Hey guys, what’s going on its Asher coming at you today in clash Royale? This is gonna be a good one today guys It is the return of the impossible challenge, which honestly is really really fun to do. I’m really loving this series We’ve done a 1.9 deck a 2.1 deck today. It’s time to flip it around and make it the heaviest deck possible Basically, I tweeted out this a few days ago who can win a grand challenge who can get 12 wins in a GC using a 7.0 elixir deck this proved to be the most difficult so far even more difficult than the 2.1 in the 1.9 I saw all the CRL pros kind of streaming this challenge and it was really frustrating and annoying to a bunch of them before we Get into the replays of Sam who actually the German pro from Team Solomid and crl who’s actually been doing a really really good job. Absolutely making a name for himself with TSM in crl na and it’s still such a pleasure to have him on the channel here But before we get to the replays, I’m also gonna play a live match. He using the deck that he used Oh my god, just to prove how difficult it is. It should be fun interesting I want to issue get you guys a challenge as well, right? so you guys Two of you the first two who can get 12 wins in a classic challenge. I will paypal $50 – all you have to do is tweet me at CWA if you win and then I’ll check your player stats log on stats royale to make sure that you used a 7.0 Alex your deck. You don’t have to use this one if you use any deck you want just beware This could be frustrating so don’t tilt while you’re doing it right. Just have fun And if you can’t get it, you can’t get it now I’ll announce on the community tab here on YouTube when some but when two people do win that way you don’t have to keep trying And we’ll save you guys the aggravation. Anyway, guys, let’s go ahead and get to the replays first You can see it says best comeback and I can attest to that it was the best comeback ever So we’ll save that one for last year the one of the top I want to start out with the one against Carlos here This is actually a really really fun one to watch And all these flares are really good players that he faced – 18 19 20 game winners on these replays So let’s go ahead and again, well, actually let me show you the deck that he used. This is the deck. Oh my god This is so Bizarre, Ida’s, it’s a golem Recruits because you need the Golem and the recruits and the three muskies in the same deck You know what what we need we have recruits. We have golem. We need more tankage So let’s add in the mega knight as well Of course we need barbarian Hut and we have lightning wizard in Sparkie as kind of our dps in spell combos in this deck now the thing that you guys are gonna notice about this is getting through it’s all about getting through single elixir time with this deck like Surviving basically, so let’s start with this one The reason I want to start with this one is you get a little BM I think a little early BM from Carlos and you know, there’s nothing more satisfying than beating a guy who bm’s you right there That’s the good thing about BM is the good thing that exists is you can get revenge Against somebody who bmz well after you win and you know what I do sometimes I don’t know if any of you guys do this to admission time confession time here is I I’ll mute my opponent if I’m losing really bad and they start beaming me I’ll let’s mute them just so I don’t start tilting you Know and then if I win and come back, I love you and be like yo, what up? And I’ll send them a few emotes But if I if I lose if I get creamed all this, I’ll keep it on you Anyway, here we go to the replay guys We’re starting out with a Sparky here behind the tower And again just playing slowly playing conservatively gonna be really important early on in these matches using a lot of barbarian huts even recruits are actually pretty good in a single elixir time in this deck because They’re good defensively, right? So sometimes you’ll see Sam doing that if he has the advantage elixir wise Of course not a smart idea just to cycle them in the back for eight elixir, you know So here we’re already a minute into this mattress, which is a good thing Sparky does not connect on that magic Archer so at this point it’s gonna be all about defense check out the power of the Barbarian on defense here against royal hogs and a magic Archer really able to defend pretty well against that it You know a pretty lucrative push there in terms of elixir elixir Investment the opponent nine elixir in total with the magic archer and the real hogs So we take a lot of kind of incidental damage by that magic archer and then we play our three musketeers there Of course the rules that apply to a normal golem deck in terms of using your Towers resource as a earlier towers hitpoints Excuse me As a resource to your advantage are going to apply tenfold in this deck because it’s so expensive You’re gonna have to be comfortable with taking damage to your towers if you want to have any success with this deck I can’t believe you got 12 wins with it. I just can’t believe it So many people were trying, you know Pro subscribers non pros cuz everybody seemed to be trying this for hours and hours It took him almost I want to say around 13 hours after I assured the challenge that Sam first pulled it off now He’s he gave credit in his tweet to Carter and Carter. Actually, he used the same deck and he got to 11 wins That was the second closest. So shout out to Carter who’s been a few time guests here on the channel