5 Best Camera Deals 2018 (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

– In this video, I’m gonna be talking about the best deals on cameras for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year but if you’re new here, my name is Sean Cannell and my passion is helping you build your influence and income with online video and YouTube, and in this video it is the holidays so we’re gonna be talkin’ about some of the best deals for leveling
up your gear or maybe, you’re shoppin’ for somebody for a camera and you’re looking for some tech deals. That’s what this video is all about. And so, if you’re here on the
Replay, thanks for being here. If you’re here Live, what’s up, Dust? Drew, Everyday Tech. Lemme know in the comment section if you shop online during the holidays. Do you shop for Black Friday? Do you shop for Cyber Monday? What are some of the deals you’ve found or what kind of gear are you looking for? Lemme know and we will
dive straight into this. Today, our topic is the best camera deals this year for Black Friday and I’ve got five of them for you. Couple bonus deals to talk about and I would love to do some
camera related Q and A. I think we might be able to do even another video today about some other Black Friday deals, but if you have some
Q and A about cameras, I would love to cover that in this video and if you’ve been on a
Think Media stream before, if you’ve seen our content, if you’ve gotten value can you smash Like? Maybe share this with
somebody and let me know where you’re watching from in
the comments section. Again, if we’re just
meeting my name’s Sean. My passion is helping
you build your influence with online video and I also, I’m not really gonna be talking about my Black Friday strategies and Cyber Monday strategies in this video. If you want to check out a training, it’s got my five best
tips for how to make sure you get lightning deals,
sending reminders on your phone, websites to make sure you can price check. I have a video out and I’ll link that up on the YouTube card and put
that in the description below with my best Black Friday tips and tricks. Alright, camera number one? The Canon M50. Yes. If you’ve been around Think
Media for very long that’s, I guess we shoulda counted down from five but that’s my number one camera. I think the Canon M50 is the best all around camera for YouTube period. Sure, if there’s different needs and wants you have there’s other cameras
but for the average person, the average content creator,
entrepreneur, business owner, whether you’re a beginner
or even like prosumer, you might’ve been doing this for awhile, and shoot I’ve been doin’ this for awhile and I love to take my M50 with
me when I travel on the road. The sale, 33% off. 300 bucks off on Amazon
and one thing to note here, is also that I’ve noticed Black Friday whether our lightning deals, Cyber Monday where there will be day of deals and they will end, usually people are stretching it because online shopping requires like a longer buying period. So I think you can probably see this deal throughout the holidays. $600 total with the kit lens. The Canon M50 and I love this camera. I think it’s the ideal YouTube camera because you’ve got the flip screen, world class auto focus to track your face, use it in all kinds of different scenarios and settings and it’s
not the cheapest camera in the world but at 599 with a lens, it’s pretty amazing and so let me know if you’ve used the Canon M50 before but that is my number one deal. It’s happening right now. Amazon.com. And if you want to check
out the updated prices ’cause I’m sure these
prices can fluctuate, there’s links in the description below to all of the cameras mentioned as well as a few other videos and stuff as well. So, we have a whole series. If you want deeper
training on the Canon M50, there’s a playlist and
we’ll link that up as well. Number two, the Panasonic Lumix GX85. Now this is a pretty cool deal. Let me exit outta here. So if you check this out, this camera’s list price is $1,000. So at 50% off, and you get
two lenses with this kit, you actually get the 12
to 32 and the 45 to 150. And watch this. If you go on Amazon and
you click just the camera and the 12 to 32 it’s a
$600 camera right there. But with the lenses this is
a $1,000 value and it’s $500. So you want to make sure
you’re on the two lens combo. That’s when you’re getting 50% off. $500 off on this camera. Pretty incredible. Now, the G85, I have a G7 so I haven’t personally used this camera. I love, I think Panasonic has
