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Hey, what’s up guys! Welcome back to my
channel My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style We’re back again with another designer thrift video Alright, we’re gonna jump right into it We’ve already done two of these videos if you’ve missed those make sure you go check them out in the link description First up, I got this sick blazer from Balmain This is one of my favorite, favorite finds ever This is a Balmain military style blazer jacket and I believe I paid about $250 for this guy closest thing I found online it retails for
about $1800 so it’s a really sick find This is my first time having a Balmain piece as well This is what I love about designer thrifting like I found this military style jacket very unique the designer obviously does these
pieces very differently you got this double breasted look You have these pockets that’s kind of like a field jacket pockets the way this cuts out on
the bottom so all in all this is a very unique jacket and obviously Balmain so that’s dope so I got really lucky this is perfectly in my size as a size
50 which is a 40 regular and this jacket is honestly this is perfect for a more
formal occasion that I really need to dress up and I need something that’s
more unique to stand out it’s also just a cool jacket just to wear casually Next one we have an Acne Studios
bomber jacket you might actually have seen this in my previous video the Valentine’s Day / date night video What I love about this is this obviously beautiful red color Paid about $150 for this jacket I think it was brand new
as well and this retails for $600 I really love this modern take on the classic bomber jacket Very slim profile and this is from the spring and
summer 2017 so not that long ago really love this piece Alicia: “okay what do you got
here?” We got these really dope Lanvin sneakers so we got these really unique pair of Lanvin sneakers these I actually got for $100 and they retail for about $425 this is my first pair of sneakers from Lanvin Did I say it right? Alicia: “Lanvin. Yeah that’s good” What really caught my attention is the creativity how unique this pair of
sneakers is I don’t have any velcro strap sneakers other than probably when I was a little kid so I really love the unique design here
it kind of also looked like a ninja pair of sneakers so really love the design the use of the black leather and velcro and the suede
details here Alicia: “Quality wise what would you rank it?” So, condition wise I’ll actually say these are kind of like 9 out of 10 so really like there’s no really scuff it doesn’t really look like it’s been worn all that much I think it also came
with shoe bags this is what I love about designer thrifting like Finding unique pieces that otherwise I would have never seen before so that was really cool picking up such a quality piece from a designer brand I’ve always liked from
afar but I’ve never owned before hey if you guys are liking this video so
far make sure you hit the subscribe button turn on that notification bell we got a lot more video coming from this series Alicia: “what’s next?” Next we have this Kenzo sweater I got this Kenzo Paris sweater for about $60 and I think it was brand new it still
had the tags on them and the retail goes about $250 for this sweater and it has this really unique design in the front you have this like embroidered detail of this design got this eye going on very unique very different actually kind of reminds me of like anime with the way the eye looks so, really cool pick up just a casual gray sweater next we got this black jacket from P
Alexander Wang P Alexander wearing jacket I got this for a hundred and ten
dollars and I think it retails for about three hundred four hundred dollars
I love that this is a very nice and casual jacket but more luxury more
upscale to it so you got a lot of details going down the sleeves a leather
detail here with the pocket on the bottom overall is a really nice and
casual jacket but really loved the luxury details all over last but not least last but not least I
found these Valentino studded boots for Alicia well we’re going designed to a
thing I always look for Alicia as well and we got really lucky with us want
these are the Valentino studded boots and we got it for about a hundred and
fifty dollars really good condition and they sell these for retail for about
1,200 so amazing pick up Eli’s what would you rate it quality wise overall
I’ll seem like maybe eight out of ten it’s just a normal wear and tear on the
bottom nothing too crazy overall the labels are still there the
condition is pretty good these are made in Italy so obviously like when you do a
thing you want to look for things are high quality meaning it at least with
definitely lasts way longer than most products and definitely work with the
price all right so we’ve tallied up all the stuff from this shop haul video
we got half nice to do is Bob Don LaVon and Valentino in total ball this is four
thousand six hundred and ninety dollars approximately and we pay about eight
hundred and twenty dollars total for all these things

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7 thoughts on “80% OFF DESIGNER THRIFTING NYC | $4700 Balmain, Valentino, Acne Studio Haul | Levitate Style

  1. I was wondering why you described those Lanvin sneaks as ninja, until I saw you wore it at 3:27 and I was like… definitely ninja, great haul!

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