3 Marketing Mistakes You MUST Avoid | Marketing Tips and Tricks for Startups to Follow

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57 thoughts on “3 Marketing Mistakes You MUST Avoid | Marketing Tips and Tricks for Startups to Follow

  1. Should I write articles which are already have written by others…But I'm giving more detailed and Simple ! …
    I think you got my queries 🙂

  2. Hey Neil, I get it how you are telling to select a niche but being a digital marketing agency I am not able to find out my niche as it is needed by everyone. Please just elaborate on this so I could have a clearer view about my company's future in my mind.

  3. That's a great advice Neil…I did this for one of my niche product..I created a website, did SEO and start receiving leads even without having actual product..and initially I have to told customers that we are out stock & you have to wait till next month..This gives me time buy from supplier..It took me 2-3 months & roughly $200 for domain, hosting n few articles to test the market.

  4. Watched the video twice, just left 1 like lol , Neil, I´m having troubles focusing on just one project. I´m employed on a regular job and trying things on the side. Whta do you do to focus on just one proyect or to organize yourself? Thanks Neil, all the best

  5. Hi I want to start a blog on finding opportunities like jobs and conference global and I find it difficult to find information do you have any advice

  6. My biggest mistake was trying to offer everything with my marketing agency. Now I focus on strictly search engine and display Network. Big difference.

  7. Great video, Neil! 👌🏽 I have Mailchimp for my blog, should I have used Convert Kit instead? Does it matter which one is used for a blog?

  8. Neil is very good student. I trained him in my virtual gym and now he much calmer better marketing manager at Kiss Me Tricks company. Very good Neil, we must train in real life someday. BE THE BEST

  9. Hey Neil! Great video. I need your help picking a niche and blowing up my website builder. Can we chat? www.CloudLGS.com

  10. Hey Neil, just wondering if I could get your feedback on this site: http://teamblogventure.com/index.php Thanks so much!

  11. Neil You often mention to bypass or shift the focus away from branding(logos etc) and simply focus on customer experience, but couldn’t this be a costly mistake? I think your audience would love a video or podcast that discusses more of the legalities involved. I can’t recall this area being covered much on Marketing School either. Maybe because you’re not a lawyer you shy away from offering legal advice which is understandable. I am stuck or have been slowed down personally in trying to form my LLC and trademark my logos etc. Isn’t this a necessity? Without it, couldn’t someone literally see your brand, Trademark it before you do and prevent you from expanding by claiming you’re infringing on their trademark? That is scary. Please share you legal woes or tips in this area. Thanks

  12. Neil can I get ecom sells without advertisement.And work best in e-commerce niche audience or common store.

  13. Hey, could you make a video on how to make lots of money without investing because I am only 13 and my parents doesn't like to invest in such things.

  14. Thanks Bro for giving Excellent tips.If you make videos in hindi you will grow more without any advertising…….

  15. Great Video as always 🙂
    I have a question:
    My blog is totally personal and about my stories and experiences, how should I do the SEO for it? No one searches for a story?

    Thanks 😀

  16. Awesome info, Neil. This is so relevant to us as we're just launching a new service next month. It was a real wake-up call to start doing more marketing around our offering to educate the customer about why they need it rather than putting it off until launch.
    On a side note, from a YouTube perspective, your delivery seems a lot better in this video. Keep it up. 🙂

  17. I think 1 of the worst mistakes to make is not learning the skill to sale online and what to do after that first sale. At the end of the day that is all that matters NOT views, subscribers, likes or fans.

  18. Love the 3rd tip Neil – true branding is imparting an unforgettable, valued experience of your product/service for your target market.In essence, branding is creating your marketing value as a start-up entrepreneur!

  19. What was your approximate expenditure on making this YouTube channel This Big with a lot of subscribers?

  20. Great Tips! 1 Challenge I have is that I am a dating / relationship coach. I specialize in Communication between men and women. Men simply will not give word of mouth because men are embarrassed and don't' want to tell people they had to take a course on how to meet women, romance women and or understand their wives. There is a shame factor there. Women on the other hand immediately tell their friends and people they know… This last fall / winter I had 5 former customers text me and email me on Halloween and a few more at Christmas either call me or text me to wish me a Merry Christmas… And to tell me how much my course has impacted their lives even 2 years later!! They Love the course and think it's the Best on the planet. But they all tell me they just are embarrassed to tell their friends, etc… That being said, I do have about a dozen video testimonials that some have done for me. So I have that. And the testimonials on the book pages are phenomenal… but overall word of mouth just doesn't happen from the men. ugh!!

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