5 MOST PROFITABLE Business IDEAS To Start In Late 2019

5 extremely
profitable businesses to start in 2019
with not a lot of money and not a lot
of overhead Got wisdom way
beyond his years The real deal He’s like a prodigy Hi, my name is
Beau Crabill leading expert for
selling products online And in this video, I wanna talk
about 5 different businesses that I know a good
amount about have done myself
and continue to do and how you can start them in 2019
to make a good amount of money The first business I wanna
talk about is an ad agency My company itself
has paid over $100,000 just in the last 12 months
to an ad agency So what is
an ad agency? An ad agency
is an agency who runs ads for other
business owners and companies The ads are typically
ran with social media ads and sometimes can even be
like newspaper print or billboard ads And with my company,
I actually have several different
businesses going on So one specific
business that I have is where I’m selling
video games online I have a site where I just sell
video games every single day and I pay an agency actually a percentage of
my sales to go run ads and get traffic
to my store So how an agency can make
money is several different ways Typically it’s
through a retainer that a company pays you monthly
to go run ads for them So if I wanted to go hire
someone for my business to, let’s say, you know, run traffic
to my YouTube channel for example Or let’s say, you know,
sell more video games or sell my software Whatever it is, I could
usually pay them monthly and that’s what
I typically do But then sometimes,
as an ad agency you can also get on top,
percentage of sales or just percentage of sales,
or percentage of profits Me as a business owner,
I like doing percentage of profits more
because it keeps the you know, agency
more incentified And what I’ve noticed
actually is, a lot of You know, agencies can
really be a huge rip-off and I actually try to not
use ’em as much And a little
pro tip to give you if you’re actually a business owner
looking for an agency, or You know, I’m gonna
tell this to you ’cause if you wanna run an agency,
you might wanna hear this to pay your people better is,
I’ve found that hiring ‘Cause what an agency usually does
is, there’s like a main person that’s running it,
a he or she And then they go
hire people under them So let’s say I pay an
agency $10,000 a month they will then go pay an employee
like $3,000 a month to do pretty much
everything for them And what I’ve noticed, that actually
finding those people that are being paid like a few
thousand dollars per month that are practically
running the entire agency but they’re not
the agency owner is they’re the ones
with all the skills They’re also limited
because usually the owner of the agency says,
oh, don’t do this, this and that And if you actually just
kinda go out your way hire that person, maybe train them
how you want ’em to be trained and get them on your team,
and just cut out the agency That’s actually
worked out very well So if you’re a business owner,
I would suggest doing that If you’re an agency you know, maybe try to
keep things a little better I mean, my company
has spent over $100,000 just on an agency
in the last 12 months So you can think about it an agency can take on
multiple different clients You know, if you got 5,
10 clients a year that could be over
a million bucks a year It’s a very profitable business And I see in the future and especially in 2019,
in 2020 going on is agencies are gonna be
so much more in demand because as ad costs are going
higher online with social media ads people not knowing
what they’re doing Facebook getting a lot more
complaints and issues going on is, a professional-ran agency
is gonna be more rare Which means more of a price
you can go sell your rates for and it’s definitely a good
business to get into in 2019 Another profitable business
to get into for 2019 is building out websites and designing funnels
and landing pages So, I always like to
invest for speed And me as a
business owner where I’m having several
different businesses going on When I first started my business,
I did the website-building myself I did the landing pages, and funnels,
and all that good stuff myself and designed it And what I realized,
as time goes on and as I’m making
more and more money more money typically means
more problems and more time And my time should not be
focused on creating up websites Myself, I’ve paid $2,000 for a website
that was built in about 30 days I’ve paid $7,500, and this,
just talking about this year I’ve paid $7,500 for a website
that took about 3 months It was a full custom-built out
e-commerce site And also this year, I’ve paid
$33,000 for a website I probably paid too much And actually,
it’s really funny, I think The website
I paid $7,500 for I think I was the most
happy with that one The $2,000 one, it was just
more of like a commodity We just needed a site up,
so it was It wasn’t that I was unhappy,
I was content with it And I was probably least happy
with the $33,000 website So, the reason
I’m bringing this up is business owners
love to pay for speed And actually, the $33,000
website spent so long and they just procrastinated
so much, which made no sense because they weren’t
getting paid per hour However, business owners
love to pay for speed Because if I can get
something done right now pay someone
to do it instead of spending so many hours
or even months to do it I can get so many
more things done So building out a website it’s a skill that many
people don’t wanna learn And what I’ve learned is there’s
things that people don’t wanna do and it’s, you know,
highly in demand you can charge
a lot of money for it So it’s a skill that’s not
going to be going away Business owners will
always be, you know, busy Also would not
have that skill and it’s a very high profitable
business that you can get into Another really
profitable business that you can get into for 2019
is selling products on Amazon There’s a lot of different ways
to sell products on Amazon and my favorite business model
is called online retail/wholesale Where I am sourcing
products from brands distributors, and wholesalers
of big name brands And I create
relationships with them Actually right before
I started filming this video I got on a call with a
wholesale supplier of mine I’m actually meeting him up
in New York tomorrow I source out a bunch of
different products from him And I go buy them low,
they’re in his warehouse I buy them from him,
and he buys direct from all the
different manufacturers And when I buy
the products they get sent to an
Amazon fulfillment center and then Amazon ships out
directly to my consumers So I’ve been in e-commerce
for quite a long time and I got started off
with eBay And the issues that I had
with eBay, it wasn’t scalable I was spending several hours
a day shipping out products And the beautiful
thing about Amazon If you didn’t know, if you
actually go on amazon.com over half the time on the
purchases you are making are coming from a third-party
seller like myself, alright? I’m talking about normal