the best budget 4K cameras. The only things to consider like Sean, that versus the M50 or things like that is that this camera, it’s got a lotta good things goin’ for it. It’s got IBIS, in body
image stabilization. It has no time limit. So as far as I’ve heard you can record a lot of these DLR’s
and mirrorless cameras, have like a 30 minute time limit. So, even if you wanted to use this for video production like
recording a seminar or something, so long as the battery doesn’t die which the battery life on this is pretty bad, but you can also get an
external you battery plug in, plug in to the wall, you
would have no time limit and then it would just be
how much data can you fit on an SD card for how
long you could record. And so, that’s pretty cool. You have proper 4K in this camera, but you don’t have a flip screen. You have an articulating
screen but not a flip screen and the camera certainly has limitations but at $500 at 50% off with two lenses, this camera, and the other thing to say is the auto focus of these, it just doesn’t compare to Canon or Sony. So without a flip screen,
I wouldn’t really recommend this camera for YouTubers
or solo content creators but if you’re more of like film maker, behind the camera, you want that 4K, you maybe don’t need to
depend on the auto focus which is contrast based
and you can just kinda, you want to shoot some film making. It does do 60 frames a second at 1080, I mean so does the M50. So it’s just a great deal. But like somethin’ to consider
if you’re doin’ a research, that one’s out there as well. Number three, the Canon Sl2. We’ve talked a lot about that here. Found this deal on Costco. It’s on costco.com. It goes through the weekend. $679 for a Canon Sl2, a camera bag, an SD card, three lenses. You’ve got the prime
lens, the nifty 50 which is like a $125 lens usually
on it’s own, the zoom lens. This deal is insane. 679. Members only. Warehouse pickup available. So sorry, like depending on where you’re watching from around the world, in fact let me know, do you
even recognize Black Friday? Like, where are you watching from? Are you shoppin’ right now? And so, but just somethin’
to put on your radar. Now if you compare that
to the Amazon price, you can get the kit lens and
the camera for 549 on Amazon. Great deal by the way. That’s 21% off. $150 off. They’re probably never
gonna discount this camera too much because it’s
already such a great price. And I have a video out on
the Canon Sl2 versus the M50. One’s a DSLR, one’s a mirrorless camera, and so you’ve got both of those. But compare that. 550 for about $100 more
if you can grab this deal, you’ll literally get a bag and two other lenses and an SD card. This might be the bundle of the season for beginning photographers, YouTubers, and even more advanced because you got the flip screen,
you got good auto focus, turn it to yourself, half
the screen, microphone jack. I mean you’ve got everything you’d want and then with all the different lenses you could do nature photography, hiking, you could shoot, with the
nifty 50 lens by the way, this 50 millimeter 1.8 lens you could get that really nice blurry background. And so that’s a pretty great deal and again details in the description if you want to check out more about that. Number four. The Logitech C922x. Now this is a slightly
different version then what I would typically stream on. That’s just a normal Logitech. This one comes in at like $45, but the deal on the C922x is $50, 50% off, that’s $50 off a $100 webcam, and really the one that
this one is more for, is for streamers and you
want background replacement. So if you’re doing Twitch
or even YouTube Live, maybe gaming or you just want some of, kinda, I believe it comes
with kinda some software, and you can integrate it into Live and actually replace your background and do some creative things with it, this is a solid webcam. I think it’s pretty similar to the one that I also recommend
and here’s the deal. No excuses. Like if you got a desktop computer, and you have a laptop computer you might have a builtin
webcam or you probably do, this would still be an upgrade ’cause a lot of times a builtin
laptop webcam is terrible. So this is nice. Plug it right in your USB port. It’s go a mic on it and that’s where I’ve done a lot of streaming. I mean this is a much
higher end setup here, but this stuff was a
couple thousand dollars. I mean we’re talking about a $50 webcam. You could plug it in, get a USB mic, maybe like this and you could
start doin’ YouTube Live, you could stream with
OBS, stream on Facebook. I mean, just a great way