So now we have a boy rascal in a magic Archer coming down We are of course Finally into double elixir time and that’s tour the tide kind of turns a little bit with this deck But with any seven elixir deck because you actually are able to play some cards, you know You’re actually able to invest and also Defending and that’s where you see the split three musketeers in the back here trying to get something going with the golem in the right Lane here tanking for that solo musketeer But pretty good defense here from Carlos at this point Would be the Royal ghost on to the musketeer gonna take it out and then the tombstone kind of just tips away at this golem not even allowing him to Get death damage onto that right Tower. So we’re in trouble here. Look at this guys 368 HP left on our left Tower and we really haven’t done much to his towers We have a wizard here is gonna clean up nicely after those on those bats just barely surviving We have Sparky played as well mega Knight does get a jump on that tower two stone comes down But again wizard doing some work there Sparky as well at the bridge here. So just like that, okay There’s a chance you’re telling me there’s a chance here to 84 HP left though on the Left tower and the opponent has Poison and log, so this could be trouble. He’s basically forced to go all-in here with the three musketeers the Barbarian Let’s get to that left our 700 600 damage left a log and a tombstone All he needs is a poison here guys, and he has poison in hand, but he has to stop this push You can see how difficult this deck is to actually win with all the matches seem to be closed like this guys It’s it’s really insane and again The opponent has poison in the hand but a beautiful lightning there and wizard connects for one hit before the log comes down One more hits gonna do the job and Carlos not too happy about it Sam gives them the nod like yeah, I just did that. You just got beat with a 7.0 elixir deck that’s pretty crazy. Alright, so let’s go on to the next replay here. I want to show you That this one right here was against Oh mate. Oh look at this It’s the new graveyard act when I say new like a few weeks now but this deck is Everywhere guys and another reason why I want to start with these two is because Sam’s on the bottom of the screen It is really starting to annoy me to share replays with you guys when? The player that we want to watch from the perspective of is at the top of the screen really annoying Anyway starts out with a tombstone. The opponent does we respond with a wizard in the back again? Very very very careful not only in a single ixr time as we discussed but also as the first play of the game you almost always want to make It let the opponent make the first play Unless it’s a barbarian Hut there’s really nothing else that you want to be placing down as the first gate at play of the game With this deck certainly not a sparky or a golem or 3 Musketeers I guess 3 Musketeers is borderline But still, why would you bother let’s let B opponent make the first move or wait it out until double extra time You really don’t get any advantage of making the first move or not waiting until double elixir time, of course when we play live We’ll go ahead and we will probably not make the first move but we’re not gonna make you guys wait and watch me for two Minutes doing nothing. Anyway back to the match here. We have a Sparkie and barbarian setting up in the left lane, which is good We’re applying a little bit of pressure here And what this is going to do is even if we don’t get any damage It’s gonna buy us more time until double extra time, right and that’s where we want to get with this deck But a beautiful NATO poison by the opponent talk about poison value Barbarian 3 Musketeers and a Sparkie all gone there But somehow we still have the elixir advantage here and talk about elixir advantage We actually have like a two or two-and-a-half like store advantage at this point looking pretty good here about halfway through the match So what are we gonna do here? I think what is it gonna go it, okay It’s gonna be recruits again kind of a safe play kind of a neutral play 30 seconds left Sam’s probably figuring hey 30 seconds all those play recruits in the back and at least they’ll be good on defense at least they’ll have to be responded to in both lanes by the Opponent and the opponent here cycles a night in the right lane a ice wizard in the left lane just to play a little bit Of defense here Knights gonna do a good job. Take care of the two the three recruits Excuse me in the right lane and the baby dragon ice was setting up for a graveyard push here for the opponent Is he gonna use it? No, he’s gonna poison instead against that wizard and then the mega Knight comes down there for Sam So Sam has a little bit something going on here The wizard is barely going to stay alive gonna force a log now out of the opponent, which is a good thing We’re still maintaining that elixir advantage here guys allowing us to go ahead and set up with that barbed hut there in the left lane here it comes ice whiz against that mega Knight, but of course this deck is so strong defensively the techies going against, you know, That’s the beauty of it even though this is a heaviest deck in the history of the game The deck that is going against with the ice Wiz the NATO and the tombstone combo just those three cards can make it incredibly difficult to actually get to the tower Get to the tower. All right. So here we go. It’s gonna be recruits