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What’s up, everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s video guys I’ll be going over my top by clothing combinations that work amazing together now. We’re not talking about color blocking necessary We’re talking about cuts styles that ultimately work super well together It is Oh a gentleman new video summary with timestamps linked in the description if you guys like to review certain points on this list Let’s get started number one Oh, this is my absolute favorite Especially for the fall and winter months and that is to pair a denim jacket with a turtleneck The reason I like this one so much is that we’re getting a sort of a smart street wear Look what you never really get there with something like this I’d complete the outfit with a pair of stretchy jeans and some you know Black and white pair of sneakers to really bring it all together But the reason I like this is that it draws so much attention to detail and matching especially around the upper body Which a lot of times guys like to match with their sneakers and another piece or what they’re Julie But here you can also wear a nice classy piece like this piece that I’m wearing right here And then again, you’re gonna have such a versatile look because you’re combining high like sort of high-end Dapper wear with a bit of a casual rugged street wear to get an ultimate balanced Look that looks really great and you can obviously mix up a lot of the things that you pair with this to fit your style with you’re wanting a little More smart casual a little bit more street wear the options exist when you use these two items together number two on this list I wore before and it was really fun And I just got to put it back on this list and that is a hoodie with an overcoat now I get here amazing taking Two different styles of fashion and combining them into one something super casual very lazy like a white hoodie and something super formally put together Like an overcoat and these too when you blend together can get a nice smart casual look that if you’re more into sneakers and more into a little bit of sri wear rugged look you can actually Refine it a little bit or if you like dressing up you can dress it down and practice Having a bit more of a casual style. I personally think this is an excellent items You can pair it together because you have not only structured unstructured You have dressed up and not dressed up in its ultimately getting more outfits out of your wardrobe and personally think you’re going with colors Here. I know I don’t wanna make this video about color blocking because I want to do a separate video on it Definitely eight black right tan and white look excellent together and is gonna fit the majority of skin tones Number three on this list come as any surprise and that is tapered jeans and sneakers Oh my god guys. Think if you want a have a good sneaker game, you gotta up your game Got a find go sneaker Conventions get all the rare new things No, you just got to present the sneakers that you have in a better light Now if you’re wearing baggy jeans and you wear a good pair of sneakers Congratulations now the sneakers look ugly and solving because they’re presented and ugly and sloppy if you want to take any pair of sneakers that you’re wearing like these vans that I’m wearing out of the only thing special about them is that they’re Yellow, I’m not a lot of people wear yellow All I’m doing here is pairing them with a nice simple tailored pair of jeans and I’m cuffing them to make them stand out and they’re not being swallowed up by a pair of jeans and Yet my legs are proportionate and they’re standing out and these two when you pair them together No matter what else you put on your body You’ve got two thirds of an outfit that look amazing and whatever else you throw one is going to look great just because you know You covered two of the most important parts of the outfit in my opinion your sneakers and the pants Are you wearing how they fit before on this list? I’m bringing back one the items that is a denim jacket with something burgundy now for me now I don’t want to make this whole about color blocking but this is some way that you can actually take pieces of your wardrobe and colors that you wouldn’t think you pair together and old works super well what I personally like about Burgundy and enemies that these are too vibrant rich colors that they’re not super saturated and not super outlandish It is super noisy Like what I’m wearing right now But the thing is they are subtle they pair great and if you finish him off and perón was something like our pinstripe joggers Which are available at GP lifestyle dot CA with now? International shipping, you’re gonna see if you have a level of neutrality here with the black and the white pinstripe here You’re gonna actually have a fairly balanced Outfit and you can actually have something that is a little bit more color for a little bit more You know high IQ color blocking and actually compare extremely well together and number five on this list I gotta bring it to a little bit more street wear and that is a graphic tee with a side stripe jogger These sites tribe joggers have been popular for the last year now and what a person liked about it is that it makes styling graphic T-shirts a breeze because you’ll have a color on this side right If you have a two stripe one even better because it’ll have it white Which is neutral and another color, like yellow in this case. I can parent my pulp fiction teachers Not only is it white it also has red and yellow which are two other colors I’m gonna pair great together And if you guys are struggling to match your graphic t-shirts to anything Get a black get a black pair of joggers with a white sign I think you throwing whatever graphic tee you want on it and it’s going to balance out and look great and it’s gonna make styling graphic tees a breeze without You looking nerdy and dorky? That’s it for me today guys. Those are five clothing combinations I think when paired together they look amazing. You guys enjoy the video. Be sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel There’s on this show. I teach you how to become the-best-version-of-yourself Did you dress the better how to look better and ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video. Peace

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