5 Tips To Find The Best Brand For YOU | Discover Perfect Brands For Your Body Type

Antonio, what brands do you recommend? People ask me this question all the time and
to be honest guys, it’s a question I can’t answer correctly because the perfect brand
for me is not going to be the perfect brand for you. What I can do though, I can give you five
tips on how to find the perfect brand based off of your unique needs. Tip number one, gentlemen. Fit is king. I’ve talked about this numerous times on my
channel. If it doesn’t fit you don’t buy it. It doesn’t matter what brand it’s from and
if it’s 99% off. You’re not going to be wearing it, you’re
not going to fall in love with this brand because it’s never going to look good on you. Now, you can adjust clothing to a point usually
about one size, you can bring it down. It’s oftentimes difficult to let clothing
out unless it’s got extra fabric in it. But, ideally you find a brand that works for
your body the way it is. And you’re going to have to look you’re going
to have to search especially if you’re hard to fit. If you are 6′ 9″ 320 lbs, it’s hard to find
clothing. If you are 5′ 2″ 100 lbs, it’s hard to find
clothing. So, if you are you’re this size, you’re one
of those extreme ends, then you definitely want to find a brand that is making clothing
to suit you. All right, gentlemen. So, I’ve got a model for this video. Yes. Bryan, get over here. This guy right here is a good friend of mine. I’m in Southern California and I’m like, Bryan,
you know, we need to get some clothing from Peter Manning who is the paid sponsor of this
video. This brand does not target me, they are made
for the not so tall guy. Bryan, tell me what was your impression of
when you tried this clothing on right outside? I mean we got the box over there, you just
tried this on. Bryan: I couldn’t believe how everything fit
me. Antonio: Because every time he goes to shop,
things are usually too big that you’ve got issues just as a not so tall guy, you know
5′ 7″, right? Bryan: Yeah. Antonio: And so so and you guys 5′ 5″, I can
tell you, I’m 5′ 9″. I am outside of Peter Manning’s range. Find a brand that actually excludes a good
portion of the population because you want to look at a brand who is great who is freaking
awesome for 10% for 5% of the population versus a brand that tries to appease everyone because
if it tries to appease everyone, it fails in all respect. So, this is right of right out the box? Bryan: Yeah. Antonio: Look at these shoulder points right
here. You got to make sure those shoulders fit properly
because if it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, I mean, yeah, you can may be take it to a
master tailor or a guy that actually maybe builds leather jackets, but at that point
you might as well go custom. Then, we’re looking at the sleeve length. Pretty good, right? Bryan: Awesome. Antonio: On a leather jacket, you know, this
is where you want to find a particular brand that works for you. Peter Manning makes these leather jackets. So, some of you guys out there you’re like,
Antonio, I can never find a t-shirt that works for me. You know boom! You want to look at those points right there. Look at how far it goes down the arm, overall
the fit. T-shirts are going to be something that you
don’t want to get those, you know, you’re not going to adjust them to fit. Now, you got a pair of jeans on. Bryan: Yeah. Antonio: And, one thing that you told me about
the jeans is that it wasn’t like basically there wasn’t an issue in the crotch area,
it fits you really well. Bryan: Yeah. It fit amazing. Antonio: Now, throughout this video, we’re
going to actually have a few more outfits all from Peter Manning. And, Bryan, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes. Bryan: Okay. Antonio: Tip number two. Look at the house style. The house style is how the brand sees itself. It’s how it wants to project its image not
just in its clothing, but across its accessories. So, whenever I say Zegna and then I say maybe
Volcom or I say Billabong or we say Tommy Hilfiger, we say Ralph Lauren. Different things come to different people’s
mind, one of them is going to be skatewear, swimwear. Another one is going to be high-end luxury
out of Italy. But, each of these have their own house brand. So, all of the accessories, all of the clothing
from the sweaters to the shirts to the trousers, everything they actually make in a certain
house style and the aesthetics that they’re looking for. So, ideally you’re able to find a brand that
speaks to you that speaks to your lifestyle. Look at your professional needs, look at your
personal wants, make sure that the brand aligns with you. Tip three to look for in the perfect brand,
gentlemen is build quality. Now, if you’re going for disposable clothing
which I advice you not to, this is stuff that you’re going to be able to throw in throw
out. It’s usually going to be cheaper, then build
quality probably not as important to you. But, if you’re going to be investing in a
nice jacket whether that’d be a sports jacket, that’d be a leather jacket, you want to be
getting shoes which are going to last longer than one season. You want to inspect the build quality. Bryan, come over here. Again, we’ve got Peter Manning. And, again, when I talked about house styles
you noticed that this is going to be more for the professional man. Instantly I’m looking at, okay, it’s a classic
pattern. I’m going to look here at the stitching. So, with shirts you want to look at stitches
per inch. I like to see about twelve to fourteen at
least stitches per inch and you only like to see a single stitch. Double stitch is okay unless it’s got a lot
of space between it. Look at the quality and the sewing on of the
buttons. Also, what you can do is look on the inside
of the clothing. So, oftentimes with a nicer lining on the
inside, right there instantly I can see they paid attention to the details. It’s one of those things I highly advise you