to be creating content or maybe you just want to level up your live streaming webcam game. Pretty cool deal right there. Great savings at 50% off. And number five, and I’ve got some bonus recommendations in just a moment. The Sony A5100 comin’ in at 400 bucks. This has been kinda a nice
budget option for awhile now. Really good auto focus
points, good for photography. It has a flip screen not to the side, it flips up to selfie. There’s no microphone jack in this. Nolan Molt if you’ve
seen some of his stuff, he’s contributed to this channel. This is actually the camera he has kind of as a filmmaker because you can do 1080 60 and so it’s $400. That’s 27% off and that’s one of those ones that probably
won’t be ever discounted super heavily because it’s just a kind of a staple entry level
kind of camera for Sony. See, here’s the flip screen. But if you even go to just the base and maybe you could hustle to
get the lens you want for it, 348 and you’ve got a
kind of flip to selfie, HD, really good lookin’ video quality, really good looking photo
quality APSE sensor, really good camera. No microphone jack. Again, we mentioned some cameras earlier, the Sl2, the M50, that’s
why those were like really high up for me because, they offer more of all of the features you want for YouTube but
maybe you want to vlog, there’s gonna be a small camera. Maybe also your budget
is a little bit cheaper. For 400 you get the lens and the camera and you could be creating a lot of YouTube content with this setup. So that is a great camera
to check out as well. And so, let me keep this thing goin’ and recommend this as well. So, those are the five cameras. I’ve got a couple bonus recommendations, but also if you want to
go check out right now my Black Friday Tips and Tricks
video definitely watch that because there’s lightening
deals happening. I’ve already been shopping. I’ve gotten some SD cards, I already bought some hard drives, I’ve been getting, I’m
looking at some lighting stuff and so I’m watching the lightning deals that are coming in and
I’m preparing for 2019. In fact, here’s a tip. Write down a list of the gear, maybe a dream list and a practical list. Maybe it’s laptops, maybe
it’s something to edit on, maybe it’s a desktop computer, maybe it’s a new monitor. Make a list of the tools you need to create the content that you have and your vision for content next year. Check out this video for some tips on it but here’s a few bonus deals and then we’ll take a few questions. Adobe Creative Cloud has a
Black Friday special going on. Normally it’s $52 a month,
but the sale is $40 a month and you get all of their apps. They give you some online
storage and a few other things, some Cloud storage up to 10 terabytes. Kinda cool. But that’s what I use. So I use Adobe Premier to edit. That’s what Omar edits on
in the Think Media team. It’s what Nolan edits on. Adobe Premier. I use Photoshop for all my thumbnails. I use Adobe Addition when
we record voiceovers. And so, this is a, just if you’re thinking about investing you’d be committing to about a year I
believe to get that deal. But somethin’ to note and
then this is pretty cool. First of all, this is a
400 gigabyte micro SD card. Here is an SD card holder
and here is a micro SD card. You can’t even see it right? It is like super tiny. This one I’m holding is 32 gigabytes. I didn’t even know that this could exist. Like how can this much
data fit on this card? Well, when this card was new, it was $250 or when they launched
it, but it’s 68% off. It’s $80 for the SanDisk
400 gigabyte micro SD card. Now I’ll tell you what I
purchased in just a second, a little hack. But, that’s crazy. So, what you can use with this is you can put it in a normal camera ’cause you can put it
in with the extender. It says it goes up to a
100 megabytes a second. I mean I’m usin’ a SanDisk here. What you probably wouldn’t
use this micro SD card for is shooting a lot of 4K
footage at a high bit rate on a Sony camera or something, but all day long you
could record on an M50, an Sl2, even though it’s a
micro you just make it larger and it’s plenty fast for recording on my 6D Mark II and things like that. And 400 gigabytes, like you could shoot a years worth of content. Like if you traveled the
planet for an entire year, you could, I mean you know what I mean? It’s crazy. But check this out. So I was doin’ the math though and they also have a few other sales. The 200 gigabyte card is $30. And the 400 one is 80. So what I did is I actually bought yesterday two 200’s for 60. Same total amount and I also like the fact ’cause man to man, by the way I’ve never had a
