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The Pike Company is a mid size commercial construction company, concentrating in the North East region (USA) We do a lot of work in retail, commercial, healthcare housing, lot of work for college campuses It is one of the largest family-owned business in the nation American Additive Manufacturing is a 3D Printing service provider Just outside the Philadelphia area We 3D print everything from Flyway part for the aerospace industry to jigs and fixtures for the automotive industry to prototypes for architecture. We really span every industry Our Business relationship with The Pike Company started via a notification from the Marketplace that we had a that we had a pending transaction request The nature of our department is building information modeling We’ve used quite a few softwares that 3D model all the systems inside of a building and the 3D Model is good, you can spin it on that you know the TV and the monitor and having that actual physical object on the table It is a huge benefit. On the 3DEXPERIENCE software, you can say send to the 3D printing service and that’s where we found American Additive. Very quickly, we are able to consult with them and help them arrive at decisions that enable them to get their architectural models and prototypes Having a pop right up on our computer screen Having them seen what we’re seeing, when be able to collaborate in real time as we just completed this 3D building our object is a huge benefit That ease of communication and a streamlined transaction ensures we’re keeping a customer happy the interface that the user experience is extremely user friendly and it simply enough for someone like me who does not have really technical background in CAD Software to be able to communicate effectively with not only the customer but my team They were able to produce 3D Prints for us with highest quality and fast turnaround time The great thing is it’s universal language engineers from across the globe can communicate with each other through this platform. We’ve been able to interact with companies overseas that we previously would not have been exposed to. The Marketplace essentially bridges that gap and we are able to communicate in universal language of new mathematics and computer-aided design so it is really an amazing platform and we are thrilled to be part of it it becomes a key part of our plan for growth in the future

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