go into the best menswear stores in your area. Whatever type of clothing you’re looking at,
look at the best brands and then go look at the brands which maybe are going to be a bit
more affordable. And ideally you can find diamonds in the rough. These are brands that are up-and-coming and
are spending a lot — they’re not spending much on marketing, they’re putting all the
money back in the clothing. Again, what I love about Peter Manning is
he actually goes directly to the consumer. He doesn’t have stores all over the world
he’s not spending a whole lot on marketing, most of the money and the efforts going right
into the quality of the clothing. Tip number four when finding the perfect brand. Look at its reputation. So, a company’s reputation is what is said
about it in the market. We’re talking about reviews, we’re talking
about actually what your friends are saying, we’re talking about your trusted influencers,
people out there. So, go out there and look around, see look
at the positive reviews look at the negative reviews. Some companies though are resting on their
laurels, they may be had a great reputation a decade maybe twenty years ago. And so, word-of-mouth a lot of people say,
oh, I used to get my clothing here when I was in the industry. But, you’ve got to do your homework guys because
some companies when they’re bought out, what they do oftentimes they cut back on the quality
of the materials. They actually fire all of their top artists
and artisans who are making this stuff because they save money, but what they lose is quality
built. So, make sure that you look at the dates of
the information being put out there maybe go check the forms. There’s a lot of ways that you can kind of
feel around is this company kind of on the downhill slide. So, this last tip is something that you may
not have thought of, but look at the company’s price model. Now, I’m not exactly talking about low prices,
I’m talking about the tactics that they use to sell. So, if something is selling at a low price,
oftentimes they’re going to use coupons they’re going to use a lot of incentives they’re going
to probably market high then try to market low. It’s interesting there was a big issue with
JCPenney when it changed its pricing model, everyone was up in arms not because the clothing
was actually more expensive, but they apparently took out the discounts. Now, the funny thing is the prices were all
the same they just tried to actually be more transparent and less hypie, but the people
that shop at JCPenny wanted that, that was what they expected. So, understand that there are certain companies
that are going to sell with a basically club model. That’s where you’ve got to join, you got to
be a member and they will have discounts which they keep behind closed doors. That’s a lot like you think about in the real
world; Sam’s Club, Costco, there are other places like Wal-Mart. Now, when it comes to menswear I’m not going
to name the Wal-Marts out there of menswear, but understand this is going to be disposable
clothing this is going to be clothing at rock-bottom prices. This is clothing which, yeah, is is a bit
ethically built and constructed probably not. Now, at the high-end you’ve got luxury. I’ve mentioned brands like, you know, Zegna. You also have, you know, maybe some custom
clothiers or something like that. You’ve got these really nice beautiful brands
who spend a lot of money on marketing. They spend a lot of money on the branding. They create these shops when you walk into
you’re like, wow, this thing is freaking amazing. Do they put all the money back into the clothing? Probably not so much, but they do create a
sense of exclusivity and oftentimes there is a bit of prestige or status that goes with
actually wearing that clothing. Now, one of my favorite price points is this
and I think this is how you hack the system. You find up-and-coming brands who are making
amazing quality and you look at them because, yeah, it’s not a household name, but because
of that actually they’re able to build a better quality product. All right. So, I’ve got some more Peter Manning clothing. This jacket I have seen in olive green and
is beautiful. I mean this is really a nice rugged looking
jacket, works really well. The fit the overall build quality I’ve looked
at the inside I’ve looked at the construction, really good use. I mean you can tell a company when they spend
money on zippers. When somebody spends good money on these small
details, I know the inside of the jacket they probably didn’t skimp there as well. You know with these trousers right here, again,
for you I know you’ve talked about one of the issues is the fit in the hip area, the
crotch area, not having the right size rise which is very difficult to fit even you take
it to a high-end clothier and custom tailor. But at the end of the day guys find the brand
that resonates with you. All right, gentlemen now it’s your turn. So, in the description in this video I’m going
to put a link over to Peter Manning. Definitely go check them out. I want to hear from you guys in the comments
what’s your favorite item over at Peter Manning. And, if okay let’s say Peter Manning isn’t
right for you because guess what? It’s not right for a lot of you guys out there
in audience, I want to hear your go-to brand if you are really big if you are really tall,
please go in there and put your go-to brands if it’s not Peter Manning. And if you are a not so tall guy, definitely
guys go check them out, great company. If it’s the right brand for you guys, it’s
going to solve a lot of problems make your life easier. Gentlemen, that’s it. Bryan, thank you very much, I really appreciate
it man and good seeing you. Bryan: Yeah, absolutely. Antonio: All right guys. Take care. Now, be sure to sign up for e-mail notifications
that way you can watch my videos when they first come out. Now, sometimes I offer exclusive deals that
are time-sensitive, so make sure that you never miss out on one by being part of the
early notification squad.

