A funny look at the unintended consequences of technology | Chuck Nice

Future tech always comes
with two things: promise and unintended consequences. And it’s those consequences
that I want to explore. And before we get to how
future tech may affect us, I’d like to spend a little time
exploring the unintended consequences of some of our recent tech, namely, social media. Social media, a few short years ago,
was the tech of future you. Now it just is you. Social media was supposed
to bring us together in ways we could never imagine. And the predictors were correct. These three girls
are talking to one another without the awkward discomfort
of eye contact. (Laughter) I call that advancement. We were supposed to be caught up
in a communication tsunami, the likes of which the world
has never seen. And that did happen. And so did this. (Sings) One of these things
is not like the other. (Speaks) Now, look at this picture. If you picked the guy
with the book, you’re wrong — or, as a certain president
would say, “Wrong!” (Laughter) Clearly, three of these guys are reading, and one guy, on the end,
is listening to music and playing “Candy Crush.” (Laughter) So are we more connected, or are we just more connected
to our devices? Social media was supposed
to place us in a veritable town square, where we could engage one another
with challenging ideas and debates. And instead what we got were trolls. This is an actual tweet that I received. “Chuck, no one wants to hear
your stupid, ill-informed political views! I hope you get leprosy and die. Love, Dad” (Laughter) Now, the great thing
about that tweet if you look at it, just like most trolls, it’s not that bad, because he wished “leporsy” on me
instead of “leprosy,” and “leporsy” is not dangerous at all. (Laughter) (Applause) Along with trolls, we got
a brand new way of torturing teenagers — cyberbullying. A concept that my 75-year-old mother
just can’t seem to wrap her head around. “So, uh, did they hit him?” “No, Mom, they didn’t hit him.” “Did they take his money?” “No, Mom, they didn’t take his money.” “Did they put his face in the toilet?” “No, Mom, they didn’t –” “Well, what did they do?” “They attacked him on the internet.” “Attacked him on the internet?” (Laughter) “Well, why don’t you just
turn off the internet?” (Laughter) “Your whole generation
is a bunch of wussies.” (Laughter) She’s got a point. (Laughter) She’s got a point. And I don’t even want to talk about
what social media has done to dating. I was on Grindr until I found out
it wasn’t a sandwich app. (Laughter) And I can’t even tell you about Tinder, except for the fact that
if you think there is a limit to the amount of anonymous sex
we can have on this planet, you are sadly mistaken. (Laughter) So where do we go from here? Well, let’s just jump right in
and play the hits. Driverless cars. Something that has already
been around for many years, just without the assistance of computers. (Laughter) (Applause) Because for years, we have
been driving while texting, putting on makeup, shaving, reading — actually reading — that would be me. (Laughter) The other thing is that since
driverless cars will be shared, most people won’t own cars, and that means the DMV will go away. The DMV — I know what
you’re saying right now. “There’s no way this guy
is going to stand up here and make a case for the DMV.” Well, I don’t know about you,
but I do not want to live in a world where harsh fluorescent lights, endless lines, terrible forms to fill out and disaffected, soulless
bureaucrats remind me that I am pretty damn lucky
not to work here. (Laughter) That is the real service they provide. The DMV: come for the registration renewal, stay for the satisfaction of knowing
you made some pretty good life choices. (Laughter) Nobody will own their car in the future, and that means teenagers
will not have a place to make out. So you know what that means. That means they will order
driverless cars to do just that. I do not want to step into a vehicle
and ask the question: “Why does this car smell like
awkwardness, failure and shame?” (Laughter) If I want to ask that question,
