5G Robot baristas, and smart technologies bringing change the South Korean lifestyle

South Korea is set to become the first in
the world to launch the 5G wireless network. Ahead of this landmark occasion,… various
telecom companies are showing what our everyday lives could look like in 5G. Oh Soo-young provides a glimpse of hi-tech
conveniences to come. Meet the world’s first 5G robot barista. With South Korea set to become the first country
in the world to launch the next generation 5G network,… major telecom firms are unveiling
new services and gadgets,… that could soon become a part of daily life. “Powered by 5G signals 20 times faster than
LTE,… it doesn’t take long for the robot barista to take and make your order.” The robot, launched by KT corporation,…
recognises customers using voice recognition and KT’s AI assistant GIGA Genie. It promptly serves espresso drinks,… and
even gives you a wave along with your order. An upgraded version at the Mobile World Congress
last month served up 47 types of beverage. The company plans to improve facial recognition
and AI technology to provide more customised services. “Robot baristas require cables or very stable
networks, and this puts a lot of restrictions in terms of the robot’s mobility. But connecting the robot to 5G enables steady
connections, allowing mobility, as well as the ability to take orders, CCTV features
and even stock management. This could be applied to other unmanned devices
as well.” But experiencing life in 5G speed won’t necessarily
require stepping outside your home. From turning off the lights and switching
on the AC,… to ordering food from the grocery store,… smart home functions and gadgets
are also being optimised to run on 5G,… based on AI speakers, which are becoming more
common with over 3 million units sold across the country last year. Meanwhile, virtual and augmented reality content
will become even more realistic. “5G allows ultra high-speed, and ultra low-latency
transmissions, which means our unique VR and AR contents for watching professional baseball,
and golf games,… as well as K-POP performances will be upgraded from HD to 4K quality. Users can zoom in on gestures and facial expressions
in real time.” South Korea’s three major networks plan to
simultaneously launch the 5G in the coming week. Experts say, by 2020, most Koreans will enjoy
the super-fast connectivity in their daily lives. Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.

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3 thoughts on “5G Robot baristas, and smart technologies bringing change the South Korean lifestyle

  1. Due to South Korea’s aging population and future decrease population. As a South Korean I can see this, it make sense after all.

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