8 No Man’s Sky Next Tips And Tricks To Conquer Space

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun, currently
being broadcast from some procedurally generated hell hole in No Man’s Sky. We’re back in Hello Games universe simulator
because of the new Next update, which adds, well, too much stuff to mention. I’ve been fighting the elements for the
last two days and thought i’d share some tips and tricks to really get things moving
– we’ll be covering how to get ships for cheap, how to build up quick credits and what
upgrades to prioritise – this will help you cut through earlier busy work and give you
more toys to play with. As always, please do add your own wisdom in
the comments and subscribe to the channel for a universe’s worth of PC gaming fun. And now, onwards… Before we get into the juicy stuff, I want
to very quickly point out how to change the camera perspective on PC, because the game
never explains how to do it. It’s kinda mad that the tutorial does teach
you to turn bits of space rock into delicate starship apparatus, but won’t tell you how
to look at your own back. The option is hidden in the pop-up menu mapped
to X – you scroll across to utilities on the far left and select toggle camera view. The game defaults to third-person, but first-person
is good if you’re feeling nostalgic for getting right up in a Gek’s grill. You’ll have to set the option separately
for starships, again by bringing up the pop-up menu, going to Utilities and selecting Switch
Starship view. The amount of blood and sweat I’ve put into
getting a new ship, you’re damn right I’m going to stare at its gorgeous, metallic backside. The game remembers which setting you’re
using for ships and on-foot, so you can tailor it to your heart’s content. The correct option, of course, is third-person,
because why wouldn’t I want to look at a mad dude with a freaking ball of light for
a head. Here’s another short, but sweet tip: did
you know that using a melee attack quickly followed by the jetpack lets you interrupt
the melee animation and shoot forwards with the jetpack. It looks like an intergalactic shoulder barge
and looks like it would be very useful for pushing through down the aisle on a busy train
carriage. Er, if No Man’s Sky ever procedurally generated
one of those. The timing can be a bit fiddly to get right
– you are almost hitting the two keys in tandem, but once you get the rhythm down it’s easy
to replicate. This technique becomes even more useful if
you upgrade your jetpack tanks for longer jumps. The quickest way to do this is to visit a
Space Station and go to the three tech traders on the left-hand deck – the one of the far
left sells Exosuit upgrades for Nanite Clusters, which you get for uploading discoveries you’ve
scanned. The stock is different on every space ship
you visit, but you want to buy a high grade movement module – the stats are randomised
but the first one I bought gave me a 181% jetpack tank boost, which I installed and
made travel a whole lot faster and fun. If I was to give you just one tip for getting
a better foothold in the vast depths of space, it would be to invest in an improved Scanner
Module as soon as you can. You can upgrade so many things in the game,
but this one is a licence to print money, as it increases the number of credits you
get when you scan undiscovered life. It basically turns every planet into piggy
bank waiting to be smashed. The quickest way to get a new module is to
visit the Technology Merchants in any Space Ship – the alien on the far right is the one
that sells Multi-Tool upgrades. When you talk to him select Purchase Upgrade
Modules – as mentioned before, these are bought with Nanite Clusters, so will need to have
scanned and uploaded some data before hand. The merchant’s stock is randomised on each
ship, but you are looking for an S-rank Scanner Module. Like this one. To install it you need a select it from your
Exosuit inventory and press E to install. You need to have an empty slot for it – in
my case, I had to dismantle the previous upgrade to make room. The stats are randomised when you install
it – in this case I boosted my Fauna reward by 8487% and my Flora reward by 7913%. That second one is a real money maker – 20k
credits for every new plant I find. Now it’s a case of heading to the planet,
bringing up the visor with F and raking in the credits. If you’re a jerk like me you can commemorate
the moment by giving your finds obnoxious names, like Iain M Banks (The M Is For ‘Making’)
and This Guy Made Me Rich. Please share your own terrible names in the
comments below, and enjoy having a bit more cash to play with. One quick side note: installed upgrades can’t
be moved between tools, so some people will tell you to wait for a Multi-Tool with more
slots, but these are harder to come by or afford early on. For the early money boost, installing a money-making
upgrade in your original multi-tool makes total sense. Now that you are getting rich, it’s time
to travel in style. To get a new ship without spending loads of
money is a little complicated, but worth the hassle. For starters you need to discover a distress
beacon, which reveals the location of crashed ships. There are two ways to do this: one is to find
a transmission tower like this and interact with the number puzzle inside – you just have
to finish the sequence with the right number. If you are struggling to find a Transmission
Tower, you can use Navigational Data with the Signal Booster to search for a distress
beacon. In case you’ve forgotten you build and place
the signal booster with the build menu, mapped to Z on PC. As for navigational data, this can be easily
extracted from Encrypted Navigation Data cubes that you randomly find on tables in Space
Stations. Keep an eye for them. Once you’ve got a distress beacon, fly over
to it to find a crashed ship. These can be claimed for free, but come with
damaged inventories that take loads of crafting and resources to fix. Things like radiation leaks, hull fractures
and damaged gears add up to costly and time-consuming work. What I like to do is just fix the launch thruster
and pulse engine – these are the only two things that need to work to actually make
the hunk of junk fly. You then fly the ship to a Space Station and