playing defense against look at that That’s a lot of recruits. They’re all clumped up in the right lane there I think only one ended up going left in that push and then we have a wizard the Lightning comes down So now we have a little push going on the left here He’s gonna have to respond to this and the wizard actually locks on to that left tower Right like a split second before that tombstone came down Now the wizards on the tower takes it down to 10 57 as we enter into Sudden-death overtime here. We have a barbarian Hut set up defensively against that graveyard Which is a great move and now here it comes. It. Looks like a graveyard poison is down You can see Sam not committing anything else defensively instead. He’s saving up for the three musketeers a good play there He waited for the poison to come down and he figured hey, he can’t defend against my three musketeers Well, he can defend but he can’t poison that’s gonna be key. So look at this monster push here It’s a mega Knight three musketeers It’s a sparky log comes down poisons already back in cycle here again the decks so strong defensively gonna take away all that Power behind that mega night their resulting in really no damage for Sam on that big big massive push and look at his right tower down to 795 hip points another kind of core. I don’t know not close but a comeback situation here for Sam Well into sudden-death overtime, it’s an ice Whiz a baby dragon in the right lane a golem at the bridge Again, and a wizard kind of doing his thing behind the golem here Here comes another graveyard another poison for the opponent. Hoping to get a little RNG but check it out We set up with the recruits in the back again. We got floor recruits on the right two on the left We’ve got the golem around 1/3 HP left. Look at all those troops crossing The bridge is a bunch of recruits and some barbarians in tow We play the three musketeers at the bridge in the left lane. NATO’s not gonna be enough Musketeers connect and boom What a heads-up play there by Sam playing those three Muskies at the bridge Knowing the opponent had poison in hand but figuring hey They either don’t have enough elixir or they don’t have enough time left here In terms of the poison is damage over time not like fireball the direct damage immediately So that was a really heads up three musky play at the bridge there by Sam. Insane matches here guys. Let’s watch Let’s watch the best comeback ever right? He’s at the top of your screen. But what the hell we’ll we’ll deal with it So Sam’s at the top here guys, and this is an amazing Amazing comeback. I don’t think you guys will be disappointed at all with this one. So here we go it’s gonna be obviously He asked barbarian Hut selected there So it’s gonna be a nice first play here and here comes the minor in the minion horde the wizard gets redirected there and boom Tower down what fifteen twenty thirty seconds into the match Twenty five seconds into the match tower is down Not the start that Sam wanted he sets up with a barbed hut behind his right tower and or his left tower I guess from his vantage point and now it’s gonna be time for a comeback but things get even worse Before they get better guys. So here we go It’s a barbarian Hut in the right lane again setting up for the golem here and he drops that golem behind the King tower Sam Obviously knowing that he’s gonna need an incredibly big massive push to be a to win this one ideally a three crown push But it kind of goes not as you guys might be expecting. So check this out. It’s a bar bear It’s a couple barbarians behind that big lumbering golem here and we’re gonna set up with three Muskies But he’s gonna set with three Muskies too. So we switch over to the Lightning You can see his card selection and even with one night a cannon in a musketeer The opponent here po is actually gonna do a very very good job defensively, you know that push could have been massive But he does he gets the tower but you know about around half HP, but the cannon in the sync the single remaining musketeer They’re doing a very good job defensively and making things more difficult for Sam Sam now sets up for the Sparkie in back of the King tower and let’s see what He’s gonna go with here is it gonna be recruits is gonna be mega Knight? Is it going to be let’s see mega Knight. It looks like mega Knight. Where’s the mega Knight? Okay He doesn’t recognize and steady wizards in the back there. See that’s a mistake that yours truly would have made in that situation I probably would have Meghan knighted to tank for that Sparky But instead Sam a way better player than I decides to go with a mega Knight It looks like actually just cycling this wizard. He doesn’t even tank for the wizard wizard instead He sets up with another barbarian huh in the back. So it looks like going into double extra time He’s thinking to himself here. Probably. You know what? I just want to set up with another bar putt I wanted I want this to be a one push win here but not before This happens we got nothing. No wizard in hand. We’re gonna lose our right Tower. Look at the two Musketeers on the left guys We’re gonna lose our King Tower This looks like it’s going to be a big fat L guys more Musketeers another three musky Therefore PO is probably his big mistake in this match Coincidentally and now look at this in the right a minion who are dropped on our busca tiers and our barbarians But the Wizards gonna help clean that up and look at the tides turn here 722 HP left on our King