plus w2 it’s been here and that means that there’s another video and if you saw my last video on the top five trends of 2017 so far you heard me say that I’m going to make pretty much the opposite of that video which is 510 that I think will die in 2017 so that’s why I’m here today initially I was gonna make it my mitt video but i decided to make the sunday video just because my week was very busy and I didn’t have time to film a video this week before you get into the video i just want to make a few announcements the first one being is the giveaway is now officially closed so any entries from now on I will not be counted I want to thank you all for entering and i’ll announce the winner probably mid or late week this week so it’s definitely station for that the second announcement is now i’m going to be having a little closet sales to check out my grails profile i have my grounds links down in the description below i’m going to be talking a lot of things for retail like all my hog stuff i’ll be something for retail i just want to make the space my father for you things that I could make more content with and everything is going to be for a good you like i said before everything is going to be for retail or even less than retail and it gets above retail it’s just because it’s a type of item and I don’t want to sell the hype bottom for retail because I feel like someone is just going to buy it and resell it and I don’t want that definitely check that out if you’re looking to buy some new clothes for a good price so now the announcements are out of the way it’s actually time to get into the video and I apologize the lighting changes at all it just got really cloudy out of nowhere it gets sunny and cloudy every like 10 minutes of the lighting changes throughout the video I apologize for that and dance and I also apologize if I offended anyone doing this I’m not taking shots at anyone style or anything like that I’m just telling you things that I don’t like and if you disagree with anything that I say on this list let me know down below let me know your thoughts about everything i want to have a nice discussion with you guys like we did in my last video is pretty cool most of us agree with me though I don’t think Angie’s disagree with me on my last video but I definitely think that people are going to be disagreeing with me on this video so without further ado let’s get into the list i have a list on my phone right here and the number one thing that i wrote down put anything this distress others intense i cannot stand this trend and all i have to say for the trend is why like that’s my question about it why in my opinion it looks like it’s overkill it looks like you’re doing too much it looks like you’re being so extra I like to try to be in style I just really don’t like this trend a lot of people actually love to spend a lot of people are wearing two stretchers and things like that in my opinion it looks really tacky and really extra let me know if you guys think about that that was the first thing that came to my mind which is why was the first thing that road down because I just don’t think it’s a very good look and I just think people are doing way too much at this point with distressing the nesting kind of goes along with distress clothing to i made a separate category for it just because this is probably the thing I just like the most on this list and that is sleeveless flannel and I cannot stand it was leno’s I just think it’s kind of stupid looking i have never been a fan of this trend even one here God made it i do not like this at all it looks very redneck to me you look like Larry the Cable Guy or something like that so in my opinion that look also let me know what you guys think about this so moving on from the sleeves that’s final i actually have something that I still wear right now but it’s something that I think is going to go out of style in 2017 eventually enough like vandhey flash to emerge as you guys probably no purpose to her probably started this whole trend and now pretty much every single popular artists right now has to emerge in like an H&M or pacsun over in urban outfitters I think the weekend has some to emerge traffic shot of stuff in tax under I really don’t like at this point it’s getting over saturated and I think it’s gonna get so bad in 2017 to where people are just going to stop wearing them and he / to emerge like if you go to a concert something and by the merch there that’s a totally different story because that’s actually someone who wasn’t you in someone that you’ve been to their concert and just kind of getting a souvenir from the concert but going to like Jackson and buying a purpose to her shirt for like 40 bucks or however much they sell it i just think that’s going to want to offer 2017 which is why i put it in there and like i said before i still like this trend i still wear panties i still wear to reverse and i like how to look I think the graphics on to emerge is probably some of the best graphics you can buy on clothes but I definitely think that it’s going to be on the decline this year let me know if you guys think about that as well moving on from that this one’s more of a broad topic and that is like extended clothing I think extending closing gonna go out of style is here and i’m not talking about like assure that’s a little bit longer than normal because i like my certain big i’m wearing an oversized shirt right now but I’m talking about really long stuff like a almost dressed like shirt i just think that it’s a look that is a very trendy and I think that it’s going to go to style pretty fast this year when you wear something like that it looks like you’re trying too hard to be fashionable it just looks like the clothes are wearing you instead of you wearing the clothes if that makes sense i would say that’s like my best way of explaining how i feel about some of these things so that’s another thing that’s going on the list so moving on from that i also have another broad category and that is necessary dipper is I like this to an extent like I like some size it fear of God so it usually does a really good job adding different two things it’s very subtle but it still looks good in the add some flair to like a basic piece of clothing but what some brands are doing is overkill and it looks really tacky I’ve seen a lot of people wear jeans rivers all over them and difference on the needs were normal like this dressing area would be and I just think that this kind of goofy like I don’t like the big like silver chrome zippers all over the place it’s just not cool to me in my opinion let me know if you guys think about zippers on stuff because i know it’s three popular right now still so what I was talking about before i got interrupted by a phone call and tragedy gift of my camera I was saying some aspects of the here got style in my opinion are going to go out of style like in take him out layering here the window me crazy layering really popular I think that’s gonna go out it’s a little bit overkill like most of the stuff i was talking about before I don’t think that fear of jobs brand ever really gonna stop being installed and Jerry is evolving if you’ve seen his new collection it looks different from anything you’ve done but it’s still have two signature lowest i would say but I think it’s definitely moving towards a designer my friend instead of more of a sweet we’re friends let me know what you guys think let me know if you think anything that he’s done it’s going out of style everything is still in stuff if you enjoyed the video please leave a like down below it helps me out a lot if you’re new and haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe if you have any questions comments or concerns leave them down below because I tried my best to respond to absolutely everything like i said earlier in this video I want to have discussions down in the comments section to leave your opinions down below tell me what you’re thinking tell me you disagree with me tell me if you agree with me to sleep everything down there so we can have a discussion follow me on all my social media is all the links will be down below my snapchat I thought will be up here like i said before i’m having closet she also check out my gray links down below if you want to pick anything up also i said before the giveaway is not closed a few for that was a little toast notifications on so you know when I thought that video and you can find out if you want or not and that’s pretty much it i want to thank you guys for all the love and support and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. great video but I can't help to think that you're also shooting at Bieber cause he was the example pic for almost all of these ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Creepy way you stare and half smile into the camera and your boring voice stopped me watching this video at 0:35

