5 Interesting Amazon Tech Deals (July 2017)

hey what’s going on tech fans welcome back once again to the channel where I’ve gotten five different items from over at Amazon to show you guys today and I will say off the bat that a few of these items were actually sent to me by companies to show you guys and a few of them I bought myself now the Sanders floating globe is a really cool little desktop product it’s not really you know useful for anything but it actually looks really cool and we were actually first starting to film I kind of put my hat on over the hood again yeah and the globe light popped up now this is a $21 product that actually looks really cool when the lights are all down I know we got all the lights up right here to the video but if you have this in your office and the lights are kind of dim it’s a really cool thing I mean like I said it’s not the most absolute useful product in the world but if you’re looking for something that just looks kind of cool on your desk people when they walk into your office if they see they’re definitely going to go hey what is that man what’s that cool little floating globe and it’s kind of weird because it works off different magnetic pressure I don’t know if you’ve ever taken two magnets and pushed them together and seeing how the force pushes them away this works off that same type of technology you basically just get it in the center without snapping the top that is and then and there we go now you see it’s actually floating in between the two magnets which is you know kind of a really cool thing if you’re looking for something for your desk something that’s really cool it’s only 20 bucks not going to really break the bank or anything I think it’s maybe 21 bucks right now still it’s a really cool nice little thing just look at and once again it popped up to the top so there you have it it’s kind of cool it’s got nice little nifty lights it plugs in you know and as you see sometimes it gets magnetically screwed on yet I think it was kind of funny though because you know we were filming all the bureau it really never did that at all but now it seems to be want to do it quite a bit so let’s move on lately there’s been a giant trend with people using their phone to film and photo almost everything that they do and that’s where this product from picture comes in they actually have products that will do all kinds of different things for your phone they have a macro lens they have a fish eye lens each one of these lenses can be bought separately they’re about $54 right now but on their site you can actually buy them and kit and they’re actually really nice they just took up very easily onto your phone and the different things that they have will do the different stuff now I have one right here this one right here is the macro probe so if you don’t know what macro pro is some people night so don’t laugh so real that is all right that’s for like doing really small things and taking pictures of things really close that are really small so if you do that a lot on your phone the macro one is the one for you next up we’ve got the super fish eye Pro you know fisheye lens it’s all round it’s all weird kind of psychedelic like the 50s that’s another one the grand angle pro is simply a wide-angle lens and this helps you get more in your shot and then last but not least we got the telephoto Pro if you telephoto one means things that are far away it actually helps bring those things in closer so you can capture them on the camera in your phone and they’re all going to look pretty clear these products are very very nice and at fifty four dollars right now it’s the price they are on Amazon they’re definitely worth checking out so like I say if you’re a person out there and you use your phone for doing all kinds of filming photography and all that kind of stuff these can be very very handy and they’re very well priced you guys have seen a lot of anchor products here on the channel they’re really nice they’re usually priced very decent as well today we’re going to look at the sound of core 2 now this thing you can listen to for 66 feet away you can hear this thing it has great bass and one of the things I really like about it is that you can actually listen to it for up to 24 hours and that’s pretty incredible that’s a lot of time that you can listen to a speaker not having to recharge it like every few hours is something if you’re on a trip or you’re at the beach or camping and you want to be listened to your music then hey that’s something that you’re going to really appreciate if you like a Bluetooth speaker that has a lot of bass you’re really going to like the sound core too and it can work with any type of Bluetooth device out there so it doesn’t matter what brands you have it doesn’t matter what you’re using if it has bluetooth you can connect and listen to the sound cords ooh it also features IPX five water resistance and it actually has a built-in mic and that’s kind of crazy the sound court two also features 2 6 watt high performance drivers for giving you a lot of sound in a small package like I said before the sound Court 2 offers you 24 hours of continuous sound and that equals about 500 songs which is quite a lot of music and best of all when this product originally came out it was about $90 but it’s on sale right now for $45.99 so you can get this thing at a deal now this next product you’re either going to be saying yourself wow that’s either completely useless you’re going to be going wow I could really really use this product now the tech boss is a digital thermometer for your shower and what it does is it measures the temperature water and tells you how hot it is now for some people this might seem like it’s really ridiculous but I’m a diabetic person I know there’s other people out there in the world who have problems with being able to know how hot the water is and this can result in you scalding your skin hurting yourself and believe it or not even get yourself put in the hospital so if you’re a person out there and you have diabetes so one of these type of conditions you’re really going to appreciate this product a lot it’s completely fabulous it has no battery whatsoever and somehow it’s actually powered from the water running through it in your shower which is really incredible because you want to worry about plugging it in you’re not worried about electricity you don’t have to worry about any of the things whatsoever it’s very reasonably priced I know this product is kind of a niche market but I got this particular product because I have diabeetus like I said and sometimes in the shower I do get out of the shower and my skin looks inge because I can’t properly detect how hot the water is so for me even though this is a very niche product it’s a very also important product that made it some like I said seemed absolutely useless but for people like me and other people like that this is going to be actually very valuable and very affordable product ok Tech fans now this next product might look like a laser gun from the future but no it’s not it’s actually an outdoor HDTV 1080p antenna which is kind of cool I know that some people out there don’t have really have access to getting cable TV and all stuff like that so if you’re one of those people or just somebody who planned somebody doesn’t want to pay for TV you can get a lot of different channels from this product it’s actually really well priced it hooks up outside now the one caveat I do have to say about this is the cord is a little bit I feel for being something that you’re going to put outside but you can’t just run a cable and then hook it up on your roof and you’ll be absolutely fine but that’s a little bit technical I don’t think like anybody who’s older or grandmas going to you know some like that’s going to be able to do it but if you have your TV by a window you can simply take the cord put it outside of your window outdoors and you’ll be good to go now with a lot of the newer TVs that we tried it with it didn’t really work that well but any of the older technology especially those TVs that you know use rabbit ears and stuff like that this will actually be probably a miracle product for those people because it’ll be like oh my god I can get all these mass amounts of channels Optus now like usual where you live and stuff like that we’ll definitely have you know an effect on how well this works if you live an area that’s covered with mountains and stuff like that that block signals you’ll probably most definitely have to matter on your roof but if you live in the city and stuff like that where there’s lots of signal bouncing around you’ll find this product is very easy to use you simply put it together and that takes a few minutes of your time you do have to assemble it plug it in adjust it and you’re good to go so this is another one those products that you’re going to be like hey I could really use that you’re going to be like Elric what are you thinking I mean sometimes I feel that way to trust me but you know it’s an interesting product putting it together was a few minutes but in all honesty I mean in some ways there’s this thing look a giant has frickin laser gun like always bubbling down below the like button where you can check out all these products for yourself so you want to get more information or purchase one you guys can do so I’m Ellerth you guys been watching teka tomorrow this was some cool stuff from Amazon so if you’re into this stuff hey should I get it out face

