Hey guys gael level here and today we’re gonna
talk about the elgato stream deck which I don’t have because i’m cheap! For those who don’t know, the elgato stream
deck is a little device thats sits on your table
and has 15 lcd screen buttons that are fully customizable and programmable
Its basically one of the fanciest macro keyboards you can buy
its mostly used by streamers who want a simple way to switch scene mute audio
or even send a going live tweet with the simple press of a button
But this video is dedicated to those who don’t have the 150$ price tag to invest in it
so we’ll go over 5 alternative to get your own free or at least cheap stream deck
Number 1 is called the power grid and its free
It utilize your mobile phone or tablet with a free software for your computer and an app
for your mobile device the software can be downloaded from the roccat
website row cat raw cat
and the app from apples app store or google’s play store
The advantages are: the ability customize the button’s display
aswell as the buttons size and postion saving different profiles with different buttons
which gives a ton of possibilities a good example would be having specific macros
for a specific game being able to operate it from anywhere in
your house since its wireless The possibility to add delay in between keystrokes
this is really important since it helps your macros to work consistantly with obs
The disadvantages are: The software doesnt exist for apple computers
even tho th app works on apple mobile devices… that’s weird,but that also means that if you
have an iphone and like a pc it will work just fine
You rely on your phone battery and since you don’t want to have it in sleep mode it can
drain the battery really fast so I advice you having your device plugged
in during the stream, which makes it less mobile
Not being able to use your phone for other things
I usually advice people to not use their phones during a stream but some streamers use them
to read chat The betacat made an in depth tutorial on how
to set it up, links will be in the description Number 2 is the macro deck also free and very
similar to the power grid except much simpler. The advantages are pretty much the same, customizable
button button display, custom profiles, etc… also allows you to control certain function
on your computer such as the volume, muting your mic, navigating in explorer and controling
your media players. The disadvantages are: the same as the first
one, but on top of that its not compatible with apple products at all.. sorry?! Blazing nova made an in depth tutorial on
how to set it up, links will be in the description Number 3, its time to spend some money. Using an external Numpad (wired or wireless)
and a software called HID macros Of course the price of this alternative depends
on how cheap you can find a numpad for you can even get a mecanichal backlit one
to be extra fancy but To keep the cost low I advice get a use
wired one on craiglist or something, you’ll find some are as low as 2$
I actually made one myself, I wanted a brand new one and wanted it to be wireless
I have enough cables already so it cost me 17€ on ebay with 24h shipping. The advantage are: using HID macros recognizes
your numpad as a separate device, which means it will not affect your main keyboard’s numpad
I stream creative and I use a lot of shortcuts, I can’t have macros overlapping them on my
main keyboard so this is perfect. I used simple inputs from F13 to F30 with
a little bit of delay so it works consistantly I printed my own labels and glued them with
a clear wood glued that I had hanging around I also added a coat of the same glue so I
will survive wet or greasy fingers. The disadvantages:
It was a bit tedious to setup at first, took me a couple of errors to figure how far I
could push it and how many buttons i could use
It took me about 2 hours measuring the buttons, creating the template in photoshop, cutting,
printing, glueing, and coating them But i’m really pleased with the end result. ProtoAmp has a very cool tutorial on how to
set it up, links in the description. Number 4 will cost a bit of money, sweat,
and problably a headache but it might be the most satisfying one, once completed
it is creating your own deck from scratch. hear me out
The advantages are: the ability to use whatever material you want,
make it the size you want, make it matte make it shiny, make it light up, make it play a
sound the possibilities are endless
Of course requires a good knowledge of micro controllers, soldering, crafting, and a bit
of coding. But the good news is that lot people already
did it so tutorials are already available 🙂
Numero Cinco Number 5 is the easiest and doesnt cost anything
USE YOUR ACTUAL NUMPAD if you play video games on stream and don’t
use your numpad anyways might aswell turn it into a macro keyboard
I’d recommend using HID macro to create keybinds so it doesnt input the normal 12345 etc… while you’re gaming
You can even go the extra mile and print stickers just like i did for my external one. In conclusion the more I searched for cheap
solutions, the more I realized that 150$ is a pretty good price considering all the things
the elgato stream deck can do But personally I enjoy the diy aspect and
the feeling accomplishment this project gave me. I ended up only using 14keys and its perfect
for my stream, plus there’s an on/off button that helps preserve the battery when i’m not
streaming I’m currently working on some cool projects,you
can follow me on twitter to get updates. You can also follow me on twitch to see this
bad boy in action Hope you guys enjoyed this video, if so consider
subscribing, our 1k sub goal is so close I can almost touch it. as always thank you so much for watching
I will see you guys next time Gael Level out!

