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ok or trendsetters and innovators who are constantly drawing inspiration from all around us at our headquarters in New York City we believe in creating universal solutions and endeavour to mind seiki simplicity and style and everything we produce for the last three years we’ve had the most popular and dependable car mounts on the market we’d like to introduce you to the next step in that legacy we’re proud to present the easy one touch 34 the OneTouch three we really had to challenge ourselves to redefine the standard of a universal mounting solution after many hours of research and careful consideration we started sketching our new vision no detail went unnoticed and we eventually converted our best ideas into 3d drawings this is where we scrutinize over every surface and where we sculpted the sleek features of the easy one touch three and as we continue to develop more serious prototypes of the easy one touch three we push the products to the very limit of his capabilities we have to make sure that it performs under tough conditions than we expected you to encounter and honestly were only satisfied once every aspect is perfect one thing we expect everyone to notice this dramatic update to the forum establishment minimal sleek and contemporary easy one touch 32 blend seamlessly with your vehicle interior of course this would be an addy car mount without our trademarked easy one-touch lock and release feature this time we have made a larger and more distinct think about it makes you think the mouth really intuitive experience all the knobs buns and lovers shaped and sculpt to allow for the smoother interaction with economics in mind in addition the telescopic arm was re-engineered to be super-strong to reduce vibrations having less vibrations are you to focus more on the road and less on your smartphone display with Hollis I arms and expand the reach the easy one touch three with design to fit almost all smartphones and case combination us months of hard work but we now finally completed the successor to the easy one touch the legacy our focus on making the easy ones history so simple to use is matched only by our commitment to safety there are a lot of things which can grab your attention while traveling but your smartphone shouldn’t be one of them this is a product we trust for our families we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do remember there is nothing more important than your safety not smart tried smarter without tea everyone my name is Mickel my name is Alejandro where the two co-founders of back to the roots are super excited to share with you guys today our second product the Aquafarm Aquafarm in the self-cleaning fish tank that grows food the fish keep the plants and the plants in the water too small stable ecosystem right in your kitchen counter the fish who and AP and all that waste which normally just builds up in regular aquarium’s actually gets pumped up to the grow bed and broken down by the plants into a perfect organic fertilizer clean water fall right back into the tank and the best part about it is that all of this is happening but any soil chemical fertilizers the plants are going to adjust the rocks all the nutrients coming from the fish so all you have to do is feed sammy we spent six months working the top industrial designers and aquaponics experts make perform beautiful and incredibly simple to setup may know green thumb or toolbox required and it can fit any kitchen or classroom across the country something we’re really proud about actually found the perfect manufacturer right here in our backyard so every Aquafarm is made in california the Aquafarm comes with everything you need to get setup organic seeds fish-food starter pump a coupon for your very own sami from petrol just filled with water add your fish when it’s been so cool watching this community of Paco farmers development everyone just making this their own we’re adding nails and shrimp and grow light and so fun to watch join the movement get going with the Akbar add me what is simple to use a regular pen and paper notebook while saving everything in the cloud perfectly organized the way you want and what if after you saved your notes in the cloud and filled your paper notebook you could just erase it with the push of a button and use it again that’s not magic that’s the rocket book wave notebook with the wave notebook and the rocket book app you instantly blast your notes into the cloud using your mobile device in a fraction of a second rocket book machine vision scans enhances and sends each page to the specific destination they belong on the cloud services you already use each wave notebook page has seven symbols set up the rocket book app to assign each symbol to a location within Dropbox Google Docs Evernote or simply to your email inbox let’s see how jake has his setup he marks the diamond symbol and the rocket book app sends the notes to his customer meetings notes in Evernote when he’s brainstorming he marks the star symbol which he decided for the notes that belong in his ideas folder in google docs now that your notes are in the cloud when your notebook is filled there’s no need to go buy another book or let use notebooks clutter your life here’s how you can reuse your wave notebook multiple times with the mere push of a button take your notes using friction pilot pens available in many office supply stores and amazon.com friction pilot inc turns clear under heat and the wave notebook is specially designed to be microwave safe that means you can clear your entire wave notebook in your microwave in the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea when are specially designed thermal logo on the cover turns from blue to white your wave notebook has been cleared and is ready to be reused and with your notes in the cloud and empty notebook has endless possibilities the utility of the cloud and the joy of pen and paper that’s rocket book

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