7 Tips for the Coding Resume (for Software Engineers)

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100 thoughts on “7 Tips for the Coding Resume (for Software Engineers)

  1. I agree with exporting as PDF, but ".docx… ….is a format that is not widely used", jeez that feels like wishing to me.

  2. I am a consultant I have interviewed for more jobs than any tech lead!
    I have interacted with recruiters, HR, Tech Leads, Managers, teams.
    1. More is better, highlight exactly what you did.
    1. HR people are stupid, they look for keyword, more the better.
    1. Recruiters are idiots, they look for keywords, and poach people out of jobs, ignore those out of work as deplorable.
    1. Tech leads are a mixed bag, few are chill, most have a huge ego! If you;re smarter than them, you not getting the job, it's call job security.
    1. Managers just want to know if you can get the job done and not make them look like the true idiot they are. Most managers are not tech people.
    1. People on teams are beta, they will look to make you look dumb and them smart. It is your job to expose them for the fake they are. They will instantly crumble.
    No on, almost no one looks at your resume, most devs are forced to give interviews they hating doing. It is a form of punishment for bad code commits!!!

  3. You said that you read all comments, and since we both seem to have the same sense of humor…

    I have had you read this because I could, and now you have read it….

    That is all…

  4. Been on both sides of the table plenty of times myself. On the interviewer side, yes, I see all too often that someone as stated a lot of real cool and interesting projects only to find out they really only worked on some minimal ancillary part of it. The best candidates are those who can actually back up such claims with actual depth and breadth of knowledge of and participation in the project.

  5. My question is, ow does someone with predominantly a hardware background but also a great deal of experience and talent (having worked with a lot of software engineers and seen the pool of candidates out there as the company I work for is trying to hire more software engineers, it seems that my talents are above average) but wanting to break into a more formally software role, how does one craft a resume to get traction? It seems that no matter what I do, prospective employers apparently only see a hardware engineer and dismiss the seriousness of my abilities.

  6. TechLead, you're awesome! Love your commentary. One question: How will someone like myself who is way over 40, (but under 60) spruce up their resume? Been learning (Python, Ruby) programming for a year but not sure what to say on paper.

  7. Not everybody should try to make their resume look like the TechLead's depending on your profile. For example, if you're fresh out of college, the most important highlight of your resume is your college education, probably not your work experience which will have less to do with your target position. If you have a lot of work experience, your resume would look more like the TechLead's where it's job experience is listed first and then education.

  8. I think this hits the nail on the head.

    It's better to put less stuff than having the recruiter having to do the heavy lifting work of figuring out that you exaggerated half of the things on your resume.
    The golden rule of resume is "only put stuff that you actually used extensively"

  9. sounds great
    but where's your profile picture and your personal info besides ur email?
    damn impressive resumé tho

  10. If Elon Musk can have a one page resume, then so can you. Here's a link to his resume 🙂


  11. Dear dude,
    You sound's like a Borat at the beginning of the video.
    You must be from Kazakhstan?

    Am I right ?

  12. sometimes I like to comment on videos because some of them are really good and I've got to say that I've been watching some of you it was for a while and you know is other times when I'll be watching other videos and some of them are good and some of them are not so good but I really do like to comment on them because I think it does add a little bit to the discussion the conversation is continually going on so anyway I really loved was watching your video and I thought that there were some interesting points that were made and there were also some other points and that was really good also made some other videos that maybe I'll watch them sometime or I've watched him in the past

  13. Tech Lead: I strongly recommend that you keep your resume at just one page

    Me trying to lengthen my business card of a resume:

  14. Good job . The honest, clear, concise, and short enough to read. Recommendation respectfully maybe one or two sentences regarding you goals.

  15. What if you don't have any work experience in the software industry but are trying to secure a placement or internship? My work experience section is completely barren right now, but just full of unrelated positions I have had in the past that relate to organisational skills, teamworking skills, communication skills etc… Should I just buff my resume with personal projects or just reserve that for my website and GitHub?

  16. TechLead should change the formatting of his résumé to emphasize the degrees he received, rather than the schools he attended. I almost overlooked the fact that he has a master's degree. It's the degree and major that matter, not the school attended (unless you're applying for a job unrelated to your major).

  17. Decided to take some notes and make a TL:DR of this vid, good luck guys

    – Hit the keywords and highlight them to grab the attention of the reader (Example: Make words like "Java" and "C++" a larger size than other letters or bold lettered)

    – Less is better, do your best to fit all your information into one page without making it hard to read.

    – Relevance, don't put info you don't think the interviewer will ask you about or doesn't help you out. Or projects and jobs you don't think really matter that much.

    – Trying to make it overly fancy and edited will be percieved as insecurity and hiding something, keep it clean and straight to the point.

    – Make your CV scanner friendly by avoiding things like fancy unique fonts, pictures, or weird borders and styles. (Italics apperantly don't scan well)

    – If you'll send your resume online make sure its not Microsoft DocX format, just make it Doc or export it as a PDF preferably.

    – List your strengths and most proud projects that matter, don't list weaknesses (Why would you?) Put the most important projects ontop of your list.

    – Make your verbal use of words more impactful, avoid words like "Helped, Worked on, Tried" and use words like "Implemented, Contributed, Designed"

    – Get some feedback on your resume and some criticism on wether its good or not, preferably from a person with experience in reading resumes.

