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Dr. Fisher: If you think about
it when it comes to our health or the health of our loved ones, we re still in the dark
ages. Dr. Andrassy m amazed at the amount of research that people will do on what kind
of car to buy, but not who their surgeons are and what their reputation is. Dr. Fisher
So, how can we use today s technology in a world of health? That is in my opinion what
2nd.md is all about. Dr. Guise 2nd.md can benefit patients locally and around the world
for many reasons. Dr. Fisher Think about 2nd.md as the facebook or twitter, it brings people
who need information or advice and people who can provide it, instantaneously. Dr. Hall
1:13:40 The internet is a mixed blessing, there is a lot of information out there. Not
all of it is accurate. Dr. Guise The value of 2nd.md from a client s perspective is obvious.
Dr. Hall It allows both physicians and patients access to cutting edge, state of the art information.
Dr. Andrassy I think having the opportunity to speak to a knowledge person such as a physician
on 2nd.md they d be kind of able to calm their fears a bit and know that a wait of 30 or
40 days is not going to change the outcome of the course of their illness. Dr. Guise
The advantages to be gained from a direct access to a specialist like myself are to
get to the heart of the matter faster. To learn what tests are needed for a proper diagnosis.
To learn what treatments are available and specifically what the most up-to-date treatments
are. Dr. Hall Doctors and patients can have a real-time face-to face conversation over
the internet without having to deal with the hassles of coming down to a doctor s office,
through traffic; dealing with insurance. You can do this in the comfort of your own living
room with leading experts in the field. Dr. Guise The client saves time. They save money
and they get sound expert advice from leading specialists. Dr. Boutros With 2nd.md we can
provide information in difficult situations; give hope where they thought there was none.

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