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Hey dosto, when webvan got launched, it was considered as one of the killer application because it was giving one click solution for grocery shopping and was expected that it will be used by Every American family to do grocery shopping Startup team of webvan application really worked very hard, they did almost everything they created perfectly engineered distribution centres they created an awesome website which has the capability to handle maximum customer orders they built a perfect route through which product can reach to ware house and through warehouse till customer place they built the whole process very perfectly their plan and everything was so perfect that within 60 days of launch of webvan ipo they got fund of 4 hundred million dollar they planned everything very perfectly, they had some world’s finest engineers with them they had perfect and an awesome management team and also a very experienced CEO they had everything which is required to build a huge business but still after 2 to 3 years of launch, webvan got bankrupt and also faced 8 million dollar loss many mistakes about webvan startup, because it got fail, it didn’t face success earlier when startup was planning to launch webvan, at that time no one thought about mistake all were finding everything perfect, now the question comes even after having everything so perfect even after having awesome perfect team and a great website why that webvan startup fail, well for this author says that the biggest reason for webvan failure and loss was its way, webvan was following old methodology, they were woking as per business old methodology they were following the same methodology which huge and big companies use for their product. not only webvan but maximum startups fail because of this same reason maximum startups uses same old methodology which big company uses, let’s understand the method with the help of a diagram, how product launch will be seen as per old method like first thinking about a concept and then making it reality with product development then doing Alpha/beta testing and at last launching it if you see this normally then you will find it logical, and actually it is logical but only for big companies this method is logical for those companies who are aware about their product, customers business model since a long before this model is not good for startups because they aren’t aware about all this at all. most of the startups fail because they launch their product by following the same old methodology which big companies follow, they think that startups are small version of big companies hence getting inspire by big companies idea and method would be the best idea for them but that’s not true, because in reality startups are way different from huge companies big companies able to become huge because they work for years, they do business from very long and in these years they get many useful information and data about their customers and about the market which helps them to launch their product properly and also helps them to earn profit big companies already has a brand name, they already have a goodwill in the market and startups usually don’t have any data and not even have a brand name to be very frank startup usually works on the basis of Assumptions, startups are usually small company which works on assumptions and maximum times their assumption goes wrong, can take webvan as an example whatever plans and execution webvan did, they did on the basis of an assumptions they assumed that their product or application will be liked by people and it will be high in demand they created everything great team and plans and distribution on the basis of assumptions but when they launched their product in reality , they realised that their assumptions were totally wrong hence here you must understand and remember that when big companies use old methodolgy means that they are focusing on execution, because they already have other knowledge and information hence they focus on execution, but startups aren’t like this, startups usually don’t have much information they don’t know maximum things, hence the best thing for startups is instead of first focusing on execution they should first collect information, data and search right answers and should experiment should take feedbacks from the real customers because it’s really very important to know your real Author says best method through which you can make your business successful is by following customer development method, customer development method has been made of 4 parts a) customer delivery, b) customer validation c) customer creation and 4th) company building you cannot move from traditional method to customer development(second part) until and unless you don’t complete first steps , after completing first step you will get right answers which won’t allow you to do wrong assumptions and also protects you from wasting money and energy it keeps you aways from unnecessary sales team and also saves you from big loss hence let’s understand customer development first step or first part. 1) customer Discovery, this part has 4 phase, at first phase you will take your idea or vision and spilt it then you will test that assumptions or guesses with your real potential customers here you will take feedback from your real potential customers and on the basis of that feedback you will give positive or negative remark to you product as per feedback you will improve or adjust your product, in this stage you will make your MVP Product Means MINIMAL VIABLE PRODUCT, In this product you will only add important feature you will keep only those feature with the help of which potential customers able to give feedback to you you need to make MVP Product as cheap as can, you don’t need to spend extra energy or money on it Remember in MVP You should keep minimum feature, you should keep feature which proofs your work Which proofs that yes your product works and should also see whether customers will pay you for it’s better version , While making MVP You should be very flexible, so that you can make changes as per customers requirement and demand, in simple and short words, here you take your idea and experiment that idea and tries to find answers from customer, after doing all this you make a decision, like what will be your next move after getting proper answers Remember you can’t move to next step until and unless you don’t know about your market whether people will buy your product or not, unless you are not sure about it , you shouldn’t move ahead Now under phase two, instead of assuming things under room or office, you should move out you should see the real market and customers and should try to find out what all problems customers are facing in real try to understand it through their