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100 thoughts on “5 Tips To Find The Best Brand For YOU | Discover Perfect Brands For Your Body Type

  1. Which brands fit your body type the best? Type the brand and your body type below so other guys can shop there too!

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    Video Summary:
    0:29 – Fit is King
    3:18 – Look at the house style
    4:09 – Check the build quality
    5:42 – Look at the brand's reputation
    6:38 – Look at the company's price model

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  2. I'm learning a lot from your channel, Antonio. For dress shirts, I've had luck with Kirkland brand (Costco), as well as with Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. Also have some Van Heusen shirts. I took a few dress shirts to get tailored for the first time ever. I'll pick them up, tomorrow. I'm counting on the tailored shirts to sharpen my look.

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  7. I'm 5'9" and 125lbs. The best brand for shirts that fit correctly that I have found is Egara. It is one of the house brands of Men's Wearhouse. I wouldn't recommend their suits, but their sport shirts are good

  8. Sometimes I think brands have a thing against me (I'm joking of course, ha!): i.e. 5'5" and have a an abnormally small waist  :I

  9. I am about 5"6, so I appreciate your recommendation of Peter Manning. My ideal inseam size is about 29 inches, but I usually have to buy 30 inch inseam pants and either get them adjusted or cuff them. Nice to see that Peter Manning offers inseams from 26 to 30 inches. I may give them a try next time I need to buy pants.

  10. 4 me the best brands have been
    J crew
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    Alternative apparel
    Ralph Lauren
    I'm 6ft 190 dad bod 4 sure even tho I'm only turning 33 today

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    Most shops have only one or two in my size and they're only a boring one-color-shirt…
    Thank you if you respond Gentlemen 🙂

  13. antonio i am also 5'9 . is this height enough to look great when dressed well or should i try to increase it as i am under 18!

  14. I'm tall (1.89m) and thin (68 kg) so it's very hard to find clothing that is long enough but not too wide. For shirts and suits, I have no choice but to go custom. However, recently, the British shop ASOS launched their "Tall" line, which means I now have jeans that are actually long enough but not too wide, as well as a great trench coat.

  15. Personally, I like Springfield 'cause I'm mora a thinner dude and by rule I'm really self-conscient about it when I wear other, but it's fit it's awesome.

    Btw: Greetings to everyone from Gran Canaria, Spain.

  16. Hi Antonio! Another great video! 👍🏻 Question for you… I'm 6'4" 200 lbs with a thinner athletic build. I have trouble finding clothes that have enough length (inseam, sleeve length) and have a slimmer fitted style. Do you have any brand suggestions for me? Thx! Sean 😊

  17. Antonio I've often seen those parts like at 8:10 in this video, where the camera has lost the focus for a time.
    Maybe you could find out what's causing it.
    And because I'm planning on updating my summer wardrobe, do I have to match the clothing with my haircolor?

    Keep up the good work!!

  18. I like the "racing green" brand it's and English company, their clothes just seem seem to be made for me size wise.

  19. I'm a found guy who needs 28w 32l pants and I have the hardest time finding them so that my legs aren't swimming in tons of fabric. suggestions?

  20. I would suggest Mark and Spencer for high rise dress trousers they also have a modern fit which doesn't have extra fabric from the knees downwards.

