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The Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei wants to dominate the international market. And that’s key to the Chinese Communist
Party’s plans. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube
channel for the latest China news, and click the notification bell so you get
an alert when we publish a new episode. Huawei. It’s the largest telecom equipment maker
in China— and the entire world. How did this Chinese company become a global force in just a few short decades? Well, it was more than just their entrepreneurial
spirit. It was largely thanks to the company’s close
relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Which explains why Huawei’s phones redistribute all of your data to the Chinese regime. Huawei’s relationship with the Chinese Communist
Party is something the US government has been worried
about for years. But it’s become international news following the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada last December. The US has filed criminal charges against
Meng and Huawei for various forms of fraud and violating US
sanctions on Iran. Now, the US wants to extradite Meng. Despite that, Huawei is still a critical part of the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to become a world superpower. And the Chinese regime has pushed Huawei onto unsuspecting countries through its Belt and Road Initiative, also known as One Belt, One Road. Which is much better than the original name, One Loan, One Debt Trap. Since the Belt and Road Initiative began in
2013, the Chinese regime has financed infrastructure
projects in more than 60 countries. And while it might be hard to see Huawei’s
role in say, building a bridge in Kenya— that may or may not collapse, —the telecom equipment maker is the digital
bridge builder of the Belt and Road. In a March 2015 directive about the goals
for the Belt and Road, Chinese authorities said “Two key objectives were the ‘construction of transnational fiber optics for communications’ and ‘synchronizing technological standards between China and other countries.’” And that’s where Huawei comes in. According to one Huawei official speaking
to Chinese media, “different [One Belt One Road] infrastructure
projects… would all require modern telecom equipment to allow systems to communicate with each
other— prime business opportunities for Huawei.” Huawei also received huge loans from the state-owned Silk Road investment
fund, and the  Asian Infrastructure Investment
Bank, which is backed by the Chinese regime. Here are 5 ways Huawei is being used for the Belt and Road Initiative. Number 5 Underwater Internet Cables The Internet may not be a series of tubes, but it is a series of cables— including thousands of miles of cables that run underneath the oceans. Which is part of the reason why the Atlanteans are so mad at us surface-dwellers. But really, the Atlanteans should direct their
anger at Huawei Marine. It’s a joint venture between Huawei, and a U.K.-based submarine communications
firm Global Marine Systems. They built 7 thousand miles of undersea cables. They called it the PEACE Cable Project. Which sounds super sketchy. It’s an underwater high-speed internet cable
system linking Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Egypt, and France. They say it will be a new information expressway for China, Europe and Africa. Which is just what everyone wants. Internet brought to you by the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom. According to the Huawei Marine COO, they were building enough underwater cable to circle the entire Earth. But they ran into a little undersea problem. And I don’t mean Cthulhu. I’m talking about Australia. In June, the Australian government agreed
to fund its own undersea internet cables for the Solomon
Islands, leapfrogging Huawei’s plans to build their
cables there. According to Reuters, that was done because if Huawei had built
it instead, it “could have compromised Australian internet
security.” Number 4 Smart Cities You live in a dumb city. No, I’m not insulting the place you live. I’m just saying, it’s not a “smart city.” “Similar to how a person’s nervous system
detects and reacts to changes in its environment, a Smart City using Huawei’s Smart City solutions can sense, process and deliver informed decisions that improves the environment for its inhabitants.” That may sound pretty good, but remember that it’s a company connected to the world’s largest authoritarian regime that’s saying it can sense, process and
deliver informed decisions that affect its inhabitants. And according to a 2015 research paper from China’s State Information Center, smart cities could help lead the Belt and
Road Initiative. “The paper applauded Huawei… for undertaking an important role in building ‘smart cities’ in other countries.” And what would a top feature of these smart
cities designed by a company with shady links to the Chinese Communist Party be? Why, better governance. Brr, I’m shivering. And it’s not the polar vortex. I think it’s something to do with how the Chinese Communist Party uses that same technology in China to harass and monitor its own population. And the Belt and Road Initiative, using Huawei technology, is trying to export that model. According to the Jamestown Foundation, “While the smart cities of the future could
be better, more efficient cities, they could also provide authoritarian regimes with previously undreamt of tools of surveillance
and control.” Why, let’s take a look at one example of a Huawei Belt and Road Smart City. Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. It began its transformation into a smart city
in 2016. To start with, that meant Huawei adding around 10,000 surveillance cameras. What a wonderful contribution to an authoritarian
