A Business Professor Starts A Company In Startup Simulator

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50 thoughts on “A Business Professor Starts A Company In Startup Simulator

  1. If you are reading this god bless you and your family hope you are successful in life,
    Small artist here, any help would be appreciated 😊❤️

  2. $5,700 a month is actually really good pay, especially for someone who was just hired. i couldn't believe she said it wasnt that much lol to me it definitely is a lot.

  3. It's truly an honor seeing you play our game, thank you Sherry! We're still actively adding new content to the game and will definitely use your observations when planning out future updates! 🙂

  4. i don't wanna be pushy, but, when are you gonna upload the next (possibly last) video of Detroit: Become Human?

  5. Border guard plays Papers, Please. That has to happen. Would like to see the border guard when the guard is playing it.

  6. Hey i want a real elite sniper try playing sniper elite v4 with aim assist off so u cant see the red dot u know

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