A day with the all-new Ford GT

– [Greg Kumparak] When
Ford asked me to fly out to Salt Lake City, Utah to drive the insanely fast GT Supercar, Ya know what I said? That’s right, I said absolutely nothing because I was already
sprinting for the airport. (engines roaring) (techno music) We’re out here in Salt Lake City, Utah to check out the absolutely insane Ford GT Supercar. Ford is only making about
250 of these per year, and we get to drive one. So, uh, wish me luck. (techno music) I only get to drive this
car for an afternoon, so this isn’t gonna be a full review. Plus, ya know, at a base
price of around $450,000, this isn’t the kind of
car that anyone buys just because some guy on the internet says it’s awesome. Oooohhhhh, but how awesome it is. It looks like the damn Bat Mobile, and it hugs the track like it just found its long-lost best friend. The center console
definitely gets the job done, but with a car like this, you’re paying mostly for
what’s under the hood, and the engineering that
brought it all together. In its friendlier sport mode the car is a blast to
drive out on the road, but slip it into track mode
and it drops to the ground, kicks up its tail, and transforms into an absolute monster. I tried to push this car to its limits, and it laughed in my
face, and asked for more. Here you see me cruising the track in an almost painfully slow pace as I try to learn its
many turns and quirks. (piano-tech music) (engine roaring) (guitar picking) Then I suit up in a full-body rig that keeps my head from flying off my body when I take a turn at 120 miles per hour. And it’s time to actually
drive this car the right way, or, you know, as close as I can get. (techno music) – [Instructor] Brakes there,
and this is one radius – [Second Instructor] So
this is the performance app, and we’ve done here is you can create your own tracks here, so we can set one up for the UMC West, which is the track you were on. And this is the run that you did. So if you look here
you’ll have the map here and these are your lap speeds. – [Greg] Back in the 1960s, Henry Ford II wanted to buy a Ferrari. The deal fell through at the last second, so Ford shifted focus from buying them to beating them. They built the Ford GT to
take on Ferrari at the run, and took the crown every
year from 1966 to 1969. Fifty years later, they’re
celebrating the anniversary by doing it all over again,
and building a new GT. Now we’re gonna do a quick
lap with Dirk Muller, who races in Le Mans for Ford. We’re gonna see how the pros do it, and I have a feeling that it’s
gonna be a little bit faster. – [Dirk] Alright, have fun – [Greg] Yeah. We’re gonna do one. (tech music) (engine roaring) Wa hoo So why build something like this? Ford chalks it up partly to research. Some of what they
learned building this car will make it into their other vehicles. Ya know, the ones they actually
expect most people to buy. But in the end, it’s about showing that they can. Yeah, they build vans, they build trucks, but they can also build
Bat Mobile looking monsters that tear up the track.

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7 thoughts on “A day with the all-new Ford GT

  1. This so doesn't feel like the Ford everyone knows, you know what I mean.

    It feels like as if Mike Pence was secretly Batman, you'd be like Woah!

  2. There still making combustion engine cars. Electric cars is where it's at and besides electric cars and motorcycles are faster then this car and handle better.

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