5 Cool Gadgets Under $10

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100 thoughts on “5 Cool Gadgets Under $10

  1. 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 – Links listed below!

    FlashFan (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2EZS62r
    FlashFan (International) – http://geni.us/mCnInIJ

    Flexible Mini USB LED (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2EZOPjK
    Flexible Mini USB LED (International) – http://geni.us/q0q1vWj

    elePack – https://elewraps.com/products/elepack

    LyfeLite – https://www.lyfelite.com/
    Similar products on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2EY65pK

    Sweetfire Fire Starter (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2EY65pK
    Sweetfire Fire Starter (International) – http://geni.us/wm2MZ

  2. I have the 2nd one i thought it was pretty normal
    Edit : i even have the 3rd one most of my people have the 3rd it's normal to me as well we call it a charged bulb

  3. whats the point of joining membership passes for $4.99? just curious. other then badges next to your name during chats and stuff.

  4. Why does everyone around Lew play like they have no personality? Or maybe that’s just what Lew wants us to think….. 🤔 🤔

  5. in here we can buy those usb bendable led lights with only 1/4th of a dollar.
    a dollar here is 80 taka. and single one of those costs only 20 taka. 🤣

  6. It's funny because early today I decided I was gonna stop clicking on his videos because there was no need to get excited over things I couldn't afford. I just thought it, mind you, didn't say it out loud to anyone, didn't type it anywhere. Then bam, here comes all the "cheap things" videos. Kinda creepy and cool at the same time.

  7. Don’t buy the fans. Your phone isn’t meant to put out enough power to run a fan. You might break it or wear down your battery.

  8. Almost all of the household in our village has that emergency light bulb since frequent power outage is a thing here.

  9. I don't care what others say in the comments…..but I absolutely love your channel…..it is one of the best channels I have seen …….I live in india….which you recently visited. I love how you unbox the most strange , amazing , unusual , expensive stuff. I love your channel. Your stuff is the best . I live in Delhi. And I am 12 years old.

  10. Those usb lights and fans can be found everywhere in my country since it's almost warm here. They cost no more than $3

  11. usb type "10 times the designed maximum load for transverse forces and unsoldered charge port" it should have a clip, you probably cracked some phones by recommending it.

  12. Wow a flashlight that plugs into Your phone that has a flashlight built in . What a great awesome totally cool idea … not

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