everyday products this camera that
I’m speaking on You know, these lights
that are filming right here So Amazon’s a
really great business It’s scalable It does take
money to start So with like an ad agency,
you know, building out websites you just need that skill I see Amazon as more,
a little bit like, as investing If you know how to read
the supply and demand if you know how
to read graphs you can find a the right products
and make a good amount of money Myself, I’ve done millions and
millions of dollars in e-commerce I’m doing over hundreds of
thousands of dollars of profit per month right now So, it’s a good business If you wanna learn
more about it I have tons of information
on my YouTube channel Fourth business
I wanna talk about is actually an
offline business And it’s called, it’s kinda
hard to describe a bit selling diabetic
test strips to hospitals I know this seems very weird,
and you know The health system in the
United States is kinda wack and this really
kinda proves it here But there’s money to be made
in a lot of different aspects I have quite a few friends
that actually do this and the margins
are very, very high But it’s pretty much where
a hospital or a pharmacy who needs to provide
diabetic test trips Literally like people
who have diabetes test strips for them
to do all that stuff They need to provide
test strips to their clients or the consumers,
whoever it is, right? And, I guess ironically,
is the Not ironically, but the owners of
those pharmacies and the hospitals don’t buy from
the same source They’re not buying from
like the government they’re not buying from
one authorized distributor They’re just buying
from third-parties just random people
off the street I have several friends who just
have companies that they set up They got an LLC they got in contact with
manufacturers and distiubutors they go buy from there And sometimes,
they even buy from each other I know, I have literally one friend,
he’s under the age of 25 and he is the
main distributor in like this huge county
that has over a million people and he’s selling
to other people And he’s just buying from
a manufacturer and calling it good and those are the test
strips that people use, so You know, if you’re a if you have diabetes and
you’re kinda scared about that Well, sorry to hear that you know, your test
strips could be being wholesaled out by,
you know, a millennial However, it’s a very
profitable business I see that typically,
the margin’s around 200% It depends on the
conditions of the test strips and the volume,
and all that good stuff But pretty much
how it works is you get in contact with
manufacturers of test strips you buy ’em at wholesale and sell them for more to
pharmacy owners and hospitals The fifth business
I wanna talk about is another
offline business And it’s about having
a driver’s ed school Surprisingly, it does not
take too much of a degree or you know, expenses to really
start up a driver’s ed school My brother’s
actually running a successful driver’s ed
school right now And this is pretty much
how the model works is you sign a lease to
a place that maybe has at least one or two parking spaces,
and is practically a classroom And then you have to go through
a lot of government forms This is the really
tricky part here, with the only like kinda
time consumption that my brother explains,
is there’s just a lot of you know, regulations
you have to go through making sure that nothing’s
getting crashed, and liability However, you get it set up,
and then you charge a fee to have like
an 8-week class or 4-week class,
or 12-week class because kids have to go
get their driver’s license And for them, it’s a lot cheaper
to get their driver’s license because of insurance,
to go through driver’s ed than just go pass a test And you know,
people who are on the road it’s pretty unsafe for people
to not know how to drive So pretty much you
sign a lease to a place This obviously depends
where you get located I know my brother signed a lease
to a place for like $2,000 a month And before he even
set up the doors sold 50+ tickets to a class
that he charged $500 or more for So imagine if you got, you know,
20 classes three times a week 60 a week,
and you charge $500 The class lasts, you know,
let’s call it 8 weeks Right there,
that’s $30,000 Let me actually
do the math Yeah, so 60 times $500,
that’s $30,000 every 8 weeks If your expenses are,
you know, $2,000 a month and then maybe another
$2,000 or $3,000 for employees So let’s say $10,000
in an 8-week span you profit $30,000,
that’s $10,000 a month Could be a very profitable
business, and scalable Because if you’re in
a place that, you know there’s a good amount of population,
and there’s a demand for it you can set up
one driver’s ed school then maybe you can
even franchise it out There’s a little more like
liabilities and regulation with that where you can go
set up your other ones And before you know it It’s not really a complicated
business either to like hire employees for that I mean, it’s driving There’s a very high percentage
of the population out there that knows how
to drive, so yeah There you have it, 5 profitable
businesses you can start in 2019 And as you can see,
the upfront capital the overhead is
not too much What do you have to lose? And make sure you subscribe
to my YouTube channel and get notified
for any videos if you want to get more
content just like this And I’ll see you
in the next video

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  1. Idk why but I trust you and your inspiring me momentarily to get on my grind. We’ve been on this earth for about the same time and what you’ve accomplished is amazing. Appreciate your content.

  2. How do u get do u find and get in contact with Manufacturers and distributors of the strips?

  3. Hi guys! We run a digital marketing agency in the UK, if there's any chance you could engage with our recent video and maybe even subscribe that would be great. Videos all about how to digitally market your business will be coming soon! Thank you 📝😀

  4. Just now kind of checking you out, which sucks I was so late to the party. However, I currently sell on ebay and you’re right… its not scalable and not a whole lot of room for growth. I’ve been looking to take my love for sales elewhere but more importantly, just a sense of direction. I have been kind of afraid of getting burned by trying something new as I was already burned big time by the “university scam” .. I’m definitely interested in what you have to say and like your perspective of selling on amazon. I would love to buy your course but I would love to also be assured that I can for sure learn how to come in contact with other distributors/manufactures before pulling the trigger. I know you’d probably teach me how to do so, I’m just skeptical that I wouldn’t be good at finding different established brands to sell. Help me out man, I’m so willing to learn and work and grind, I just need a sense of direction so bad and almost like someone to show me the ropes before I feel confident of doing it on my own.

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