I’ll walk into my own bedroom. (Laughter) So what else do we have
to look forward to? That’s right, artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, yes. You know, there was a time
when artificial intelligence was a joke. I mean, literally a quip
that you would hear at a cocktail party when somebody would
bring it up in conversation: “Artificial intelligence. The only real artificial intelligence
is our American Congress. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Well, it’s not funny anymore. (Laughter) Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk
and Bill Gates have all gone on record expressing grave reservations
about artificial intelligence. That’s like Jesus, Moses and Muhammad
coming together and saying, “Guy, guys — here’s something
we can all believe in.” (Laughter) You might want to go with that,
is all I’m saying. We are actually teaching
machines how to think, how to understand our behavior, how to defend themselves
and even practice deception. What could possibly go wrong? (Laughter) The one thing that’s for sure: the creation always despises its creator. OK? The Titans rose up against the gods; Lucifer against Jehovah. And anybody who has a teenager
has heard these words: “I hate you and you’re ruining my life! I hate you!” Now just imagine that sentiment
with a machine that can outthink you and is heavily armed. (Laughter) The result? Absolutely. (Laughter) What we need to do before we perfect
artificial intelligence is perfect artificial emotions. That way, we can teach
the robots or machines how to love us unconditionally, so that when they figure out
that the only real problem on this planet is us, instead of destroying us — which, by the way, is totally logical — they will find us adorable — (Laughter) like baby poop. (Laughter) “Oh my god, I just love the way
you just destroyed the planet. I can’t stay mad at you, you’re so cute! You’re so cute!” (Laughter) Can’t talk about this without
talking about robotics. OK? Remember when you thought
robotics were cool? I remember when I thought
robotics were cool, until I figured out that they were
going to take everybody’s place, from the delivery guy
down to the heart surgeon. The one thing, though,
that is very disappointing about robotics is the holy grail of robotics, and it hasn’t even happened. I’m talking about the robot girlfriend, the dream of one lonely geek
in a windowless basement who vowed one day:
“I am going to marry my creation.” And there actually is a movement underway
to stop this from happening, for fear of exploitation. And I, for one, am against that movement. I believe we should
have robot girlfriends. I just believe that they should come
with a feminist protocol and artificial intelligence, so she can take one look at that guy
and go, “I am too good for you. I’m leaving.” (Laughter) (Applause) And finally, I have to talk about bioengineering, an area of science that promises
to end disease before it even begins, to help us live longer,
fuller, healthier lives. And when you couple that
with implantable hardware, you are looking at the next incarnation
of human evolution. And all of that sounds great, until you figure out
where it’s really going. One place: designer babies, where, no matter
where you are on the globe or what your ethnicity, babies will end up looking like that. (Laughter) That boy is surprised because he just found out
both his parents are black. (Laughter) Can you imagine him
at a cocktail party in 20 years? “Yeah, both my parents are black. I mean, it’s a little awkward at times, but you should see my credit rating. Impressive, very impressive.” (Laughter) Now, all of this seems scary, and everybody in this room
knows that it isn’t. Technology isn’t scary. Never has been and it never will be. What’s scary is us and what we will do with technology. Will we allow it to expose our humanity, showing our true selves and reinforcing the fact
that we are indeed our brother’s keeper? Or will we allow it to reveal
our deepest, darkest demons? The true question is not
whether or not technology is scary. The true question is: How human are you? Thank you. (Applause)