micro SD card from SanDisk crash but imagine if it crashed at month nine. You always got to back your stuff up. But I like having more than one card. So I bought two 200’s for $20 less, but there’s something about having the efficiency I guess and how cool, I mean just a 400 gigabyte
S micro SD card is so crazy. So anyways tell me what
deals you’ve been looking at, maybe you’ve see this time and, let’s answer a few questions. On Hawaii time is it better by
now or wait for Cyber Monday? That’s a tough one. You know what I mean? Because, it’s like at some point you have to make decisive action. Typically Black Friday is a little bit more about in store and it’s a little bit more about clothing and home resources. Where actually I should say this, Black Friday is usually more in store, and Cyber Monday is more online. So, Black Friday like
doorbusters at Walmart, Cyber Monday, Walmart’s website. It’s like online. However, this is what I’ve learned. It’s just expanding. It’s kinda all blending together and people are realizing like, if you just sit around all day number one you can miss the deal, but number two like,
Amazon or whoever is not gonna necessarily do something super crazy as far as discounts go that’s, like they go slow and steady I’ve noticed. Like it stays pretty consistent for like the weeks around this
time if you really study it. However, definitely watch this video Black Friday Tips and Tricks because really the lightning deals, like some of the deals I talked about in this video I think will
be available all season. But the lightning deals,
there’s limited quantities and there’s limited time
and if you’re new to that then check out this video here. And it also is maybe
a good time to sign up for Amazon Prime if you haven’t signed up because that’s how you get
access to the lightning deals. Cooking With Fred, what’s the difference between a mirrorless and a DSLR camera? Well, the simple difference is that a DSLR camera has a mirror, and a mirrorless camera doesn’t. That’s why they call it mirrorless. So, I don’t know if I
have any cameras in reach. Can I leave? Is that okay to do in a Live stream? You know? Sean’s comin’ back. Alright. So here this Canon M50, you can just see the sensor right inside of the camera right
there ’cause there’s no mirror. This is a Canon 80D and you
can’t actually see the sensor. There’s a mirror there. And so the mirror has to go out of the way for the content to be created. Or it, the mirror reflects
to your view finder so you can see the shot through your lens, whereas mirrorless cameras, the view finder is electronically produced because there’s no mirror
looking through the lens, you’re just looking straight through the sensor digitally if that makes sense. And so the difference typically though is that mirrorless is typically lighter. It also can be silent. There’s like silent shooting modes because there’s no mirror going
sha-king sha-king sha-king. There’s still a shutter. But anyways, just a couple of differences. Mirrorless is kinda taking over because if it can produce the same quality but it can be lighter, you can have silent shutter, you can do a lot of different things, but both are still relevant. When somebody says the difference between an M50 and a Canon Sl2, well one’s an SLR, a digital SLR and one
is a mirrorless camera, and so that’s kind of
just a general overview and explanation of that. Eric’s DIY Garage. I just brought the M50. What lenses do you recommend for vlogging? I think for vlogging probably one of the most popular ones
is gonna be the wide lens. So it’s the Canon M lens that is wide. Tell you what, there’s a video, if you check out just go to YouTube. Type in best Canon M lenses and I’ve got a video about it and I’ll
go a little bit deeper into that training and I’ll tell you the exact model number for vlogging. It’s gonna be the 11 to 22 because this guy will go very wide and that helps you as a story teller to not just be able to have like a crazy wide shot even if the camera is
right in front of you but you can also zoom
in so you sort of get, Casey Neistat in a lot of ways pioneered using kind of an ultra
wide in a bigger camera than a point and shoot because most, like a G7X for example
starts at 24 millimeters. So 11 in a G7X is like
a point shoot camera. You hold it up, selfie
mode, and it’s like here. You use this wide lens, it’s like boom. It’s like the shot you’re seeing. By the way, this is kinda, this is 12 right here on my camera. And it goes to 35. So you can go to different
