5 Cool Tech Gadgets On Amazon (Prime Deals 2019)

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get this video started now first up we have the Aki EPB ad the first thing you
notice if you have ever seen Aki air phones in the past is that this is much
more premium looking and neatly packed inside you get four foam tips
three silicone tips a handy silicon carrying pouch USB charging cable and
the earphones itself first of all the quality of the form ear tips are
outstanding it feels great in your ears blocking out
almost all background noises now coming to the earphones itself the look and
feel of it is premium and it’s well built
it also features dual drivers a balanced armature and a dynamic driver that
together produced deep bass lush mids and clear highs on the right you get a
volume and music controls and a USB C input that charges the air phone the
battery life on this is also good giving you about seven hours of play time and
coupled with its 1.5 hours recharge time you will have lots of time listening to
music rather than wasting your time charging it another great thing about
the EP b8 e is that it features Bluetooth 5.0 so connectivity is awesome
and the latency is low so if you want a nice pair of earbuds while saving a few
bucks then this is the perfect earphone for you now for those people who just
want to use HDMI on a laptop which only has USB C ports this is the one you
should get here’s why normally you only get a USB C to HDMI cable but this one
also has an extra USB C port that features power delivery up to 60 watts
so while you’re using one of the USB C port on your laptop or if you just
bought the Apple MacBook the only port in your laptop then you can easily
charge your laptop and use the HDMI cable at the same time plus the head is
also not bulky and it’s easy to carry around and the cable also outputs 4k at
60 Hertz so that makes this a great Buy next up we have the tranny 83 now if you
want truly wireless earbuds then this is the one you should be considering they
have four to eight hours of listening time on charge and 60 hours total with
the included charging case it also has bluetooth 5.0 for extended range and
reduced power usage plus IP x5 sweat and water protection for the price it comes
in the build is also fairly good plus it also has buttons on the earbud that you
can use to play or pause music switch tracks change volume and summon Siri or
Google assistant the t3s fits snugly in your ear and fairly blocks environmental
noise but where it shines is in the sound quality the highs are crisp lows
are punchy and the mids are balanced all in all it’s a decent earphone with great
build quid sound and good looks next up we have the van QV 600 portable
projector this is a native 1080p LED light projector featuring 4,000 Lux
brightness there are two HDMI inputs stereo speakers and a crisp 300 inch
viewing area it’s a fantastic projector for presentations in spaces where total
darkness isn’t an option but the picture brightness quality and audio fidelity
are just good enough to make it feel like a decent little portable home
theater for people who actually care about resolution everything I need from
access to the menu volume control and a simple to use input selector is easily
available directly on the device but you also get a remote with it with a lot of
functions it also has a small adjustable screw to adjust inclination and you can
change the focus and size manually using it to watch YouTube videos and movies is
fun but this can also handle gaming as well you also get a handy bag that
snugly fits the projector the remote and some wires so you can project on the go
plus you can also buy the amazing projector screen that fan kit also sells
its lightweight durable and portable plus it’s made out of polyester and
spandex materials so there are no wrinkles when folded so if you’re on the
lookout for a projector that doesn’t suck your wallet dry but still performs
better than most projectors then this is the one you should buy next up we have
Denki cordless vacuum cleaner normally you wouldn’t care less what vacuum
cleaner you are using but a good vacuum cleaner can really
help you in your cleaning needs this cleaner from Denki provides an
impressive 17 kilopascal suction and 200 watts of power
it’s durable and makes maneuvering around tight turns and furniture a
breeze it also has adjustable suction speeds which are ideal for all floors
types including hard floor and carpet etc a cool thing about this vacuum
cleaner is it’s detachable in two parts making a compact and more functional
according to where you want to use whether it be couch carpet or car it
also comes with different muzzles long muzzle for bigger areas like floor and
shorter muzzle for corners and car areas which are difficult to reach plus the
trigger switch feels very satisfying and the suction is powerful and fantastic
the build quality is also something worth mentioning about and you also get
some spare parts included with the box which is nice next up we have planks
this is the smallest solar charger in the current market generating about
thousand milliamps power just like a wall charger so this charger comes in
three sizes are small foldable large foldable and a large flat one and all of
these have its own uses but what all of these three have in common is the
portability as it’s very lightweight and flat the box they come in also filled
premium and have distinct names like city road and walk now coming to the
charger it instantly charges your phone when you point it to sunlight and it
also charges your phone smoothly with all of the chargers giving about 5 volts
of output they also come with suction cups that you can easily pop on the
holes on the charger and mount them like a date on my car you can also use the
carabiner to mount the charger on a bag or simply hang it the chargers are also
dust and water resistant and are very rugged and lightweight too so this will
become a great camping and traveling partner for you so that was it for this
video guys do leave a thumbs up if liked it don’t forget that Bell icon if you
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watching this is someone signing out you

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  1. That Vankyo V600 looks solid πŸ’£ loved the choetech hub as well. Must say, you guys have a solid collection.

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