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96 thoughts on “A funny look at the unintended consequences of technology | Chuck Nice

  1. "Be afraid! Be very afraid! Be afraid of technology rather than prepare to live with it!"

    The same old, tired Frankenstein story.

  2. This is fear mongering and is cheap humor. the future will be rad if we make it so. being a terrified liberal wont stop progress

  3. Most funny video by now..

    Good arguments and presentation.

    And we don't want scary and theoretical arguments all the time. Sometimes common sense is enough.

  4. The problem with AI is that since it was first created by humans, it will intrinsically have flaws and therefore always be imperfect, because its creator is imperfect. Just look at the illogical problems Vger had to deal with in Star Trek The movie.

  5. I liked the talk, you had a small error with switching up the gods and the titans but you good bruh hahaha

  6. You Right!! So How nice in Thinking and community, and social media, is great ideas to Joins. on a Potential Date, is assist Human. You are always on your senses towards the wonderful points, and Joke, distinct points on your strength in smile. towards the human around you is a culture and creative art of brilliant in a motivational to the people, but when the world of technology and robot system is excellent, that very best in technology, so when spoken few something in hidden on secrets ways. maybe not benefit,

  7. 3:34 the beautiful way the light reflects off the bald guys' craniums front right..three in a row…. #notatroll 😉

  8. That is why we got the internet so difficult to deal with people. We want to manage people and other animals. Looking for the next generation internet.

  9. That bit about robot girlfriends is so hypocritical. People have been getting pets since forever because they can be coerced to "love". That's exactly what robot companions are meant to do, except you're not imprisoning a living being in the process.

  10. Designer babies will make humanity much less uniform if loosely regulated. Soon we get glow in the dark babies, or babies with infra red vision. Yay go superbaby.

  11. The AI discussion is highly anthropomorphized. The AI will likely not think anything like us. The same way a car can be fast without being cheetah like, or a crane tall without being giraffe like, AI will be smart without being human like. By default the AI does not love you, nor does it hate you, but you are made of atoms it can use for something else.

  12. Upon examination of the alternate timeline of the Terminator, research shows that Skynet's basic programming included 3rd wave feminism, and the most likely cause that timeline nearly destroyed the human species.

  13. Well Done! Only a great comedian can bring out the truth when others see it and shine it on for the next new iToy. Discernment is the basis for intelligence and now that we have lost Hawkins it's even more important to listen to the other two and discern our actions before texting people next to us! Thank you for the presentation and Discernment!

  14. Good jokes, but he's pretty far off base regarding the real-world things that ought to concern us regarding these technologies.

  15. Humans don't have free will – free will is impossible for any entity in this universe robot GFs included. So the robot can be designed to accept here maker with wishes that are programmed to be her own. So why did he disturb us with feminism bollocks? Most women don't even support feminism today.

  16. It was SO refreshing to see a black person of obvious intelligence and wit give a TED talk without once alluding to skin color and the poor-me narrative. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  17. Why not just get people to be intelligent, like they are supposed to be ☆ hard ask ☆ it is called Artificial because it pretends to be Intelligent

  18. I remember when TED had talks from experts in their field. Now its just a stand up gig you can see in any B rate comedy club?

  19. “THIS WAS GREAT, FUNNY & DEEP”, but mostly crazed with facts, thanks TEDx and CHUCK. And I say to that, “WHAT A – “FREAK SHOW” … which just happens to be a new song by C-WILL121, that I know you’ll love the story, just like you loved this TED TALK… But if you didn’t like this, “Then at least give this movie short a try, “FREAK SHOW” https://youtu.be/AAq_DJzyv_I TOP LIFE to all coming through, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY PAGE. 😆🔥🌟🎼🌟🔥🎬

  20. I'm 5 minutes in… He says that the internet was supposed to connect the world.. and it did. He said that great minds from all over were supposed to come together and invent amazing things… well.. i'm watching TED on the internet right now… He's being pretty negative and overlooking a lot of great things that have happened in the last 20 years.

  21. Now i'm 8 minutes in… I just see the whole talk as an oversimplified joke that focuses on the negative. It's over simplified because he thinks that we should teach robots emotional intelligence first so that they don't harm us. He's acting like is some cure-all genius idea. All it takes is one programmer to NOT do this and a robot can be weaponized. It's just a bunch of dumb things to focus on when it comes to talking about the future. All dooms-day scenarios and making fun of our younger generations.

  22. this was a great help I've got an assessment in English on consequences society could face in the future due to scientific and technological advancements

  23. This seemed too much like a rehearsed stand up bit to take seriously. Since Chuck has been on Star Talk with Neil DeGrass Tyson, he's over tried over-mixing comedy and science.

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