kinda focal lengths. Sensor affects some things
in that conversation that we’re having but
there’s kind of an overview. Alright so, a couple other things that I want to put on your radar. First of all thanks for hangin’
out on this video today. If you got value out of it
can you spread the word? Maybe let somebody know or
just smash the Like button? Appreciate you bein’ here. Question of the day, what camera do you currently use for creating content? What are you shooting with and what’s on your Black Friday list right now? What’s up Andy. Thanks for being here from Australia. What’s up Jay Photography? And I’m excited to be connected with you guys in some future videos. Oh Hawaii time, I’m
gonna hit the super chat, we have a Canon M50. What’s the best lenses
for low light in doors? We filmed in a restaurant the other night and it was kind of grainy. Yeah if it’s dark definitely add a light and a couple resources for you would be best cheap light YouTube would
be like this Neewer light, I highly recommend. And I talk about the two
different versions I like. It can be an on camera light that you just kind of travel
with just like that. And then the other thing
I’d recommend is either A, the 22 millimeter ’cause it goes to F2. That’s how you’re gonna be
able to shoot in lower light, is a faster aperture. 22 millimeter F2 is the aperture. That’ll be good in low light. But the cool thing about
a mirrorless camera is definitely I recommend getting the converter for the Canon M50, get a Canon M convertor to, it’ll let you put full
sized lenses on the camera. Adaptor would be a better word. And that’ll let you put,
you can see this guy right. 200 but here’s a tip. $200. This will let you put ESF lenses or EF lenses on your mirrorless camera, on the USM mount. Hit this use a new location up right here. See this says no box warranty
but it’s used very good. $100 fulfilled by Prime. That’s where I got mine. I get mine used and you
can get ’em on eBay. So a lot of times you can
get ’em for about $100. So watch this. If you’ve got this for $100 literally you pick this up now
you’re able to put this on. This one’s like new. You got to check the
retailer but, $100 same deal. It’d be like 105. So you get that and then what you could do is you can get the Canon nifty 50. So this would not fit on
the Canon M50 natively ’cause it fits on DSLR’s but
with that converter it can. And it gets to 1.8 so to
land the plane on this, you can get the 22 millimeter F2 for $220 or you could buy the converter
if you can find it for $100, but the EF 50.18 for 125,
maybe even get this one used, refurbished or something
and this one’s like new. 100 bucks. Boom. 200 out the door and you’ve got the converter and the 50 millimeter 1.8 which is a little bit better
for lower light situations filming in like a restaurant or what not. So, that’s what it comes down to though is adding some light or
having an aperture that’s fast and the final thing is the sensor itself but you already know you have the M50. Like a full frame camera does better in lower light typically
and then depending on sensor quality cameras can be better in lower light as well. And so, but question of the day. What camera are you shooting with? Let me see if I can check out. What camera are you using the most? Enforcer Man’s using the iPhone X. Love that and let’s see on, I bought the adaptor for the M50. I love it, I used mine all the time. Nick thanks for the compliment. Workin’ on the lighting in here and yeah. Thanks so much for bein’ here. We got a lot of people usin’ their smart phones to
shoot videos, I loved it. Fit Gamer, I got the Sl2 with the 50 millimeter and a 10 to 22. Legit. Workin’ on gettin’ the 24.28. That’ll be a great lens. That 2.8 will look nice with that depth of field and that bokeh behind ya. So anyways, thanks so much for bein’ here. Question also, I’m thinkin’ about getting together just a follow up live stream. There’s a few other things I’m
pumped about on Black Friday. Let me know if you want me to jump on in maybe a couple of hours. I would love to hang out
more, do some more Q and A but in the mean time keep
crushin’ it, keep smashin’ it. What camera do you currently
use for creating content? Tell me in the comments section and if you’re new here subscribe
if you’re not subscribed. Watch, click the screen for
other videos from Think Media and remember this channel’s
all about bringing you the best tips and tools for helping you build your influence
with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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