wait for other ships to turn up. Interact with these ships and you can select
the option to ‘Make an offer on the lifeform’s spaceship’. If your ship is of an equal or greater value,
you simply swap it for free – all your damaged parts don’t factor into the deal. It’s a great way to get a fully working
ship without paying a single credit. Just make sure to transfer across any equipment
you want to keep before the deal goes through. There is an art to picking the right ship
– they are procedurally generated, so don’t just swap with the first one that arrives,
more will be along soon. At this early stage in the game, look out
for ships with better engines – if it has a Cadmium or Emeril drive it will be able
to jump to systems that aren’t available to regular warp drives. This is a great opportunity to scoop a bargain,
so make good use of it. This next tip is all about turning something
traumatising to your advantage. Have you come across whispering eggs yet? You’ll find them clustered around Abandoned
Buildings which are found randomly on the map – the best way to sniff one out is to
fly close to the ground, hitting the scan button to reveal nearby buildings. Follow the marker and eventually you’ll
find a building with these weird eggs outside. Destroying a whispering egg creates a Larval
Core, but also triggers a wave of Biological Horrors – these nightmare beasts with chattering
teeth that will quickly overpower you. Larval cores are worth just shy of one hundred
thousand credits, so are great to farm. I like to fly onto the building and shoot
the eggs from up here, as it makes it easy to see where the Larval Core rolls to. These will vanish in a few seconds, so you
need to quickly drop down, grab the core and then fly back up to the roof where the monsters
can’t eat you. Don’t bother wasting ammo on the nightmare
beasts as they will naturally burrow back into the ground if you leave them alone. Just wait for the swarm subsiding message. Then you are free to shoot another egg and
repeat the process. With your pockets full of gooey alien horrors,
sell them at a trading post or space station. Just don’t ask what the buyer is using them
for. Ignorance is bliss, my friend. One of the coolest additions to the Next update
is the ability to assemble and deploy a fleet of frigates on a side mission. Being in command of a fleet of vessels is
like being in your very own version of Battlestar Galactica, although you know deep down you
will never be as cool as Edward James Olmos. Before assembling your fleet you need a freighter
to act as the central base – and you can get one for free. Once you’ve learned to warp jump – which
you do as part of the central storyline – you need to start exploring new systems. After a number of jumps – for me it was three
– you’ll see a battle detected message appear on screen. Look for the nearby Freighter under attack
and fly to its rescue. There will only be a couple of small enemy
ships – if someone as cack-handed as myself can shoot them down, I’m sure you’ll have
no problems. When you shoot them all down, the captain
will reach out over emergency comms – you can respond with the in-ship communicator
on the pop-up menu, in case you’ve forgotten how to use it. He’ll invite you onboard, so just fly to
the big glowing front door and let the docking animation do the rest. Find the captain on board and he’ll hand
over the Freighter for free, letting you build your fleet. Do make sure to start playing with the Frigate
system as you can make huge money on the side for basically doing nothing. For a space pioneer, I am very lazy. Within minutes of playing you’ll be filling
your pockets with more space gubbins than you know what to do with. Unless you want to go mad from seeing the
Full inventory message you need to grow your exosuit. The fiddly way is to find drop pods – you
can use the signal booster for this. These broken pods need a few crafted ingredients
to unlock the upgrade, but once you do it, the upgrade is free. Which is nice. The quicker way to get upgrades – and one
that is very easy to miss – is to buy them on board Space Ships. You’ll find the upgrade for sale behind
the technology merchant on the far left. I’m kind of embarrassed that I missed this
– I thought it was just colourful shop decoration for the first few hours of the game. You can only buy one per space ship, but it’s
worth doing in every system you visit. When you buy it, it will naturally try to
install the upgrade in your General exosuit, but I like to click on Cargo – that’s the
icon on the right of the screen – and install it here. The slots in the Cargo section behave the
same way as inventory slots on the ship – they hold twice as much. Now you can store lots more common ingredients
in these Exosuit High Capacity inventory slots. If you’re really lazy like me, you can use
this visit to the ship to buy those resources so you don’t have to melt endless rocks
down below. Last but not least, as soon as you have built
the Blueprint Analyser – along the central questline – use it to learn how to build Save
Points. Because then you can carry a portable save
point. The most important thing after placing it,
is to pick it up – the default input on PC is clicking mouse three. The same goes for any portable tech, like
the Signal Booster or the refiner – instead of building them when you need them, build
one and pick it up. Yes, they take up an inventory space, but
having them ready to drop whenever is always useful. A short but hopefully sweet tip. And those are the key bits of wisdom that
have been getting me through the early hours of the game – different people want different
things from No Man’s Sky, but for my money-slash-space-credits, the exploration and progression is so much
more engaging when you can get cut around some the earlier chores. Hopefully these tips have helped you speed
towards some better tech and a smoother adventure. I feel like there’s still loads to discover
in the update, so do share your own advice below. I can’t wait to learn your tricks. If you enjoyed this video and want more PC
gaming adventures, why not subscribe to the channel, making sure to select the notification
bell so our videos don’t vanish into the black hole that is the YouTube algorithm. Thanks for watching and hopefully see you
soon. Goodbye!