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58 thoughts on “5 Interesting Amazon Tech Deals (July 2017)

  1. i have one of those Anker speakers… They are awesome for their price…
    I use mine when i go camping, which i do regularly.

  2. I made a TV antenna out of old wire and some wood.picks up 13 channels campsites to the $50 on I bought from Amazon.

  3. Love your videos man .
    I like your jokes and personality.
    So many channels are cringe worthy nowadays. Keep up the good work.

  4. I wonder which channels can be received with that antenna, but what I liked the most was the lamp.

    Nice video as always my friend.

  5. Cool video, and I would snag the little globe as I'm an old school map, and globe nut, but it reminds me of the D News Logo, and I can't really stand them to be honest lol!

  6. in reference to the Tecboss Digital Thermometer, I'm very heat resistance, the kind of guy that is wearing a leather duster on a 100F day. what most people don't understand is I don't feel the heat like other people. Not feeling is also as bad as not knowing how hot it is.. I still get heat rashes and such but I don't feel like it's that hot… Let a breeze hit and I frost over though…. grr.

  7. OMG I was just thinking to myself how great it would be if there was a shower head that measured the water temp lol. In the hot summer it's hard to find the right temp for school shower without it being too cold or too warm.

  8. I have no use for that thermometer, but damn! That is some cool tech! Especially for the price. You'd never see that on those other channels' "Tech under x dollars" videos.

  9. Isn't it cool to have a digital shower room? very neat idea to use water power the thermal sensor and display…

  10. Hey Elric, how is it going?
    Man i think whatever you make from now on its gonna be gold, make a video about the 5 best USB dildoes next time and proove me wrong if you can!

  11. I'd forgotten that shower water could get scalding. My apt has one of those Rinnai in-line water heaters installed, so I can set the water temp on the control panel. Definitely recommend.

  12. hey Elric. do you know if that shower temp thing has an option of Celsius?
    I might have to buy a couple as my mum is also diabetic, and I enjoy my rum to the point that I've emerged from the shower red after over indulging

  13. i recently got my pc its an i7 gtx 1060 but i have money but i dont know what to buy or upgrade in my pc i dont want to change thing i just want to add thing that are crucial

  14. Love your stuff, been subbed for a long time..One of the rare techies that didnt sell out and kept it REAL , always.

  15. I dont have diabetis, but dont like to be surprised by the temperature of water – so the thermo water was the most interesting thing here

  16. i actually have the globe in my office now and its awesome lol 10/10 would rec for a inexpensive show piece

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