tower Sparky in the pocket. We got a mega knight on the Left Tower We got a bunch of Musketeers and a wizard alive on the right in five four three Recruits to add insult to injury there. It is. Talk about a sweet comeback guys That was pretty that was pretty good. That was my favorite match of the video I think now guys I want to go ahead and jump into a live match myself I will upload the rest of these replays but I’ll put them on my second youtube channel. You guys can check that out I’ll put it in the pinned comment for you guys and in the description of this video That’s where I put the rest of the replays that I don’t end up using because of times sake on the main channel here So guys, let’s go ahead and hop into a match. I have my decks selected This might not be too pretty but I am want to know so far. I have won one off-camera Last night. All right. So here we go guys Thumbs up against Amy. All right best of luck Amy. So It kind of scares me that Amy is in legend legendary League and clan wars too. So this is not gonna be easy guys Let’s see how we do. I have raw recruits kind of set up in the back I guess I’m gonna go ahead and use them I don’t even care about catching that minor there, but maybe I could have wizard. ‘add wizard did I could have used my wizard? I guess I don’t know. We’ll see he’s gonna go ahead and hunter I Guess I’m just gonna lightning the hunter that way I can he’ll have to still respond to the three recruits on the Left I’ll probably just end up letting that Mega minion go probably a maybe a mistake there with the lightning because now I’m gonna take this charge from the Prince This is why this deck is so difficult, right? Okay, I’m just gonna Sparky in the back here. Probably not gonna work out So well as long as Sparky targets both of them, oho that’s zap, though. Oh my god I’m gonna lose a tower just like that. I can’t believe it. Alright, it’s okay Sanwa has lost towers in the first 30 seconds. So I feel like I can do this. I’ll play a high Barb hut get a little tankage there for the Sparky and see what he see what he does probably has like lightning or something Right. He has zap. We know that he hunters at a Kind of a passive distance there, but yes, I guess the guards ready So hunter is actually gonna be incredibly valuable for him, which is gonna be annoying. I’m gonna wizard over here Hopefully we can take care of this hunter and just bide more time again until until double extra time. Come on spawn those Oh my god, that was a nice prince by him spawn the barbs. Where are the barbs? Are you kidding me? Oh My god, you can see how this deck can be frustrating guys All right So mega night on that Prince Finally ten seconds 15 seconds or so away from double elixir time mega minion for my mega night And can I get a hit please? No, we’re just gonna take a take a giant to the base there, which is great so we’re gonna set up with a Three Muskies, I guess Hopefully Okay, he poisons that’s good. I’m okay with taking a lot of damage here as long as I can get this golem down and Take his right tower. So Oh golem is down. Come on go go. Oh, thank god alright, so he’s gonna drop he has a like a lot of I’m just gonna go ahead I think I’ve got this tower already, but I’m gonna Sparky just in case. Okay, that’s fine Second recruits here. I’ll take his tower. Then I can recruits. Oh Yeah. Oh, yeah things all of a sudden the tides have changed a little bit I’m gonna go ahead and wizard over here apply some opposite lane pressure. He’s probably gonna like to make it Oh my god that hunter though that hunter is like I got this all under control alright So Sparky’s doing her thing We’ll just barbed hut over here We’re gonna go ahead and be forced to mega Knight there as well Just need to stop the bleeding here at this point. You need to take down that giant and defend so mmm, I’m just gonna Lightning stay it better safe than sorry right guys and Then we’ll Sparky over here. He has poison. So this might be a good game. This might be GG. I Just need oh that zap though. That zap is gonna kill me. Oh my god what a noob ash this deck is Well played up well played Okay, buddy. Alright, you don’t have to be too cocky about it. Alright guys I hope you don’t tilt as bad as I did with this deck It can be very very difficult play this deck in a classic challenge try to win the $50 and then you’ll have more Appreciation for the feet that Sam was able to go ahead and accomplish with this back. Thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed the replays in the video. What should the next impossible challenge be? Let me know in the comments below guys I really am looking for you guys for some nice innovative and crazy and most of all very difficult Ideas for what we should do to continue this series I’m a big fan of this series because I like to switch things up here on the channel. I like lists I like mostly like covering decks with pros but I like doing opinion videos top 10 top 5 videos and outside-the-box stuff like subversive row and now this impossible challenge series So guys give me more suggestions or maybe more serious that you’d like to see on the channel I have a lot of fun with this one Check out Sam’s player stats and profile at banks estatua all calm and all his social media information in the description below He’s shot to Bren Chang my youtube partner check out his information as well. Thank you so much for watching guys. And as always Take care of guys

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