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100 thoughts on “8 No Man’s Sky Next Tips And Tricks To Conquer Space

  1. I find that the learning curve in this game is really steep (for me, at least) So many things to do, it's overwhelming.

  2. Why is it that all the planets have life like Plants from what I’ve soon and i haven’t come across a moon like our own they’re all just full of life or icy or hot etc is there not like Rocky moons with no atmosphere or very little

  3. If you have a freighter, don't need to fix anything on the free ships, claim and it'll show up in your freighter.
    You can switch to it there and trade it off when someone jumps in.

  4. Just started this game. Wish I'd known about them larval cores before. Just been at an abandoned building with a load outside. 🙁

  5. has this video goin into the backround while he is playing No Man's Sky he is also slaughtering 2 different enemy fleets all with turrets shooting at him and a sentinel flying behind him but he manages to escape with the prize

  6. My 'way' to make money fast, well I had 2 ways. First farming. When you get your hands on the special gloves get to it. I prefer living glass farms as they can grow insanely fast, you no longer need to be on a radioactive planet as domes are now cheap and easy, I prefer paradise planets. Once you make a few million you can chose to buy a better ship, you can now get a hauler, look up xaines world trading routes and you will make millions. When trading and farming allow it i get a cheap freighter, a little one found in most systems which with blueprints increase your jump range massively. Also get portal glyphs, look at the portal Repository online and there are tons of farms to visit in the Euclid. As for nanite clusters, use your millions buy platinum, it turns to nanites in a refiner. 5:1 ratio so 250 platinum becomes 50 nanites. Game is amazing, play your way and enjoy.

  7. For those like me who can't have enough storage space, the largest exocraft (the Colossus) can serve that role. I think the current version has 42 cargo slots; enough (so far) for even a hoarding packrat like me.

  8. I do my money making on a world that is very peaceful and filled with Natural Burial Sites. An inventory full of bones to sell at the Miner Settlement nearby. Bones go for 60,000 – 1,900,000 depending.