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  1. Hi Gael, great vide. I have notice a lot of French in your Video , do you Speak French ? or are you from France or Canada?

  2. How do you make it work while in game? For mi its working when am in windows with chrome etc… but when im in game dosen't do anything, I click the keys and nothing happends 🙁

  3. Could you pass me the template of the labels for the numeric keyboard? I bougth the same as you

  4. Really useful and informative video! I think I'm going to use your method of making my own labels for a numpad since I think it looks really cool and personal.

    Keep up the high production value too, your videos look great and the quality of editing is really top tier. Subbed 🙂

  5. Awesome video! Funnily enough i just created a SUPER simple tutorial on how to make a Stream Deck from scratch, using a micro-controller kit and some cheap parts. I'm a noob with electronics and it's simple enough for me to build, so anyone can!

  6. Love your vids, they help out a lot. However, the Power Grid app does not work any longer with iOS. The developer hasnt updated it to work with iOS 11 or higher. Bummer.

  7. I had an old Dell USB keyboard. Literally broke the numpad off of it, made sure the keys I needed worked, and used HIDMacros. Can easily be as cheap as free!

  8. anybody have problems getting macro deck to work within game? mine does nothing within game like when I am trying to mute my mic or speakers it does nothing, but as soon as I am out of the game it works fine.

  9. Aaaand thats amazing. Here in Brazil a Stream Deck costs around R$1200,00 (just remembering, the minimum wage for a commom worker is around R$880,00 per month) due to the absurd shipping fee and some other things. Beign able to build our own is amazing. I wanted one to use hotkeys for my digital drawings (like a ctrl+z. Instead of taking my hands off the digital table and clicking ctrl+z, i can use my other hand and click that button, making it extremely easier to drawn). Thank you very much.

  10. Streamlabs has an app to remote control it just like the first option. I don't just through out my old smartphones so I have one set up with a kickstand giving me the freedom of my main phone.

  11. And now we have – streamlabs remote control – that is the best option for me (Free and I have a bad cell phone to use – so I don't need to rely on my personal phone)

  12. I'm working on a software based stream deck that can support moving images in buttons along with many functions which will be free.

    Here is a preview: https://imgur.com/a/xNyscOp

    Note things may change in the design or so as this is a new project of mine.

  13. I'd recommend buying some printable sticker sheets. They should be cheap and plentiful. You still have to measure the buttons and cut with scissors, but it's less permanent and more consistent than glue.

  14. what about using your remote settings on streamlabs obs with your phone. that is what i use and it is perfect for a small streamer like me

  15. Just get Touch Portal in the Google Play Store and be done with it…..LOL
    and they have a discord channel as well. Tell them TwstedTV sent you.

  16. The intro! 😂

    Thanks for the overlays 🙂
    I just got to the end and realized you were reaching 1K and now 13k! Congrats

  17. is there any chance you can recommend any alternatives to (or other guides for) Roccat's Power Grid? I just went back to this video to find the guide and the video you linked is no longer available. EDIT: I actually just looked around after the fact and am glad I did so, since apparently Roccat discontinued Power Grid 😐

  18. The first one with my tablet would be my favorite, plus if you download streamlabs obs with the link of Gael you got the Chat already on your second monitore

  19. Use your smartphone on a wireless charger and voila. If the charger is tilted it also doubles as a stand. (if your phone doesn't have a wireless charger, you can always spend around 20 euros for a wireless charge "receiver" from ebay.)

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/arduino/comments/83p85n/diy_stream_deck_mini_macro_keyboard/ (example of the last option)

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