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  24. For Big & Tall the best solution I have found is Destination XL. The store has named brands like Ralph Lauren, Geoffrey Beene, etc. that make clothing for men that are tall or obese exclusively for DXL. DXL even has tailored made shirts. All the a man need s to dress well can be found at DXL. Now brand names mean money so be prudent if you are on an budget. Another brand I like for B&T is Michael Strahan's Collection at JC Penney. Great quality and bang for the buck.

  25. May I share this video on my Cognac Club Promotion Facebook page? Love your input! 🍷😏

  26. I'm glad you have a guest on this video to help you showcase quality clothing. Great content, Antonio.

  27. Express shirts are literally made for me. Other dress shirts I have to take to the tailor. Express shirts are like "BOOM! This one's for you bud! straight off the rack" I love Express!!!

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  32. You recommended finding up-and-coming clothing brands in order to get quality clothes for a better price, but how do you suggest finding these brands? Most of my shopping is done in well-known stores.

  33. The good news with the online world we're shifting toward is the increased availability of goods. That is also a down side, because with fewer brick and mortar stores it's more difficult to inspect and try on before you buy. I'm extremely hesitant to try online suits simply because I have little faith I'll get the classic style I want instead of a skinny suit as per the current fads. I guess my tip, if you're living somewhat remote, is make sure your online source has a good return policy. And second, do your homework: Since you are probably doing a lot of online shopping, don't be afraid to dig into those names you see. And last, you can't be afraid to try new things either. Antonio might be disappointed, but I've taken advantage of sales as an opportunity to try different brands; that is to say, know what voids in your wardrobe need filling and don't be afraid to use sales to try new brands, but buy just for the sake of buying.

    Hello Antonio. So I live a really active life style. I do martial arts, surf, rock climb, bike, hike, run and many other outdoor activities. When I dress it up when I go out I like to wear chinos or jeans. I have an issue of when I wear jeans or chinos my phone doesn't fit in my pocket. The jeans/chinos fit really well and if I size up it will look baggy. Also, I feel uncomfortable in jeans and prefer chinos because of the stiffness. Any suggestions? Phone belt clips, fashionable?

  35. During my lifetime, I have had a Korean tailor and cobbler (yes, IN KOREA) who have kept my sizes, for anything leather.  I would send a photo and they made the product.  Most of the time I had them ship.  Every two years I stopped by for double-checks on sizing.  Do you know all of your sizes?  Find a good tailor and let him know who you are. Tell that you have come to be sized (ask for a listing on paper to take with you) and that you want him to do all of your adjustments.  Yes, let him R/R your buttons, and to keep your loyalty over the years.  I am originally east coast and always liked the service at Today's Man, who sold to Men's Warehouse.  Both offered lifetime adjustments.  A real financial plus, for me.  Always ask and always use.  I've now been on the west coast over 50 years.  I use a private tailor for those items I purchase that need adjustments, not covered elsewhere.  For the younger guys, you need to start out small and on the cheap.  Use your occasional bonus and raise to add quantity to your wardrobe.  You can always mix and match a few items of clothing that will give you a noticeable change so are not repeating your daily outfits.  Don't wear on Monday what you did on Friday.  I always had an outfit change at work (I had access to shower for an unexpected evening out), owned my own tux, and kept at the office, also.  Both sealed and stored appropriately, with shoes and accessories).   On your first trip out for clothes, talk like a boss and say what you want and need.  Start with, after introductions, and without saying, (in a boy's, medium).  Get the lingo down.  Now, because I always run in the middle, like between a medium and a large in my shirts, my waist is always a 31.5/32.5, with a middle-break, 16.5 shirt, letting the tailor do what is right and correct with the sleeves, with a 38 regular spot/suit coat, with a 8 medium-wide shoe in Euro 42.  I believe you are getting the picture.  I worked up to 10 suits (or combinations) remembering that 10 can be mixed to have something different, each day of the week/month.  For dress shirts, think formal to casual… crisp white, or palest blue, or lightest tan, with no designs, then a light dotted in the lightest of those 3 colors, then very light single stripes, then double stripes, then 2 increasingly darkening shirts, smooth ties with the more formal to textured.  I don't do brown shoes/belts because I like oxblood.  Now, before you dump on me for being unrealistic, remember, I am giving you a plan, or a goal to get to in your lives.  Now go to the best men's clothier where you live, or not, and daydream on their website.  Look at the its I've written about, and even print out and photo shop the items with your head on top and in the picture, LOL!  Remember youse“s gots to start somewhere.  Visit Anthony's website to reinforce your need and plans.  I wrote this so you will not get overwhelmed.  Now you've got a plan.  Best of luck! For Anthony, when I purchase clothing online, I always look at the reviews, to see if the items run off size and have value.  I don't mind purchasing one size up, if needed, as my guy will adjust, to avoid returns.  Hey, it could also be the last item in any size and then I need to carefully decide if I want to make the purchase.  This year, I am most happy with Territory Ahead.  They have great items, not all for me, with great customer service.

