3 Father’s Day Tech Gift Ideas – The Best Tech Gifts for Dads!

Hi, I’m Andru Edwards, and you’re
watching Technically Speaking, brought to you by
National Car Rental. Each week, I’m gonna show you
the hottest tech in three very important categories: speed, choice, and control. So whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, these gadgets are gonna make
your life that much easier. This week, in honor
of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating
all you dads out there. Let’s get to it. We know dad is
the ultimate grill master, but no one likes
the cleanup. Give Dad a helping hand
on Father’s Day with this, the Grillbot. It will make keeping his grill
in great condition quick and easy. Place it on the grill
and this little guy does the rest so you can make the most out
of dad’s special day. Forget boring old neckties,
here’s a Father’s Day present that keeps on giving
throughout the year. This is the PicoBrew
Personal Craft Beer Brewery. Your dad doesn’t need to be
a home brew expert to enjoy this gadget. It’s really easy. It comes with their Half
Squeezed IPA PicoPak, or he can choose
from over forty PicoPaks. These are packaged ingredients
from famous breweries. And it’s fast, it can brew five liters
of craft beer in just two hours. The finishing time takes about
a week from grain to glass, so Dad can be sipping on any brew he chooses
in no time at all. For dads who love their yards,
the RainMachine Touch HD-12 is the perfect gift to give him
complete control of watering the law from anywhere, at home or on the road. It’s a weather aware, smart, Wi-Fi irrigation
sprinkler controller that was scientifically designed to improve
water efficiency and dramatically
reduce water waste. Not only can he control everything from a comprehensive
dashboard on his phone, he can program up
to twelve zones. And the coolest part, it connects to real-time
weather data sources and adjusts the schedule accordingly. So if it rains, it will cancel
that pending watering. Pretty amazing, right? These are my top tech picks
for this week. Be sure to drop a like on this video
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of Technically Speaking. I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you
in the next one.

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