state. In fact, Jamestown notes, “It is both interesting and suggestive that the list of countries where Huawei’s safe
city solutions were first deployed includes a number of authoritarian and hybrid regimes with close ties to China, among them Russia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Laos, and Angola.” And since that worked out so well for them, Germany is now interested as well. But don’t worry. There’s no way Germany could ever transform into an authoritarian state. Number 3 Smart Energy Can’t have a smart city without smart energy. That’s why Huawei is now selling smart energy
systems to oil-producing countries and companies. Which turns out are also usually authoritarian
regimes. Go figure. Some of these contracts Huawei has are official Belt and Road projects. One of the major strategic goals of the Belt
and Road initiative is to funnel global oil supplies to China, which struggles to keep up with growing energy
needs. But it’s not just oil. Shanghai Electric, a subsidiary of China’s state-owned construction
company, PowerChina, is building a new solar power plant in Argentina. According to the Huawei website, “It is the first successful project in Argentina after the Belt and Road Initiative proposed
by China.” And “the project adopts Huawei Smart [photovoltaic]
solutions”, which may include connecting Huawei technology
to the power grid. Wow, great idea. Give the Chinese Communist Party easy access to your nation’s power supply. Number 2 National Emergency Systems Ecuador has hitched its trailer to the Belt
and Road. A big part of that was the ECU 911 national
emergency system. It was built by China’s state-owned China National Electronics Import and Export
Corporation. And they turned to Huawei for their facial recognition surveillance
cameras, routers, wireless access points, network switches, and wireless access controllers. So basically, using the excuse of providing
Ecuador with a national emergency service, China got to install an all seeing eye. First of all, that’s a cyber espionage threat. But beyond that, it risks exporting the Communist Party’s
authoritarianism around the world. “Countries like [Ecuador] may have difficulties
acquiring sophisticated types of surveillance— of course they can buy it off the shelf, but what China can give them is a whole system, from physical centers to processing software. And when they export those systems, it’s not just the physical aspect but the political norms that come with them.” So Chinese investment, backed by state-owned enterprises and Huawei, might come with a bit more than a lot of countries
bargained for. Number 1 5G 5G is the future of wireless communication. And companies around the world are trying to dominate the market. According to the New York Times, “A Huawei spokesman said it had been working on 5G since 2009, having spent $600 million on related research already and committing $800 million more in
2018 alone.” And “Huawei…owns about 10 percent of 5G
essential patents.” This could be a big win for Huawei. It could pocket licensing fees from both government and mobile service providers that use a Huawei
5G network. This report by U.S.-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies shows that Huawei leads the world in manufacturing a certain vital component
of 5G service: the radio access network or RAN. RAN is what connects your mobile phone to
the network. If Huawei gained control of the world’s
5G networks, it means the Chinese Communist Party could also get access. And that would create mayhem and mass surveillance, according to a retired US General. However, Huawei’s 5G ambitions may not be
coming to fruition. Countries around the world have begun banning Huawei from working with their governments and building their 5G networks. For a rundown on that, check out my recent episodes, How 8 Countries Are Dealing with Huawei. So what do you think of how Huawei is getting in on China’s Belt and Road Initiative? Leave your comments below. And before we go, now is the time when I answer questions from
you, my loyal 50-cent army— fans of the show who support what we do through the crowd funding website Patreon. Zhou Rui asks, “With Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power mostly complete is there even a small chance that he will
invoke his power to make China Democratic or even Democratic with Chinese characteristics?” What Xi Jinping ultimately will do is the
million yuan question. However, I don’t want you to have the misconception that Xi is an untouchable all-powerful leader. There’s still infighting going on within
the Communist Party. China is facing unprecedented economic and
social challenges. The US-China trade war is just one of them. And Xi will get all the credit or blame for however it all goes down. And if Xi Jinping can’t save the ship by doubling down on the Chinese Communist
Party, he may try to pull a Gorbachev: Dissolve the Communist Party, and make China democratic— or as you said, “Democratic with Chinese characteristics.” Which could mean less like Taiwan, and more like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Xi Jinping is politically very savvy. If he feels democracy is the best option— or the least bad available option— he may try it. But don’t hold your breath for China creating a democracy as open as Taiwan’s. There is a small chance, but these things are very hard to predict. Thanks for you question, Zhou Rui. If you’d like to hear your question answered
on the show, sign up to support China Uncensored on the crowd funding website Patreon. It’s less than the cost of your daily cup
of coffee. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time!

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