3 Tips for Entrepreneurs | Angel Investor Michael Stork | AQ’s Blog and Grill

Interviewer: One of the three things that
you’re going to share with me in terms of moving your organization
from an idea or a concept into a successful enterprise. Michael: Pick what you’re going to do and
don’t be distracted from focusing on it. If it’s say, a software company,
go after one vertical and prove your value there.
If it’s translatable to another one, they can go down
and do the next thing. Interviewer: Right. Michael: And build in a logical way. Make
every dollar count. Really focus your spend on what it is you’re
trying to accomplish and make sure that every dollar
you spend has a potential for a return on it. I think
culture is important because ultimately it’s kind of the informal communication
channel that you know, if the organization of the
leadership is behaving in a certain way, oh, okay. Interviewer: Mm-hmm. Michael: That means something. Recording: AQ’s Blog and Grill.

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