  9. You do not need to "make an offer on the lifeform's starship" or even talk to the pilot to view its class and inventory slots. Use the Analysis visor (F by default on PC) to quickly see their type, class and inventory slots without wasting time to go through the conversation with the pilot.
    On the left hand side, you will see a "Class" line looking like "Fighter // A 19+4". Understand this: Type Fighter, Class A, 19 inventory slots + 4 Tech slots.
    Works also with freighters. As soon as you get down from your ship use your visor on the ceiling to see the class and inventory of the freighter. No need to talk to the captain for this.

  10. One thing about the credits though. I discovered this planet covered in these things called salvage crates and they have 2 to 4 protective things on them. More of those protective things better the payout. Lowest tier around 200K to 500K. Third tier 500K to 1.2mil and 4th tier 1 mil to 2.3 (highest ive gotten so far.)

  11. Lol, I got a scanner upgrade that boosts the units you get from fauna and flora by a stupidly high amount. I'm getting 200 units for minerals, about 54 thousand units for flora, and a crazy 240 thousand units for fauna.

    I doubled my wallet by scanning a pterodactyl-looking thing that flies

  12. If not used for blueprints, technology salvage is good for units. From 400,000 to 2,000,000 units with 30 of tek salvage. 15 = 800,000

  13. i found with the eggs farming them was easy with the big long buildings you abuse the spawn mechanic, i could have a team with me if the game aloud it and we could clear it super quick as what i do is i shoot 1 egg on 1 side the instant kill creatures spawn i got the core im on the roof, and then i head to the complete opposite side and start clearing out all the eggs, you got a limited window doing this before the creatures find a way to get close and kill you but you can get 1 pile at a time usually before they get around the walls so like 4-5 eggs in a row

  14. I accidentally damaged the freight ship that I was trying to rescue (I was shooting at a pirate that was looting the storage) and the authorities chased me down. Will I get another opportunity to get a free freighter?

  15. After swapping ships go back to the original ship that you salvaged and it will let you buy it back for 0 units. And then wrinse and repeat for more ships

  16. Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gun
    (New Rock, Paper, Scissors)
    Trump beats Hillary
    Hillary beats Guns
    Guns beat Trump

  17. I started 2 days ago and this guy randomly came and gave me enough things to selll to make 100 million credits I feel like I cheat Ed

  18. Gross. Go to a extreme weather radiation planet, gather storm crystals a stack of 5 is worth about 750k at -9%. Now I take the Exobike and load up on 140+ crystals, which will go for about 20 million units. Takes about one hour to stock up with that much crystals. Now enjoy the newfound wealth.

  19. My wisdom is. If your ball doesn’t fit in your mouth, then it’s not yours. Quote from the dog of wisdom

  20. I've got about 80 hours in this so far and i can point a few things in the video:
    1 with the whispering eggs be sure to go around and damage each egg until its close to breaking, after that save, then start going around to quickly break as many of them till your shield goes down.
    After that go inside or on top of the building to recharge and repeat.
    This way it takes four times as less and the risk is smaller .
    2. Best way to make money is to go around manufacturing plants( find them with your beacon and navigation data).
    Keep going until you get a blueprint for superconductors, those sell for 1,5 mil each.
    Building them is easy, craft or buy semiconductors and get the other material by raiding planetary depos with your ship( drones cant attack your ship, just dont go in space)
    I can make 40-50 mil a hour easy.

  21. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK i passed up like a whole base of eggs!!!!! Welp looks like im going back f that i need those dollar bills!
    ha ha ha

  22. Those eggs that ive been destroying this whole fkkkkn time i thought they were spawning those aliens i could have been a billion units rich

  23. I seriously thought I am such an ass when you touched the exo-suit technician hologram and it was an actual update piece

  24. one real ez way to make units is by finding a planet that has salvage scrap or ancient bones (in gold colour symbol) which means rear.
    then just mark that planet and you can come back again n again there to farm money quickly. Btw a golden salvage scrap or ancient bone can be worth randomly from 100,000 to 3 mil ..

