5 Interesting Amazon Tech Deals (July 2017)

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58 thoughts on “5 Interesting Amazon Tech Deals (July 2017)

  1. i have one of those Anker speakers… They are awesome for their price…
    I use mine when i go camping, which i do regularly.

  2. I made a TV antenna out of old wire and some wood.picks up 13 channels campsites to the $50 on I bought from Amazon.

  3. Love your videos man .
    I like your jokes and personality.
    So many channels are cringe worthy nowadays. Keep up the good work.

  4. I wonder which channels can be received with that antenna, but what I liked the most was the lamp.

    Nice video as always my friend.

  5. Cool video, and I would snag the little globe as I'm an old school map, and globe nut, but it reminds me of the D News Logo, and I can't really stand them to be honest lol!

  6. in reference to the Tecboss Digital Thermometer, I'm very heat resistance, the kind of guy that is wearing a leather duster on a 100F day. what most people don't understand is I don't feel the heat like other people. Not feeling is also as bad as not knowing how hot it is.. I still get heat rashes and such but I don't feel like it's that hot… Let a breeze hit and I frost over though…. grr.

  7. OMG I was just thinking to myself how great it would be if there was a shower head that measured the water temp lol. In the hot summer it's hard to find the right temp for school shower without it being too cold or too warm.

  8. I have no use for that thermometer, but damn! That is some cool tech! Especially for the price. You'd never see that on those other channels' "Tech under x dollars" videos.

  9. Isn't it cool to have a digital shower room? very neat idea to use water power the thermal sensor and display…

  10. Hey Elric, how is it going?
    Man i think whatever you make from now on its gonna be gold, make a video about the 5 best USB dildoes next time and proove me wrong if you can!

  11. I'd forgotten that shower water could get scalding. My apt has one of those Rinnai in-line water heaters installed, so I can set the water temp on the control panel. Definitely recommend.

  12. hey Elric. do you know if that shower temp thing has an option of Celsius?
    I might have to buy a couple as my mum is also diabetic, and I enjoy my rum to the point that I've emerged from the shower red after over indulging

  13. i recently got my pc its an i7 gtx 1060 but i have money but i dont know what to buy or upgrade in my pc i dont want to change thing i just want to add thing that are crucial

  14. Love your stuff, been subbed for a long time..One of the rare techies that didnt sell out and kept it REAL , always.

  15. I dont have diabetis, but dont like to be surprised by the temperature of water – so the thermo water was the most interesting thing here

  16. i actually have the globe in my office now and its awesome lol 10/10 would rec for a inexpensive show piece

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