feedback with all this information you can get perfect business model which will give you successful business after doing this take your MVP and see whether your minimal viable product is really solving those customers problems or is it giving any solution in third and fourth phase of customer delivery, after collecting data from customers and market you will come to some hard conclusions, whether you want to move with the same idea or would you make some changes on it, do remember that in this step you can require to do lot of changes but any which ways here you need to clear everything, like how would your product be? will it fit in the market? how your business model will look like? unless these questions don’t get an answers you just can’t move ahead. No.2) Customer Validation This is the phase where you will actually sell your product, here you will see how your research is actually working, is your research proving right or wrong, through discovery step you will come to know come to know about the people who were actually facing that problem means you have got your market in this stage you will sell your minimal viable product to customers, then see whether sales are generating or not whether you’ll be able to grow your business like this, is it scalable even this stage requires a lot of research work, you need to learn things and should experiment as well so that can get proper answers and strong evidence about whether your idea is actually working or not and again for all this you need to interact with customers, so that you can create such a system through which you can sell your product again and again to customer’s means creating a repeatable process which can create a solid business customer validation can be little difficult because here you need to bring results anyhow this is the step where you need to clear that how exactly you will get customers how you will convert your potential customer to loyal customer and how you will grow new customers and you should make these answers better by searching different new answers in this part you again test your collected data and information, and you will decide whether you will move with the same product or will you do some changes, here you will clear whether your customers are desperate for your products or not, you should clear whether you are facing any problem selling your product, clear is your product really solving customers problem do you have a clear or a strong way through which you can acquire new customers which can help you to generate desired revenue, clear whether you have any doubt related to your future product clear everything in this stage because in this stage you can clear your doubts and can restart everything author says that yes he knows that you are very desperate to move to another step but if all these things are not clear and still you move ahead then there are high chances of you going in the wrong direction hence it is best you do everything again and move ahead towards success with proper model and a perfect product. No.3) Customer creation in above stages customer discovery and customer validation your main focus was on searching but in last two stages your focused should also be on execution not only on searching answers but before starting this step you must be aware about your actual customers how you will acquire them, how you will grow and scale your business if you don’t do these things in earlier stage then there are high chances of you wasting lot of money in this stage and also chances of you ruining business will increase for this is the step where you can raise venture capital , where you can invest from VC to your company for your companies fast growth, this is the stage where you will have high chance of getting fund because you already found almost every answer from earlier stages and because of knowing answers for almost every question you have got a repeatable scalable business model, you have got a product which is capable of solving important problems of customers and through it you can attack market by taking proper actions and can also acquire customers No.4) Customer building this is the stage where company rise above, they move from informal to formal company this is the stage where company becomes a big formal department company it moves from startup to huge company, usually startups follow this stage since very start they start taking actions for this stage, but actually this stage isn’t the first stage but a last stage this stage should be last stage for startups, in this step company shifts from searching mode to mission mode, because while reaching this step, company gets almost every answer for everything and what remains is to just taking quick actions in order to complete their mission in this phase your focused will not be on your product service or on early adapters who have acquired your product, who were desperate for solutions and people who have avoided small flaws of your product, here your focused will be on mainstream , here you will target mainstream people here you will target those people who are facing same problem but they are not desperate towards solution, here you will target those who will not avoid your product flaws and will purchase your product on the basis of reviews and feedbacks in order to make your product service reach to such audience you must hire experts and should work with awesome team and with good people, a team which create your small accomplishment a huge one, should make possible for you to see a huge success do hire good team and people, their aim and goal should be similar to companies goal basically you will apply everything which you have learned in early stages with quick actions and proper money investment so that can complete your goal in reality these were some amazing knowledge from a very amazing book the startup owner’s manual by steve if you want to be successful or want to start your successful startup then you must read this book because this book author is really an expert you can buy this book from below description, i have shared this book link below if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from the description link i have shared it’s link in below description, can see free audio book link on screen audio book link goes through my website seeken.org/audible if you never want to miss any of my video, then do subscribe and choose sent all notification don’t forget to choose bell icon otherwise you won’t get notification on sunday usually i upload my videos on sunday, so do select and don’t miss important and useful knowledge do share this video on face book and whats app with your friends and family do share with people who have interest in business and startups and finally thanks for watching…

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