5 Batman Gadgets that are Real !

welcome to TTI today we are listing
Batman’s gadgets which really exist this video will excite you stay tuned number one tumblr tumblr first appeared
and Batman Begins the tumblr is an armored tank designed by Wayne
Enterprises equipped with weaponry and boosting a boost you into a rappers job the tumblr real-life designs inspired
British defense company bae system has admitted to borrowing batmobile ideas to
enhance off-road agility its desert camp vehicle named the Raider is designed to
be a platform for both reconnaissance and attack so what do you think does it
come in black number 2 you we’re either a part of that man’s belt
utility the rebreather is a simple mouth device that allows that man to breathe
underwater and though imagine in Batman lore dating to the 1960s TV series the
rebreather is based off of real technology sometimes known as a closed
circuit scuba the rebreather takes a user’s exhaled breath and recycles it
scrubbing out carbon dioxide eliminating bubbles and following for stealth
underwater operations today the technology is used in my rescue mission
high-altitude mountaineering and even space spacesuits number 3 power armor
despite is resistance you name it Batman’s armor is known for its
lightweight and comfortable look this is already in the market
manufactured by d30 that is similar in style and impact
reactiveness made up of ballistic putty it hardens like a shell upon impact to
absorb kinetic energy the military is founding other Batman
armor too such as will improve robotic exoskeletons and a memory cloth cape
that can turn into a hard and flexible wing by applying an electric charge number four solar room mapping in the
Dark Knight Batman uses the cell phone microphone of Gotham to mimic
echolocation and by applying sonar he was able to generate a map of the entire
city to spy on 30 million people researchers at the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology have now proven the concept on a smaller scale by
measuring room impulse responses to determine the dimensions of closed area google is likewise mapping building
interior using phone with advanced 3d sensors potentially making it a whole
lot easier for governments or criminals to locate inside your home number five
explosive gel explosive foam gel shot from a gun and detonated via remote
control all in the shape of that that’s how Batman blows through walls and
videogames in real life water gel explosives have a jelly-like consistency
and come in thin sausage-like casing testing of anti-technology x’ have shown
gradient waves which induced the electrical current needed for detonation
and spray-on light initiated high explosives have been developed that can
be triggered by pulses of light what do you think which gadgets are cool let me
know in the comments oh shit chats gonna get the chair
I can’t wait to show you my toys

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100 thoughts on “5 Batman Gadgets that are Real !


  2. every single batmobile made since adam west incarnation till ben affleck is real. each and every car has different variants for different purposes. the best structures of these cars u can get to see in worner brothers' studio musium.


  4. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀that is really COOL!!!!!

  5. The tumbler and yall know how the scherade knife is made right the must of got that idea from dc comics.

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