and more.

  15. If you can tune to a particular tissue, what happens if the amplitude or power exceed the threshold necessary to maintain the tissues integrity absorbing the oscillations?

  16. So this was invented century ago, but people didn't apply and use it for general purposes. Thanks to those people we wasted time and progress.

  17. Deedra Chandler in Liberal Kansas attended my lecture on Laser Acoustic imaging in 1987 at the South West medical center. Back then imaging was more difficult because the echo refraction information was too much for the processing systems we were using at the time, so we kept the idea dumb down to do in vitro studies rather than in situ. I simply used the ideas of MALDI scanning only using laser with an embedded MEDL or Microwave Embedded Data Link connected to a GPIB interface. We were able to isolate Oligonucleotides in petri dishes showing different acoustic absorption properties than the agar's acoustic absorption properties and this gave us the capability to do what's called "The Blanking effect" where we used the acoustic opposing signals from the first recording to echo off the different cellular layers only to return real time in vivo cellular isogenous groups. I knew then one day this would surface. i showed the results to both my biology and chemistry professors. What you are doing has so much more potential than you realize. Real time biological scanning down to .25 micron resolution. I know this sounds impossible but you're working with photons and acoustic imaging arising from the cellular interaction. Just imagine scanning in vivo area where protein exchanges change their rRNA sequencing altering their density and returning a different TMDI result (Thermal Mass Density Identification)… I'm now a software developer. I got out of the medical industry 2 decades ago but still work for surgeons around the world on biological decontamination devices and software tracking.

  18. and im sure this tech was happened upon or came across by way of military research which means it was developed as a weapon 1st and health care 2nd .

  19. also tesla discovered that every living thing has a vibration resonance .. which means every cell or living thing and everything inside that living thing vibrates to a certain frequency and the right frequency will make a cell shatter or rupture thus killing the cell . they know the frequency of cancer cells but refuse to release that info or even try frequency healing  for cancer .

  20. Finally! This is revolutionary because using Quantum Entanglement, we could create teleportation. Using the lasers to detect specific atomic structures, we could calculate every particle in an object and recreate the exact structure in a different location. Teleportation wasn’t an issue, so much as how to teleport a massive item with tons of individual atoms/particles. They’ve already teleported particles across some remote islands somewhere; I’ve forgotten the exact details already.

  21. As recognized by the United States Congress on June, 11th, 2002, the actual inventor of the telephone is Meucci, not Bell.

  22. This is amazing i thought of something like this would appear soon it makes more sense i heard about it years ago when i was like 12 which wasn't all that long ago but I've been hoping to see it.

  23. Now this is called science. Evolution with their theories sucks. They are jumping the gun and give a false interpretation of science

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