3 Cool Tech Deals – #11

As the evening sets in… the people of Los Angeles begin to party. Will you be one of them? What’s up guys, Lew here, back with a very special edition of “3 Cool Tech Deals”. As you can tell, I am outside. Yes, every so often, I do leave the studio. Especially, if I’m in LA… and the weather is wonderful, like it is right now. So before the sun goes down, I wanted to hit you with some Hot… …tech deals. These will be like… Pre… …Black Friday, pre-Cyber Monday. Everybody’s gettin’ ready for all that mayhem. Maybe you want to skip the mayhem. Well maybe you want to start shopping… Right Now. As in today. As in the moment that you’re watching this. So that’s what this video is for! To kick it off… We’ve got a gigantic… and enormous… Super speed USB 3.0 hub. With thirteen ports. Those people… who wanna compete… for USB ports? This is your winner right here. Quite affordable, too!
It’s $39. And two of the thirteen ports are high powered. Meaning they charge at… 2 Amps… 2.4 Amps. The concept here is… to expand either your laptop or your desktop, so, you can keep all of your peripherals connected and then remove one cable… And go. Giant… USB hub… for all your gadgets. You could be as happy as these people right here. I have a feeling this is one of those items
that’s always fairly marked down, but $39.99 seems to be a pretty good deal for that. And the reviews are also good, so there you have it. NEXT UP: We’ve got a GIANT micro SD card. Hundred and fifty bucks from SanDisk. “SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD.” Up to 90MB/second transfer speeds. Maybe you’re thinkin’: “I don’t need 200GB of Micro SD storage.” The reason why I thought this one was interesting is… With the rollout of YouTube Red and the ability to take videos offline, which I’ve already been doing. All of a sudden: Micro SD cards have become a little bit more interesting, as well as phones that can support Micro SD. Because now… You got this… huge… cool… video jukebox of your favourite YouTube videos, music videos off YouTube, Etc, Etc. Two hundred gigs, hundred and fifty bucks… 40 percent off… SanDisk. Well done. Next: This one’s kinda interesting. Now don’t be turned off, immediately by… the “Tropical”… pattern there. You can get this iPhone 6 case… or 6s case, in a number of different standardised colors, like black, red, white, and so on. Gold, if you’re about that bling. So this is kind of a standardised TPU bumper case, but it has a little secret compartment on the back. As you can see here in the image: For storing two cards. Could be a credit card. Could be an ID. There are some cool designs as well,
like that space one is not bad. And it just sorta slides up! You get access to your cards, of course, and all your ports and whatnot. You have access to those, too. I just thought it was a cool little feature that you don’t see on every case and it’s only fifteen bucks. $15.99 to be exact. At this point the deal is four percent claimed.
(At the time of recording – ED) In the past: Things I’ve shown on “3 Cool Tech Deals” have completely sold out. Dont… …Let it be you… …Who has to cry that single tear… …When that thing you wanted is all gone. LASTLY: Not exactly a tech deal. The “iPong Topspin Table Tennis” This is an honourable mention just because… the thing looks cool as hell. *Laughter*And it shoots ping pong balls. If you’re a ping pong player, this is how you practice. You put a hundred and ten balls in here, they get fired at you real quick, and you’re smackin’ ’em back… Maybe you’re not! A Table Tennis… …player… Maybe you just wanna annoy somebody. Sit this thing somewhere across from them and… and rapid fire. No one’s… No one’s gonna be too hurt. Maybe a little bit annoyed… But they’re gonna have ping pong balls flying at them. At an adjustable frequency of twelve… …to seventy balls per minute. I was a little concerned about the cleanup, but no one… ever had any fun in their lives… …being worried about the cleanup. There you have it! Three cool tech deals: outdoor edition! LA edition! West Coast edition! Thank you very much for watching!
If you guys enjoyed this content, make sure to leave a thumbs up down below. Everything I mentioned is down in the description. All of the relevant links, so click those too. Get your link click on, And I’ll catch you guys very shortly in the next episode. Later, guys. The LA sun waited for us, thank God.

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100 thoughts on “3 Cool Tech Deals – #11

  1. Hey bro I saw ur video where you're saying that ur giving phones away & I want one bro you'll be the real mvp if u get me a gold iPhone 6s lol hmu !

  2. The thing with the SD card is that IΒ΄ve heard that the LG V10 will support 2 TB of micro SD card storage. 2. FUCKING. TERRABYTE. HOLY. FUCK.

  3. Was i the only one who thought about putting cheeseballs in the ping pong machine and then try to catch them in my mouth?

  4. Lu c'mon man you're from Toronto and you're posting links that cannot be shipped to Canada. Seriously, I get that Jonathon does this but that's because he's in Cali/

  5. I never understood the whole idea of putting your credit card/debit card and your I.D card in your phone case. I have lost 5 phones in the last 7 years… I've had the same wallet for the last 15 years. I'll stick with a wallet.

  6. You are one of my favorite YouTubers and when I come home I can wait to see you your videos give me a big smile to watch your videos I laugh and watch it with my parents and they love you to you da best

  7. @Unbox Therapy you should make a series in which you show go tech deals for gamers from gaming laptops to counsel bundles and to hard drives for pc gamers

  8. Anyone noticing he's promoting Youtube Red in his videos? I just watched 3 videos from UnboxTherapy and already 4 times…

  9. hmm the micro SD card is now 99$ which is kinda more reasonable for me considering the 128GB was 49$ and the 200GB was 150$ in the video – I was , "why get a 200GB when I can get 2x128GB which is more money for more GB so more GB per dollar" but now its almost the same BUT ITS NOT the 2x128GB are still 256GB total vs the 200GB one for the same amount of money , yes you will have to change them when full but come on thats 56GB extra for free πŸ˜€ and yes the speed is 48MB/s instead of 90 on the 200GB one but still 56GB is 56GB in my book πŸ˜€

  10. 3:38 Put cheese balls in it, shoot it at your face while it sits on your desk. Boom, you have a lazy gamer snack machine!

  11. I clicked on this video because I thought the ipong thing was a cheese puff shooter. I was looking forward for cheese puffs to fly at my face on command

  12. Yes, I bought the iPong thing to prank and annoy the shit out of my friends.

    Proof from My Orders on Amazon: https://gyazo.com/14a015a5337a0a6878183df217959a8d

  13. Police: where do you live
    Kid: with my parents
    Police: where do your parents live
    Kid: with me
    Police: where do you all live
    Kid: together
    Police: where is your house
    Kid: next to my neighbors house
    Police: where does your neighbors live
    Kid: if I tell you, you won't believe me
    Police: tell me
    Kid: next to my house

  14. all devices can only go up to so much gb on a external sd card you just can't put in a 200gb microsd and just think it going to work

  15. True that's usb spliff plus+ true, I tested Ching ferzion.. Dude it benchmarked like smoke, stayed active for a whole .02 transfer foodwished out tube dine out.. I kid you not, cooked food .. Almost. Sum real downloaded food from the most extensive menu πŸ• forget about IT

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