5 Ways Tech Makes You Money | Adding Value To Your Home

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways Tech Makes You Money | Adding Value To Your Home

  1. very impressive…Informative,educational and very professionally presented.Love the editing as well.(Nice use of b roll).Hope the family is doing well.xox.

  2. Two of my favorite things all rolled up into one video. Smarthome tech and real estate. uuuuuuuuAH? aaaaaaarooh? ooooooogh?

  3. You know its really funny.. i have a tech background and I find myself AVOIDING most smarthome devices except perhaps remote lighting… sometimes simpler works better and is more secure. Its a great topic that homeowners now have to actually take into account when buying a home. Homes have become so tech enabled now! TIP: There are great home management systems out as long as you secure them properly from intrusion from the internet, but like all things connected to the internet, they are accessible.

  4. Great video Kristina! I’ve been making my home smart for about 6 years now, everything from thermostat to garage sensors and automatic lights!

  5. Omg I want a talking Tap . And wow that shower sounds amazing saving all that water sounds amazing I need to have a look at these . There some great upgrades

  6. Some cool gadgets there. Though they need to do a version of Alexa that understands Scottish Accents lol There's a hilarious video online with a Glaswegian woman getting increasingly frustrated with Alexa

  7. Wow! Technology is moving so fast Kristina!💥 Thanks for putting this video together to keep us informed!🙏😎

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