  3. i think the long t-shirt stuff is pretty cool, and wont die out. UNLESS you use crazy layers and stuff

  4. 100% agree with all of these hate some of the Justin briber styles people are constantly wearing nowadays

  5. Long tees have been around since the 90s ,band tees since the 1980s.Distressed "Everything" was very popular among the metal crowd and punk crowd during the 80's.These "new" trends aren't exactly new they are basically considered "timeless" street wear styles like Adidas Superstars ,Vans and Chuck Taylor's.I don't see band tees going away anytime soon.Ive been hearing about the death of band tees for awhile now and they are still here.

  6. completely agree with you. I never liked super long extended tees or the sleeveless flannels. I wear lightly longer tees that are longer than the waist but above the crotch. Maybe at the crotch at most. I'm glad those became a thing because i have naturally broad shoulders and if I size up to a Large, everything else doesn't fit and looks bad. It helps that since i work out and have bigger, rounder shoulders that I can still wear mediums that are the right size everywhere else and have the necessary length. Some mediums are too short for me because the shirt gets hiked up due to my broad shoulders. Just was never a fan of the extended tees that went to the knees or slightly above the knees

  7. Agree with every point you made,especially the goddamn zipper trend. In Bulgaria its gotten to the point where i just wanna punch everyone with zippers on their shit.

  8. i disagree with the band tees and the tour merch all the other ones I agree with but about the concert stuff I do agree with it because all these people bashing the celebs but yet they wear the merch and I think that's dumb but if you actually go to the concerts then that's amazing but some fans can't afford to go to the concerts and get the merch (if that makes any sense๐Ÿ˜‚)

  9. distressed shirts are fine as long as you aren't wearing distressed jeans too, if it's both then yeah that's extra

  10. The way how you deliver your suggestions is kinda cool i mean like you don't wanna stepped someone's feet, keep it up bruh!

  11. I think extendo tees are what's out but oversized denim and flannels will always be around I think

  12. I think what you said about fear of god isn't really right , none of that is gonna go away , look at every hypebeast instagram or outfit grid or whatever, fear of god is ALWAYS there. Whatever jerry touches sells, same with the purpose your merch. Jerry Lorenzo designed that , whatever he touches will more than likely always be hot and new and in style

  13. Kanye's tour merch is what started all this merch hype. Idk though about that one. I think with all the hyped artists coming out with new stuff, its gonna be hard for this trend to die. Like Lil Uzi Vert's "Luv Is Rage 2" is dropping soon as well as Lil Yachty's Teenage Emotions, Travis Scott and his new work, and more are gonna bring in a new wave of merch. Also, artists like Boat are pairing with brands, in his case it's Nautica. It's gonna transition I think more than die. All I can say about that tho is that I'd cop hella stuff if playboi carti did something like that with playboi. It's like athletes signing with shoe brands.

  14. I don't mind people buying "tour" merch at pacsuns, however I do mind when people just bandwagon on musicians acting like they like them.

  15. i know nobody will agree with me, but i fucking hate people who wear metallica shirts or guns n roses shirts for "fashion" when they don't even listen to the bands or anything. i fucking hate that trend cuz its all a bunch of shitheads who buy that shit. i'm always tempted to buy a metallica shirt cuz i genuinely like metallica, but i don't want to be classified with the fags who wear them these days

  16. 4:38 totally, if you listen to the artist and like them, wear the shirt, if not DON'T. Like if I go up to you and you're wearing a Pink Floyd shirt and you don't even know one song I'm gonna get mad

  17. 'Its just kind of a stupid look' dude your sat there with a fucking beanie sitting above your ears, be quiet

  18. you dont like distressing cux you a drab boy listen too yo monotone ass voice amd my stepdad alwayd wore sleeveless flannels back in like 2003 when he left us! He was a black belt in kung fu talkimg about its red neck..Aye FUCK you man. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚sikr theres no hard feelings, but nah you suck lmao no Mercs ๐Ÿ˜‚shut up boy! ๐Ÿ‘Š

  19. I love anything denim distressed, one distressed item per outfit tho. I think that the right person can pull of the cutoff flannel. That's not my fav tho.

  20. I know this video is super old but I like the natural distressing and wear on vintage tees (stains, burns, tears, fading)

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