  36. Your friend Brian is a TMM kind of guy lol. Peter Manning shirts are good because the collars are the right size for a smaller build and height. They don't take a medium collar and stick it on a smaller cut shirt therefore they're not too large especially if you also have a short neck.

  37. This is a good video, and I needed to be reminded about the basics.

    In response to developing Type 2 Diabetes, I drastically altered my diet, and, as a result, I lost 90 lbs and 9." Since I'm still losing weight, I'm now slowly rebuilding my wardrobe.

    I used to swear by Jack Victor and Hart Schaffner Marx suits and sport coats. However, they tend to be cut to accommodate fatter men. At this point in time Brooks Brothers' Madison Fit works well on me. The issue is American made Brooks Brothers suits are pricey, and the imported Brooks Brothers suits and sport coats do not have he same quality and fit.

    I see a journey to a quality men's store in the not so distant future.

  38. wow Antonio he looks tall though if you were not there i would of thought he is tall. i am 6,2 but very slim 50lbs i should be 75lbs for my height.
    dutch clothing fits me best

  39. Hi Antonio,

    Thank you for your awesome vids. You are motivating me a lot with them and really have changed the way I feel.

    Thanks for that.

    Could you please make a video about deodorants that come with perfumes ?

    Thank you

  40. Great video Antonio, it has help widen my knowledge of branding clothes, and what to look for when next time i go to buy! Fan from UK.

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  42. italian traditional family brands/ companies: truzzi, barba, LBM, hevo: expensive but a base for decades…..elegance is always KEY

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  45. One thing makes it more complicated to find the right brands: FASHION. The brand that had the perfect fit two years ago for you might offer today a more or less different cut adapted to the current fashion. It makes sense to try on brands that didn't fit in the past and it is also wise to be careful with proved brands. Neiher the brand nor the size is important. All that counts is that the item has a perfect fit.

  46. Hi Antonio, glad to see you are still doing great videos and pushing hard into making men better, great!
    My go-to brand when it comes to suits is Hugo Boss.
    When it comes to pants, I'm happy with Banana Republic jeans.
    32, male, media industry professional, 5'5".

  47. I am 178cm and weigh about 73kg – so I am somewhat fairly average with the hips being a bit wider than for most guys I would imagine. What I have absolutely fallen in love with is a Scandinavian company called "Selected". So they actually name it either "Selected Homme" or "Selected Femme"….what can i say…every single T-Shirt in size "L" fits amazingly!

  48. Hey Antonio your suit is really attractive looking . But what color pants go well with that suit ? Because i am really considering buying that colored suit .

  49. Great video, I can understand and know where you are coming from with branding. I would love to shop for mens clothing, the issue being size, having a long leg and very slim waist makes it difficult to buy trousers, narrow fitting shoes are difficult to find and extra small or small tops are hard to find. To get the right size means childrens clothing, which on a man can look way out of place.

    Finding a tailor or gobbler where I am is not easy, health issues mean not being able to get into the city where there is easy parking. One company I loved there clothing was C&A which no longer sells in the UK, this was the only place where the size was correct. At 5'1" can pose an issue being too short for most men's trousers, as the leg length may be correct but the waist is 4 sizes too large.

  50. Honestly I really like wearing Express. Good clothes for casual office wear, and I can still go to the bar with it. Im 5'2 and about 140 lbs. The only down side is the "lack" of options. They have a lot to pick from, but nothing new , other then the seasonal stuff, if your in the store every 3 months.

  51. Hey Antonio, should the shoulder seams end at the sharp bone on the back of my shoulders? I recently bought a denim and leather jacket and they fit a bit snug on the chest but have perfect sleeve lengths (that I often struggle with) and I'm hesitant to size up because of the possibility of the sleeve length being to long

  52. Calvin Klein and Hilfiger are my go-to brands. I even find pieces at the thrift store occasionally. Other than them it's a random smattering of pieces that I was lucky enough to fit well. I'm not that hard to fit just a little larger in the chest and shoulders so a shirt to fit my upper body will usually be billowing around the waist. 6ft and 175 lbs isn't that odd.

  53. i hate this video boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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