5 Most Affordable Smart Locks, Deals on Amazon 2018. Internet of Things Smart Home Accesseroies

in this ever-evolving era of the internet of
things comes the type of product that is adapting with the times and getting back
a bit of that safety and security in a time that is sorely needed this is five
best smart locks on amazon.com introducing premise from quick set the
latest smart lock with apple homekit compatibility now you can use Siri voice
commands to do this Siri unlock front door which in turn does that foam kit
also lets you control your lock remotely Siri lock front door via your Apple TV
download the free premise iOS app to check your lock status lock history and
battery life and even send up to 30 unique user codes which give anyone
access for as long as you want best of all premise installs in just
minutes with absolutely no hardwiring required all while enjoying Apple’s
end-to-end encryption that protects your personal data as well as the trusted
security features you’ve come to expect from quick-set america’s
number-one-selling lock grant the premise smart lock with apple homekit
compatibility only from quick-set made for the world you live in how can door hardware make everyday life
easier let’s lay show you what’s possible when
you combine innovation style and safety into a simple to use smart deadbolt the
Schlage sent smart deadbolt features an easy to install battery-powered design
that complements any decor while securely connecting to your Apple or
Android smartphone via the free Lake Sense app and if you’re away from home
and need to lock or unlock your door SH Lake provides a variety of ways to
control your smart deadbolt from anywhere at Lake we create innovative
door hardware that makes everyday life easier you already know Amazon is the easiest
way to get what you need like gifts for people whose birthday you’ve forgotten
as an Amazon Prime member you’ll now be able to use Amazon key a new service
that enables in home delivery with the Amazon key app you can also grant access
to the people you trust let’s say you need to remotely manage guest access to
the front door of your home maybe to let in your dog walker a friend or maybe to
let in a team of home cleaning ninjas walks through the door you know because
you’re awesome if you’re interested in trying Amazon Prime risk-free for 30
days or want to buy any of these items from the list click or tap the link in
the description down below and you’d be helping us here at smooth deals at the
same time lose or forget your key again you’re renters or employees leave
without returning the key want to know who is open their door and when need
higher security level for sensitive doors you need a smart lock introducing
ultra lock ul3 bt the world’s first Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and touch
screen smart lever lock ultra lock is simple just touch to open
everyone’s fingerprint is unique and no one can steal it from you
our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratch proof dustproof and waterproof
sensors to make unlocking easy and secure it identifies you in less than
0.5 second you can also gain access through a four to eight digital password
with up to 100 million different combinations and unique anti P password
technology if you have a smartphone you can unlock your door in ultra lock app
through Bluetooth low-energy connectivity you still have the
mechanical key for backup ultra locks not to open feature allows you to just
knock on your phone twice even when it’s in your pocket and you’re in ultra lock
integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies to eliminate the use of key
you will never be locked out again in ultra long gap you can be log so who is
sentry and exactly when they did see who has the access and how and even clone
users when you install a new lock for quick user management just use touch
screen to simply add or delete user on the device no problem if you don’t have
a smartphone ultra lock has an outstanding battery life up to eight
thousand times of access powered by three double A batteries it sends you
low battery alerts on both LCD and app ultra lock is IP 65 rated waterproof and
dustproof with strong zinc alloy casing we selected the best chip providers in
the world to ensure best performance ultra lock is ideal to be installed in
your storage room office home office rental gun room wine cellar etc it makes
your life much simpler and safe ultralight simplify your safety in
August we believe your smart home starts at your front door
that’s why we built a smart system that lets you control and monitor your front
door all from your phone introducing August smart lock August
smartlock pro and August doorbell cam with August smart lock your phone is now
your key so you can securely lock and unlock the door create virtual temporary
keys for family and friends or even set August 2 Auto unlock so August knows
when you arrive using bluetooth and when you leave August locks the door behind
you kind of like your own personal doorman introducing our most advanced
lock yet August smartlock pro with connect Wi-Fi bridge so you can remotely
open the door even when you’re not at home and as you can even monitor when loved
ones come on all from your phone with Augen smartlock pro you’ll never have to
worry if your door is locked always know it’s closed and locked from anywhere and
you can always tell Alexa Siri or Google assistant to control your August smart
lock all August smart locks attached your existing deadbolt on the inside of
your door installation takes minutes and you can keep your existing locking keys
the August doorbell cam is the only product available unless you see live
video of your visitors while being able to remotely let them in even when you’re
not at home pukka sends you real-time alerts whenever someone approaches your
front door use the August app to control and monitor your door like never before
with August you can choose what’s right for your smart home August smart lock so
you can lock and unlock your front door with your phone August or electro the
added benefit of remotely opening and locking your door from anywhere and
doorbell cam the only product when paired with either smart lock unless you
see who’s at the door and let them in remotely August the key to your smart
home thank you for watching if you enjoyed our video please leave a like
and if you have a good experience with one of the items in the list or have
ideas for new products to feature please let us know we love to read and respond
to our viewers here at smooth deals and enjoy seeing your insights from everyone
here at smooth deals we wish you great deals and a smooth day

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