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– Today, huge– – backpack bargains. (theme music) – Hi. I’m the Youtube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m Intern Amy. – Because if we’re going
to have a backpack bargain, we might as well have someone who is here, not paid, and in college. (clap) Yes! Before we get to the huge deal, which is a 30 dollar steal, I kid you not. This thing is amazing. Which is not a paid
product; I don’t make a dime on anything I’m showing
you, this deal located right under this video screen. Amy, that’s an amazing demo. I’m pretty sure every subscriber right now not only wants to buy
it, but is going to watch the rest of the video because
of what you’ve just done. But, if you are looking for the
review or for huge freebies, because we’re giving these away free, click the subscribe button you
see on your screen right now, and we will hook you up. Now, this 30 dollar
backpack, which has a value of at least double,
believe it or not actually manufactured by Amazon. Comes complete with the
durability, adjustable straps… Something where you
can easily put a laptop of up to 17 inches in
and keep it protected. Different compartments, zippers, and a really good way to beat the bank. And Amy, the reason I say
beat the bank is I have a laptop backpack right here–
– Right – that’s almost triple the
price of what you have. – Well, it’s the same thing. – I know, but, yes, they look the same, they feel the same… I would argue that this one
is even a little more durable, so let’s show everyone,
and take me through why you think this is great. See, you got the first compartment. – Well, I don’t know if any
of the subscribers remember, but from the summertime
we did backpack deals for back to school–
– [Matt] Yes – [Amy] and there were those
High Sierra and Jansport ones that were pretty good prices
and they were very durable, and I was really surprised to see– – [Matt] Wait Amy, I need to cut you off, I love that you said school,
I’m sorry to cut you off but this would be great for high school, like there’s pens,
pencils, no book space– – Oh yeah, absolutely–
– in here, so this could be like college, this
could be high school, sorry keep going. – No, yeah, and–
– You’re good at this – I was really shocked to find out that this was made by Amazon, because it felt like those Jansport and High Sierra backpacks that you had very well rated prices over the summer. But it’s literally the exact same thing, I mean it even has, just
like those backpacks did, it has a compartment for your laptop. That’s padded, so that if…
I mean I’m very irresponsible with my backpack, I throw it– – Yep
– You know, so it’s not gonna break your laptop
like my laptop broke. (laughs) – And, I want to point out the
material’s actually the same. Do you mind showing us your rear? Thank you
– Sure – [Matt] The material used
on the almost 90 dollar Swiss gear backpack,
virtually identical to this. – [Amy] This one’s better
– [Matt] I, actually, I think the Amazon padding is better. – [Amy] It’s got one down here
and it’s down on your back so it’s not going to give you that strain. And the shoulder straps
are actually both padded but Amazon’s has double
padding so when it flips it just doesn’t give you
that strain either way, which is nice– – [Matt] That’s such a good point. When you put your backpack on, if the flap is on the other side, you know you’re going in a hurry, – Right
– you’re not automatically just straining your shoulder
with some type of material. – [Amy] And then it doesn’t rip either or, and it’s thicker so it’s not going to, it’s going to last much longer. – Thickness matters people. If you’re interested in
this deal which is located right under this video screen, I would grab this. You can see how well-rated it is, but just another example of
how off-brand can not only sometimes get you something better, but you’re paying one third of the price. – Be sure to click the subscribe button, the thumbs up button,
what else do we have? Thumbs up, subscribe, comment, comments. – [Matt] Comments
– [Amy] Right, comments – [Matt] Comments are
good, we love comments. I read them, do you read them? – [Amy] Yeah, I love
reading your comments– You all know, I write back. – Yeah, we love it. We love you, thanks for watching. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts,
you’re going to see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
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buy any item I feature? There’s a link right
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and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go! You are awesome, thank
you so much for watching.

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32 thoughts on “$30 Laptop Backpack Tech Organizer Review ► The Deal Guy

  1. I ordered this bag the other day after doing some research and reading reviews. I'm used to top of the line expensive laptop backpack because my previous employer would purchase them for me. With my new employer, I've got to purchase my own. So I was definitely looking for something less pricey but was worried about the quality. — The backpack came in and…

    ….YES!!! 😀👌 It was excellent quality! Tons of room without huge bulk! I carry a 17" laptop and it fits with no problems.

  2. Another great deal is the Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack on amazon for 40 bucks. literally the best pack back i have ever used.

  3. just found your channel because I was setting up a Roku box for my mother in law, and I was interested in reviews you had for the Sling service to see if it's worth getting. and then I notice and watch your other videos. I was just telling my daughters they need backpack sturdy enough for their laptops just yesterday. I wish I found you earlier to possibly get one or two of those bags. lol thanks for the vidoes

  4. Matt, Thanks again. I purchased one of those beautiful backpacks, and it is going to be perfect to store all of our digital and video camera equipment. It is a well built bag, and will be perfect for this use. You are causing me to go broke. Thanks again, Ron Warren

  5. let me guys…i just think you you both are funny but i just think you get what you pay for…i wouldnt buy 0ne unless i could try it it for 30days …so send me one for free …

  6. I love my Swiss Gear back pack, it holds my old laptop, my, tablets, phone and all my many chargers and I have a lot, and still have a lot of room for other stuff, thank you guys, y'all rock !!!

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