5 COOL GADGETS & tech deals for Black Friday 2019 & Christmas 2019!

Hello! It’s that time of year again, so here’s
my pick of the best gadgets you might want to buy for Black Friday and Christmas 2019! [Electrical spark sound effect] Hello and welcome back to another Switched
on Network video I’m paulfp and this channel covers technology, gadgets and the internet
so if you’re not already subscribed and you like that sort of thing, it would be great
to have you stick around as a subscriber! Right, now with all that YouTube stuff out
of the way let’s dive into the gadgets! So first up is this smart wallet from Ekster.
“Hang on a minute,” I hear you say, “Smart Wallet?! How can a wallet be smart?!” Well
I’ll get to that in just a moment, but to start with it’s a really nice, small minimalist
leather wallet with space for cards and bank notes – but not coins. Banknotes can fold
up and go inside this section here, and it has space for up to 10 bank cards apparently:
you can fit in the back there, a couple here and then the main ones go in this section
here which is activated by this leaver here and when you press that they pop at the top
there, which is quite cool, and then you can take the card you need and then pop ‘em
all back down again. The main structure of the wallet and where
those cards go in there is made of aluminium and it forms a sort of Faraday cage around
your cards which means that if you’ve got contactless cards, its first “smart” feature
is that it’ll block any contactless signals from being stolen from anyone, so if anyone
wants to come up with one of those machines and try and scan your cards when you’re not
looking to get your information or steal money off your cards that won’t work if you’ve
got this wallet, so that’s pretty cool! The internal Faraday cage isn’t the only smart
thing in this wallet and that leads us nicely on to the second gadget it in my list which
is the Elkster Tracker Card now – this is where it gets really smart! Now this tracker card is designed specially
for the Ekster wallets although you can buy them separately and it would work great in
any other wallets or even things like bags and briefcases and camera bags and stuff like
that. It’s about the same size albeit slightly thicker than a credit card and it’s got a
little solar cell on here to charge it. Now, what does it do? This is great for if
you lose your wallet because what you do is you pair it to the app on your phone and then
if you lose your wallet you can just take out the app on your phone, tap the button
and make it ring! So here we are, the tracker card is inside
the wallet there I’m going to open up the app on my phone, select my wallet and then
tap the “ring to find” button and in a moment it should sta… there we are, it’s
started ringing straight away! And then once you’ve found your wallet you can either
press the “stop ringing” button on your phone or you can tap the button on there to
stop it ringing. Another great feature is that it also works the other way round so
if you’ve got your wallet but you’ve lost your phone you can just press the button on
here to make your phone ring. Nice idea! You can also connect it up to Alexa and the
Google Assistant so if you lose your wallet you can say, “Hey Google, ask chipolo where
my wallet is!” [Google:] Getting Chipolo… [Chipolo:] Your Chipolo is at *************** Road,
Liverpool L** ***. UK. Should I try to ring it? Yes please! [Chipolo:] Your Chipolo has started ringing.
[Ringing sound.] [Chipolo:] Do you want me to stop ringing
it? There we are, and now it’s ringing. Yes
please! Now, I was sent this for free but I’m genuinely
really impressed by this little tracker card and I’m not being paid to say that! I think
this would make an excellent present for someone who’s always losing things or maybe even a
present for yourself! Now Ekster have got some nice discounts coming
up on both the wallet and the tracker this year so if you have a look in the video description
I put a link there and there’s going to be 40% off for Black Friday and if you miss Black
Friday and it’s coming up to Christmas don’t worry you can still get 30% off there. The
tracker is part of the wider Chipolo family and I’ve also put a link in the video description
to get 20% off their other products as well. Next up is this, the “Cololight” which
won the 2019 CES Innovation Awards. It’s a modular smart RGB LED light panel system which
can be controlled by voice, by sound and music, by mobile app or via the Google Assistant
or Amazon Alexa. The UK distributor kindly sent me this, the
three panel starter kit and the Pro controller. Now the 3-panel kit doesn’t really do it justice
because the magic really starts when have you a lot more panels and you can start to
make all sorts of shapes and patterns and things. You’re limited really just by your
imagination there! You can use this stand to mount it on a table or a shelf and since
there’re so light you could also mount them on the ceiling or on the wall with some 3M
pads or something. You can control the colours and animate different patterns on the app
or if you connect it to your smart speaker you can do something like this: “Hey Google, set my Cololight to Red!” “Set my Cololight to Yellow…”
“Set my Cololight to Blue…” “Turn off my Cololight.” You can also set a variety of different effects
and animations depending on what shape you’ve built and there are some presets built into
the app as well like this hourglass one, or you can design your own. [Music – “Amsterdam” by Venus Demilo.] You can also set it to be sound activated
so it will react to any voices or music in the room, and I can see that being really
cool especially with some bigger installations… and the Christmas tree effects you can make
a really cool as well. So if you’re thinking about getting one of these I’d definitely
recommend investing in some extra panels. Although at £10 a pop that will get quite
expensive pretty quickly… but it is very cool! Now, if you’re a subscriber to this channel
you may have already seen this gadget as I did a review video on it recently. This is
great for anyone who needs access to the roof on their car but struggles to reach all the
way up to the top. What this is is a clever little gadget which provides a step and it
just hooks onto the car latch. This would be great for camping trips or maybe reaching
a bike that’s attached to your roof or if you just want to reach into your roof box
when you’re away on a long family weekend trip. Tt’s really simple design; it’s just
a step which hooks onto the latch of your door and creates that step halfway up the
door frame so that you can stand on it and reach all the way over to your roof without
having to use a step ladder and without having to get your feet all over the seats. It also
features this pointed tip which means you’re effectively getting 2 gadgets in 1 and that’s
useful for if you crash your car and you go underwater or something like that and you
need to smash the window to get out. So as I said you’re effectively getting 2 gadgets
in 1 but one of them could literally be a lifesaver! At number 5 and the only “big name” gadget
on this list is the new Nest Mini from Google. Now I won’t go into too much detail on What’s
New and all the differences etc. here because I’ve already done two videos on that. First
of all there’s my “first look” video explaining all the new features and the differences.
Click the “i” just up there to watch that, and then secondly this video where I did a
side-by-side comparison testing the sound quality from the new Nest Mini vs the new
[old] Google Home Mini. The difference is really quite astonishing, the Nest Mini sounds
absolutely fantastic in comparison so make sure to watch that video, and watch it with
headphones on as well. If the person you’re buying for has already
got a Google Home Mini or a Nest Mini, then these two mounts are worth looking at. This
one here lets you mount the device nice and neatly underneath the plug there and it includes
cable management round the back so that looks, er, really nice up on the wall there. Or these
ones from KIWI Design which come in two colours to match the Mini feature a magnetic design;
pop it onto it like that, so you can plug it strange the plug socket, so that’s pretty
cool as well. If you like the look of either of these mounts
there’s a link to each in the video description as well as to the Nest Mini if you’ve not
already got one. Do you want 1 more as a bonus? Ok then…
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no worries. So thanks for watching this video and I hope
you enjoyed it – let me know which of the gadgets I featured you’ll be buying either
for yourself or for your loved ones this year. Don’t forget to do all the YouTubey things,
too, like giving the video a thumbs up, subscribing to the channel and sharing the video with
all your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and everybody you’ve ever met in your life… Oh, and Happy Christmas!

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