What’s up guys this is Gem from Subtle Provisions and welcome back for another sneaker unboxing and review. There was a drop on the 18th of May for the ACG 07 KMTR at the Haven shop here in Vancouver There were two colorways that dropped one was the Obsidian/Khaki and the other one was the Black/Anthracite I would have gone true-to-size but unfortunately by the time I got inside the store the last black pair was US11.5 So it was a toss-up between the two colorways but I just had to take the last black pair. Let’s get to the unboxing the box comes in black color with Nike branding and a swoosh logo on each side of the box. It doesn’t come with any shoe bags or extra pair laces and it just tells you the basic Nike paper fillers. Here it is guys the Nike lab ACG 07 KMTR sneaker or “Komyuter” from the summer spring collection. This is the Black/Anthracite colorway and it has a really interesting silhouette The inward folding tongue design and heel strap lacing system really hooked me in. Designed by Acronym founder Errolson Hugh this sneaker stays true to their ethos that form follows function and function should not deny aesthetic. The uppers on the shoe is covered with a durable water repellent fabric which helps keeps moisture out for all-around weather protection The lightweight textile also provides a 4-way stretch for a flexible sock-like fit and it also makes this mid-top sneaker look less of a bulky boot. The lateral side of the sneaker has the iconic swoosh logo debossed in the plastic heel counter. The magnetic buckle and strap is most visible on this side as it stretches over and provides a decent front foot lockdown. The textile upper around the toe box is also reinforced and it keeps the shape of the shoe The medial side is a cleaner design and comes with a similar debossed swoosh logo on the plastic counter. There is also a decent arc support for the sneaker the heel counter wraps around to the mid-foot but doesn’t dig in too much Moving on to the unique tongue design when unfolded the front side showcases an embossed ACG branding on both sides of the tongue There is a handy pull tab on top so you can easily lift the tongue and a small Nike swoosh logo is right below it The stitches on the bottom of the tongue is protected with a bonded seal to keep water out On the sock liner it has foam pads on each side of the ankle it’s covered with a soft suede like material. The back of the tongue is also covered with that same material for added comfort The non-removable insole has a Swoosh and ACG branding printed on the heel side. At the back of the tongue you can also see where the lacing system hooks on and anchors down near the insole and continues out to the heel. On the heel cup the laces are cleverly hidden underneath the stretchable heel strap the spring toggle mechanism feels very sturdy and it’s solidly constructed into the plastic heel tab. The lace is capped with an ACG button that easily fastens up to the magnetic end. The reinforced heel cup tie wraps around the mid-foot continues up towards the back of the heel. This area is not reinforced so it has a soft PU leather feel and add support without sacrificing comfort. An additional detail of ACG text is printed on both lateral sides of the pair The midsole is made out of lightweight soft EVA rubber while the outsole has more durable material. The rugged outsole pattern is inspired by the NikeLab ACG Tallac Flyknit along with a Nike logo in the middle Overall this is an awesome sneaker with a cleverly designed lacing system fit for the urban commuter and practical for wet weather conditions the silhouette and the bulky buckle did not impress me first but as I examined the details closer I have learned to appreciate the thought process and creative solutions that went to the design of this shoe Let’s see this on feet! That’s about it guys! Thanks again for watching! Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this techworthy don’t forget to smash that like button and if you like this video and like to see more please hit that subscribe button see you guys in the next one and as always keep it Subtle.

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  1. How's the fit? I know you didnt get your true size, but Im wondering how you think the fit is? I had to order half a size down and are hoping they run a bit big. If not Im going to have to sell and just get my true size. Let me know!

  2. Great review. Shoe looks a tad long on you (sucks they didn't have your sz), but it works with the fit in the video.

  3. Really great vid man, its good quality and has a good detail to it. Sadly i didnt manage to get these so i think im going to try my best and get the new grey colour way. Anyways man have a good day and keep up the good work!

  4. Great video! I've been waiting for someone to review these lol! These look really interesting, but I'm still on the fence. I already have the Nike Presto Utility Mid, which is waterproof. So I'm wondering if these would be redundant. The ACG's look more breathable though. Have you done a water test? I'm curious to see how repellent the fabric is. Like if you step into a puddle or pour water onto the toe area would water soak through?

  5. Dope vid , love the detail in it , I almost missed out , had to settle for the navy blue pair in my size … they went super quick but glad someone did a vid on them

  6. I've been dropping a lot of videos, but it doesn't help. Do you have any idea how I can get my channel off the ground?

  7. Would have liked to see you put them on and explain if they ran big due to the fact that u had to get half size bigger.

  8. I loved the designed , went to the site and the black colorway was gone , so i decided to buy the brown one , lets see how i wear it…. Any advice?

  9. Incredible video, my guy: Beautiful and descriptive. My eyes are popping out of my head at how gorgeous this shoe is!

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