3 Cool Tech Deals – #13

– As usual, Jack, this
has got to be together. Are you ready? Three, two, one. (deep breath) What’s up, guys? Louie here, back with another video, and today, we’re talkin’ tech deals. Tech talkin’ about deals. Three of ’em. Technically four of ’em. ‘Cause I don’t follow the rules sometimes. Today is one of those days. To kick it off, we’re
starting with dbrand. Good friends over there. We hangout. Sometimes we get lunch. Sometimes they skin my devices,
whether I like it or not. Well, they have a new product. It is a skin for the ATH-M50x headphones. As you can tell, you can
customize these babies. I’ll put ’em on for you guys. If you have a pair, you can
now get a custom appearance so they don’t look like everybody else’s, but just for Unbox Therapy viewers, 10 lucky buyers of skins at this 25% discount are going to receive a free pair of these exact headphones. I can see right there,
“Ten random orders today “will include a free set
of ATH-M50x Headphones.” It says it right there. I don’t even need to say it. They’re sayin’ it, we’re sayin’ it. But, of course, this show
is about many tech deals, so it does not stop there. Next up, we have the BLU Vivo Air LTE Smartphone that I featured fairly recently. I will link that video in the description, if you haven’t seen it yet. But this thing is $149 right now. It was relatively affordable
at $199, now it’s $50 less. Now, something special about
this device is it happens to be the world’s thinnest LTE
Smartphone, I believe. Certainly at the time
I did my video it was. Got a headset, cable, comes
with a screen protector and a case, $50 off an already affordable super-thin LTE Android Smartphone. That’s a lot of words combined together. Next up, this is for PlayStation 4 owners. It’s for the PS4. I’ve got more than one PS4, and in every single situation
where I have one set up, there are never enough
controller charging capabilities. This little stand right
here is $18, $17.99. At the front section there,
there’s a little docking station which will charge two controllers just by setting them in there. Then, on the side, you
have three more USBs So, you could theoretically
be charging five controllers at once, or other devices. Maybe you need a spot to charge your phone, or your friend. He’s one of these guys who’s
phone is never charged. Can never reach him,
send him a couple texts. Who knows? He doesn’t get ’em. Stuff goes badly, goes wrong. He gets into a car crash. What? Well, just fender benders. I wonder what fender bender? I bet you that term’s
been around for 100 years, the old fender bender. The reviews are good,
so it obviously works. It’s also got a fan in it. You’re gonna keep your
PlayStation a little bit cooler than it would otherwise be, maybe extend its life a little bit. In general, I like it cool, with my polar bear friends penguins, arctic fox, snow owl. Moose? We have one more deal. This one is the WTF moment. It is the LABC – iBed Tablet Stand. I’m looking at this, you know,
kinda laughing a little bit. But then, I’m really thinking about it and I’m sayin’, “You know
what, I might actually.” Would it be so weird if I actually used something like this? Here’s the thing, you pick something on Netflix, or whatever. You’re holding it there. Your hand is falling asleep. You can’t concentrate, pins and needles. This stand lets you
just lay underneath it. Look at that, that could be you. Little bit of an angle, some adjustment. You’re holding it above
your head, you slip. It falls down. Maybe it cracks you over the eyebrow. Now you’re getting stitches. You got this giant scar. People call you Scarface. You move to Miami. You start to import cocaine on those little cigarette boats. Now you’re in jail for
the rest of your life. It’s kinda weird, and it
does look like a toilet bowl. I thought it was just, I don’t know. I thought it was funny. There you have it, the iBed solving all of your first world problems. There you have it, five
cool tech deals. (laughter) It’s only four! Everyone’s doing the math on me here. They’re like, that was 17 deals. What am I gonna do? I’m giving you a bonus here. It’s like two for one pizza. Who’s gonna complain and
say, I only ordered one. All right, I’ve said enough. One more thing, iIf you’re still here at this point in the
video, then you’re probably a pretty good fan. Like you probably really
like these videos. And maybe, you might just even like me, like, as a person. It’s possible. If that’s the case, then
what I want you to do is come check out a new
channel that I started. And I was contemplating whether or not I was gonna even say this
on Unbox Therapy at all because there’s a really
nice, little community on this hidden channel right now. But, I figured it would only be fair to let you guys know what’s happening. That’s why I’m doing it at
the very end of the video. Only for the super fans,
only for the attention spans. Yeah, it’s a musical experiment. I used to be really into music. I stopped doing it. I started to mess around
again, uploaded a few things. If you think you might be into
that, come check that out. I’ll put a link in the
description, say what’s up. If you’re not feeling
it, no hard feelings. You just carry on with your Unbox Therapy love. ‘Cause that is already more than enough. Kinda having Unbox Therapy
flashbacks on that channel, as far as like, having
this small group of people that I’m commenting back
to, and it’s manageable in a different way. It’s kinda special. You could be one of those
first few people to say, hey, I was here, man. I was here when it all went down. Thank you, I appreciate
your time, sincerely. I will catch you in the
next episode, later guy.

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  1. hey Lew im a 14 year old boy in texas and umm I heard that you have multiple ps4's and I was wondering if you could give me one because. I haven't had a game consul in general sense the ps2. I know its rude to ask such a thing but my family is poor and we just have enough to make it eatch month and I think it would be a great thing for not just me but my family and if u read this please get back to me please and think you for readin this.

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