9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Startups

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this
video I’m going to describe 9 drone business ideas that you should consider if you are
thinking of starting a business in the expanding world of unmanned aviation systems. In an earlier video I listed 31 different
ways drones can be used and it was clear from the feedback that there were some I’d missed.
What is also obvious is that the ever changing world of drone technology means that there
is unlikely to be a definitive list. New functions are emerging all the time and
that means you have more opportunities to explore. So whether you’re just starting out
or you’re already established as a drone pilot it will pay to review the new openings to
see if there’s another way you can earn money using your drone. So let’s get straight into it and list the
9 main areas of development that could provide you with ways you could earn money as a drone
pilot or as a drone entrepreneur. Sports Filming Many sports enthusiasts capture the drama
of their particular sport using bodycams and their own drones but it takes a professional
UAV operator to film broadcast quality footage. TV companies need stable and clear views of
the action on road bends, at ski jumps, at turning points in yacht or dinghy races, and
at finish lines for almost every conceivable sport. The drama needs to be captured from
every angle and in some locations manned aviation just can’t get close enough to it. Your flying
skills will need to be on a par with those you film as you fly close to the action but
what a buzz being a sports drone pilot must be! Creating Maps Maps are big business and despite the access
we have to Google Earth and the like there is still plenty of work to do in accurately
mapping the planet’s surface. Archaeologists, civil engineers, construction planners – all
kinds of people need accurate localized maps that go into fine detail. You might be asked
to film and photograph a location prior to development for a planning application. You
might also be asked to capture data about every square foot to create accurate topographical
maps in precise detail. Precision flying in grid patterns and the adept use of processing
software will be your main skills in this field. News and TV Footage Everyone with a camera can film anything that
might be newsworthy. Aerial photographers can obviously see so much more and give the
all important bird’s eye perspective on events. Keeping a drone with you as your travel is
an option. However, safety and legality are of paramount importance and this can mean
that you are denied the spontaneity needed for some reporting of events. Talk to the
civil aviation authority and local police in your country about this before using a
drone in such circumstances. Industrial Inspections Imagine an oil rig or a chemical plant with
complex pipework on the outside of buildings. A drone is ideal for inspection work of these
and other industrial areas. In such environments there is no room for a helicopter and access
by humans is not only dangerous but very costly. Industrial inspections with drones are as
many and as varied as the types of factories and industrial plants on the planet. It also
includes pipework and cabling running from site to site. There is huge scope here and
is likely to be a main source of income for many drone businesses. Environmental Monitoring Important legislation that prohibits pollution
and the spoiling of our environment can only be effective if it’s enforced. In order to
ensure companies comply with the Law it’s necessary to inspect and patrol collecting
data about the air quality or checking for illegal dumping of waste or any other contravention
of the regulations. Sending people out on prearranged visits or spot checks can sometimes
work but a quick drone flight can save money and costs. What a satisfying job it must be
knowing you are helping to maintain the environment for the benefit of current and future generations. Disaster Relief When disasters occur whether due to the climate,
accidents, or wars, people need help fast. Before that help can be provided it is essential
that the emergency services have accurate data regarding the scale of the crisis, the
location of those in need, and the transport infrastructure that remains viable. Helicopters
do much of the heavy lifting and a lot of the surveying too but multiple drones can
be used for more localized collection of information. Could you run a disaster relief drone service,
ready to swing into action at short notice? Commercial and Industrial Security Fixed CCTV cameras have been installed on
government, military, industrial, commercial, and private locations for years but the cost
in covering all areas and removing all blind spots is prohibitive. When an incident occurs
a drone can be sent to the area concerned to confirm the status and perhaps even follow
suspects. Those with malicious intent sometimes look for patterns in surveillance hoping to
spot a gap in the routine. Drones can be flown randomly in such a way that their next visit
is unpredictable. Is this a service you could provide to factories and sensitive establishments
in your local area? Agriculture & Farming Fixed wing UAV as well as multirotors have
been used in agriculture for a few years now. They collect data about crops and identify
weed areas that may require treatment. The accurate information regarding the location
of weeds and pests allows for the precision targeting of treatments thus saving time and
costs. Multirotors are also used to herd livestock and monitor them for signs of predatory attack.
Could you be a 21st Century shepherd with not only a trusty sheepdog but also a drone
that helps you to search for lost members of your flock? Drone Entrepreneurship For some, the Drone Age has its attractions
but they would rather leave the flying of UAV to someone else. You might be the sort
of person that prefers instead to buy and sell drones. By keeping a close eye on developments,
new models, operating systems, and new payloads you could become a drone merchant. Perhaps
you would like to train others to fly and set up and drone pilot training school. Or
maybe you just want to follow this expanding trend by creating a blog, YouTube channel,
and podcast about the industry. Will you be the person people think of when they want
the latest drone technology news? No two drone pilots are exactly alike. Your
UAV of choice and the environments in which you love to fly may not be the ideal type
of flying for the other person beside you on training courses. So when you come to choose
which direction to turn when you start your drone pilot career be sure to consider these
main areas of drone businesses. Thank you for watching! I hope you found this
review useful. Please give this video a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for more videos
of this type.

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  1. Hi Ben

    thankyou for all your advice and info in this and your other videos. I just wanted to ask you why you chose to sell all your drone businesses because you say that this is a blooming industry and there are potentially a lot of lucrative opportunites in the future for anyone who may be thinking about embarking upon the drone pilot route. I appreciate that you say it required more time than you had to give it all because you are also a full time engineer which makes sense however I'm just wondering why you didn't choose to give that up so that you could devote more time to your new drone businesses?

  2. A very deadly device. FACTS Smaller Drones, TERRORISTS, perfect weapons. Easily 4-8 miles delivery Germ warfare, Chemicals BIO sprays, Explosives.. Terrorist Prayers answered . No Airliners needed to kill 10's of thousands. Terrorists buying drones online. BOOMS> Buildings, Ball Parks, Parades, Homes, almost EVERYWHERE.

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