  25. To save credits I buy Exosuit inventory slots on space stations which cost 10,000 and for Cargo inventory slots I use Drop Pods as they are basically the same cost for everything. Cargo inventory slots on space stations are 50,000.

  26. Yes! Bought this when it came out and hated now love! Just need some Satie in the background while getting destroyed by space pirates and you’re good to go

    Edit: also good tech at downed freighters

  27. Great video, really useful. The scanner tip in particular. I got one and was getting about 18k for plants. Then I got a second one and now I get 43k per plant and anywhere up to 220k per creature. And now I'm rich 😀

  28. With drop pods get cargo slots for your suit and buy regular at stations, why? because cargo slots are much more expensive to buy

  29. I called a planet ‘Murderous Fire Rock’ when i died TWICE and lost everything in my exosuit inventory due to extreme heat and going idle.. soo both the planet’s and my fault

  30. Well i already did number 6 but the security system of the freighter wouldn't let me in (it also shot me the whole time)

  31. One qualm I have is that you should only buy the regular and tech slots for inventory in stations and use drop pods for the cargo slots as they are the most expensive to buy

  32. The game doesn't tell you this… at all… anywhere, but if you install your upgrades in a vertical line with the same type of upgrade in the same column, you get an additional boost. So if you install your advanced mining laser below your traditional mining laser, you get a boost. Either slower energy depletion or faster mining speed. can't remember which. Might vary. But if you just install the upgrade in some random spot somewhere else, it's just the normal upgrade.

  33. Additional tip for harvesting eggs.

    Stand on the roof of the abandoned building and using your terrain manipulator, create a tunnel under the eggs. Not too wide. The nest won't disappear, only the ground underneath it.

    Then jump down into the hole and pop the eggs with your mining laser from underneath and the eggs will roll down to you. As long as the hole isn't huge, the creatures won't go down the hole, so you can essentially pop all 3-4 eggs during the same spawn period, grab them, then jetpack back to the top of the building and wait them out. Then repeat for the next nest.

  34. 7:14 you can also refine those larva cores in portable refiners for nanite clusters. One core Will give you 50 nanite clusters and the cores refine super quick.

  35. The first thing you need to know is your not gonna play the game the first day you buy it …………….you're gonna sit through a days worth of download bullshit before you can even sniff the game . I've been waiting for 3 years to play the game yesterday I finally got a ps4 . I forgot how much download bull comes with games nowadays. 6 more hours it needs , 1mb every 3 seconds. Maybe at 3 am in the mor9i can finally play the game . So far im completely disgusted . First it said the game was 4 GB , I downloaded that ……..now it needs to do a 14 GB download application process . bull

  36. It took me a few days but I am finally getting the hang of this game. It is such a unique game and I really like it.

  37. you can get a alien B class multi tool within the first ten hours of the game if you do the armory mission line for you base, just wait till you get that till you put anything on your c class multi tool

  38. you actually can't get an exosuit upgrade for free. there's no such thing as a

    f r e e s l o t i n s u i t i n v e n t o r y

  39. Wow, nice trick for spacejumps, never knew this through my hours of playtime. License for print money is a nice one too, though easier to discover.

    Also, a small tip from my side — I had issues with keyboard buffering, so when I held f for scanner I had a scanner open for about half a minute after releasing "f". To fix this I rebound scanner to mouse3 and pickup to f. And ship land to "b" because it was bugging me that I CAN'T FREAKING USE ANALYSER ONBOARD! And to add insul to injury, this dumb bug ate half of my hard-earned fuel. Also, this allows for movement while scanning without having to octopus your fingers

  40. i still dont understand how save files can work in multiplayer.
    if you build a base with one save then go back to another, maybe a new save, and visit that exact planet, will the base be gone?
    can you even visit that planet (in theory)? what happens when other people are at your structure while you swap to a new save?
    if the base stays, would that be a way to transfer items between saves? help i really dont get this.

  41. You need to try out Rocket Boots. By double-taping space key you will be able to perform crazy fast and long jumps. And if you do tap+tap&hold space key you can jump with a decent tank 3-4 times in a row. Very useful for fighting and since I got used to this way of movement I am using it all the time.

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