    – List some interests and hobbies, they can humanize you more and spark a topic of interest for discussion with the interviewer.

    – If you can list a reason or a purpose you can serve the company you're trying to get a job at for why you think you specifically can assist them then go ahead and include that

  18. Is it a good idea show source code in your cv, for example having an link to download code that you wrote, as a way of showing the reader that you are skilled in the language(s) that you advertise on your cv?

  19. Only after watching this video I completed my cv I was worrying too much about the layout and now I stepped up my content. Much thanks to you sir!

  20. I used to have a one sheet resume, with no skills table.
    Many MANY talks with interviewers who told me, please do it, there is no reason to limit yourself to just one sheet and please include your skill table.
    So yea, it might just be you, who is not HR or management.

  21. There is a few things that would be criticized in Germany:
    – Small font
    – Dates have to come first
    – It is not a gap-free curriculum vitae
    – There is no explenation to the items in your activity & awards section

    So writing applications must be easier in the USA than here in Germany. I expected more from a "Ex-Google TechLead" 😉

  22. I think this is a really useful video, but one thing I'd like to add is not to try and cram everything on one page at the expense of design. Yes, a one-page resume is nice and readable, but as a less experienced person, you should be able to still have a one-page resume with a larger font and larger margins to create a shorter line length (try for about 2.5 repetitions of the alphabet per line), and if you are experienced enough that your text will overflow onto another page, that's fine; the fact that it will be so much easier to read than the 1-inch-margins-cramped-text look should make it stand out from the crowd anyway.

  23. Thank you Tech lead. This is great info, and I respect you (respect the tech lead!) For sharing it. Big Al

  24. I'm 15, and want to get a intern in front/backend web development. How can i contact a company? I have no idea

  25. I really hate when the part in end when from nowhere he is mentioning his sponsor to build up the content of the resume. Means come on dude… !!! Seriously !!

  26. I was wondering what does it take for a fresh graduate to find a software engineering job? Everywhere I applied, they all seemed to be interested in work experience and not so much about my projects. If you click on my YouTube channel, you can find some of the projects I’ve done. Let me know what I can improve on. I’ve been searching for a job for almost a year now

  27. I would love to exchange sarcasm with an interviewer like him. I'd fill the skill section right away.

  28. The video was pretty informative. But won't it be better to have a little bit of color instead of a plain boring resume. As color would help in generating a sense of appeal among the readers.

  29. I love your channel and think the world of you. Thank you for providing excellent tips for us all to have better resumes. I really value what you had to say

  30. Thank you sooooo much Tech Lead…. this particular video was really the eye opener for me … TYSM…

  31. Great video! What is your opinion on devs who do video resumes? Don't hold back, rip me a new one – https://youtu.be/coZWdPJ6n8Y

  32. "People who review resumes look at hundreds of millions of them per hour."
    Who are these people?! 😉
    At least one job will be safe from automation.

  33. I always submit my resume in pdf. Recently I just applied to a position on the Qualcomm website where they rejected my resume attachment for being pdf. They accepted word doc only. I found that strange coming from a tech company

  34. How do you feel about people with a bar meter for their language or skills section? I have seen these in resumes recently and I thought it was a good idea to show which areas you are strong at

  35. Some great tips that I can confirm. I've been using most of these for years. I think my resume is pretty good and it gets me lots of interviews at the moment (almost every application gets me one which of course is also mainly due to the strong IT job market) but there's still room to improve. I use a pretty similar format and design to you (clean and simple) but I still have a separate "Technical Skills" section and I recently reluctantly went from 1 to 2 pages as I got more experience (even though I got only 1 bullet point for my older stations and 0 hobbies etc.) but I'm working on getting it back to 1 page. Comparing my format with yours, I noticed that I use too much vertical spacing and too large section headlines which is great for readability but of course takes much space.

  36. I think your point on making clear how well you know technologies and how you used them is very important and it made me wonder: Is the ideal resume one that leaves absolutely no questions open regarding the role? With my resume, I also noticed that I am often asked the same questions by different people which indicates what my resume leaves unanswered. But maybe sometimes it's even good to leave certain things open if it's something where you can shine in the interview. Not sure about that.

  37. there's always that fear of sending a resume that's basically empty. In the corner of your mind you know everyone else has fluffed their and there is a chance you won't even get through the initial sifting because it's too honest. You can't show you are actually half decent if you don't ever get called to the interview. Maybe a little filler is appropriate sometimes? You might get debunked once you get to the interview, but at least you get to talk to someone, right?

  38. Hi TechLead I have been a coder for 4 more years the problem is that i drop out of school when i just finished my high school education ,nowadays i was been discriminated severely .especially when i'm looking for a new job ,i even need to fake my resume to pass the resume filtering system . sorry for the duplicity but i just need to make a living how can i do to escape from this awkward scene. since i'm aged it's not possible to go back to school again .how can i do hoping to your feedback.

  39. How does a man explain to employers or list a job on your resume that you got fired from? For example, if I got fired from Facebook.

  40. linkedin is the best because you can link to all documents and also verified sites of certificates. No reason for other companies look for people off of linkedin.

  41. Besides you have a Midas touch, you are very smart. But I think that people should not be forced to totally conformist in the resume because of conformist defaults into major errors when outliers are not recognized.

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