24 hours in the life of a Bitcoin strong hand, BitFlyer to the USA soon, Coinbase & the IRS, Dash

Aello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 30th 2017 golden hold strong hand you need one of those and
remember trying aim to get that one bitcoin that’s the first step
one bitcoin then you get ten then you have 16 21 who knows what’s next
alright people remember check other than section below you can get cool shirts
like this cryptography tea trays or leisure nano crypto hwy live.com I’ve
got other affiliate links down there and get this council on a treasure directly
from trays or let’s start with what’s going on here if you have a Bitcoin
strong hand then none of what’s been going on
bothers you at all it went up to 11,000 you’re like cool man I’m happy that it
broke 10,000 I’m partying like a rock star but I’m not gonna sell my Bitcoin
because I think about the year 2020 I think about the 2020 having or maybe
even the 2024 having I have long-term thinking I’m not impulsive so then when
it drops down to 9000 what drops $2,000 you’ve got a strong hand you’re like I
hadn’t warned me about this he said it was gonna drop he’s said for a long time
we’re gonna have days where it drops $1,000 and we’re gonna have more of
these in the future it’s just something that I’m used to already so I warned you
about the temptations of the ups and the downs so just enjoy the roller-coaster
ride it’s a roller coaster ride and some of you are gonna get off in the year
2020 in the year 2020 twenty four or whatever you know not to get off this
ride at the very least you’re gonna stick with it until the 2020 having you
know that you’ve got that goal in mind and this is cryptocurrency Bitcoin
rollercoaster ride Bitcoin roller to ride you get crypto dividends along
the way free crypto dividends so here you’re going up and down but people are
throwing free money at you too just by holding and you get to watch like a
freak show around you too of all the weekends panicking all the fun stirs all
the maniacs who believe in these altcoins all you know is just the people
with all their scams are trying to throw on you it’s a freak show out there but
you’re just sitting back relax on the roller coaster your stomach jumps up and
down or whatever but you’re cool with it this is what it’s all about
so we’re gonna get into more of the this is crazy 24 hours but I mean it really
didn’t affect me very much I’ve been trying to just get my sleep back to
normal here in a Busan South Korea hey tomorrow Friday this week in Bitcoin 7
p.m. Eastern Time Gabriel from Venezuela will be on to tell us what’s really
going on in Venezuela when it comes to Bitcoin
that’s tomorrow 7 p.m. Eastern Time that’s New York time is 4:00 p.m. in Los
Angeles I guess it’s what’s in midnight in
London ok and not only that we’re gonna have two
other guests one of the guests is a person who has been to North Korea and
knows about Bitcoin in North Korea this is going to be something you do not want
to miss a very special guest I mean who else has guest on who had been to North
Korea for Bitcoin related reasons well you’re gonna see tomorrow if all goes
well oh my god to better go well I hope he gets on at everything so there’s some
p.m. Friday night back on the East Coast in New York Baltimore Washington DC etc
you know figure out your time based on that all right follow me attack
vault-tec HB alt on Twitter it’s exploding yeah so um again $1,000 is the
new $100 we used to have $100 drop days and people panic now we’re gonna have
$1,000 it’s everything by multiples of 10 now
just so get used to it get used to people – – has went up a lot lately it
looks like it’s a partial big thumb effect maybe they’re marketing
themselves you know they’re having these conferences I couldn’t find out about
any other I mean I didn’t do that much resource into this but clearly big thumb
in South Korea where I am is pumping it people jump into – but one thing when
doing my research into what’s going on with – I went to – org their website and
they have an article from November the 18th it’s – verse aetherium well 2018
see – finally decimate etherium oh my god I mean it obviously it’s – is
somewhat centralized I guess they’ve got a marketing team they are straight up
attacking etherial IV they have an article on their site challenging
ethereal I mean that’s different isn’t it and that very aggressive bear and I
when I’ve had a man in the Johnson on the show before I mean I said that the
hurry you guys are very aggressive so hey I just wanted to point that out
you know it is a top tier all coin you don’ts I mean you know you don’t hear
like metallic or someone’s challenging I mean he says things about Bitcoin but he
doesn’t write articles well 2018 see aetherium finally decimate Bitcoin No so
then I mean check out the article for yourself
– people very aggressive hey that’s the way they’re gonna do it it worked hey
the prices going up they know how to pump I guess marketing pumping it from
effect all go hand-in-hand all right lightning ASIC that’s Jack
he’s behind be gold he has a tweet out there I linked to below more be gold
custom full node raspberry pi v 3 + 2 more strong network more strong
community hey people check that out if you’re interested in all that mining be
gold being involved with be gold he’s got a very interesting tweet he’s giving
away some I’m not into the technical side of
things I knew there are some big fans of be gold mining out there so check it out
check that crypto dividend out we love our crypto then our Bitcoin crypto
dividends us holders because we get them I mean we like free coins what are you
gonna say we like free all coins pound that like button for Bitcoin baby
alright so a mainstream news article I don’t usually comment too much about
these the IRS and coinbase so this sets the precedent I mean we all knew this is
going to happen if you sign for coinbase you have to be prepared that every
single thing you do on there the IRS is going to eventually find out I mean
don’t try to hide anything but that still people thought old coin base isn’t
gonna give over the information so what they have done so far is if you if you
did anything with your Bitcoin on coinbase between 2013 and 2015 and it
involved twenty thousand dollars worth of it then they’re going to tell our IRS
but if you didn’t say I mean if you Balt or if you held that amount during that
time period what what’s it matter you’re not that’s not taxable okay now if you
sold on coinbase story that period and you’re you had twenty thousand dollars
worth of Bitcoin think you should have fully expected to pay taxes anyway so
the IRS is gonna find out that you sold so I mean what’s the big deal but just
be ready they’re gonna do the same thing for 2016 and 2017 and 2018 also so I
mean if you sold if you sold on on coinbase or G Dax didn’t be prepared to
pay taxes I mean what’s the big you know we have these big articles coinbase
giving over information they’re gonna give it all away just don’t be a traitor
just be a holder and they don’t have to worry about this insanity when that
attacks until you sell until you sell that’s
when you worry I mean that’s not what you worry that’s when you play I mean
you planned it all along there’s if you’re an American you bought
through coinbase baby prepare to pay taxes when you sell I mean what more can
i really say but I did want to say it that that’s come to a concluded – for
anyone who had this crazy hope that coinbase isn’t gonna give over
information to the IRS I mean it’s Louie I mean I don’t even
know why there was really a fight and why everyone’s weight this time period
there’s not a lot of money coy the IRS can even make off of the people that
were selling at coin businesses they’re probably losing money at the time and
total babies actually pointing that out also but I mean again this is just the
beginning they’re gonna want it for 2016 and 2017 when people were making plenty
of money and there were a lot of more people involved
remember people subscribe to this channel check out the links section
below because they’re all the pertinent links that I have mentioned so far the
coinbase articles link to below and also uh yeah follow me on twitter at
tech vault-tec HB alt all right so we would have we have a 10% drop after huge
weekly and monthly gains I mean what’s the big deal what’s the big deal I mean
we just reached like nine thousand for the first time the other day and now
we’re above 9,000 still just just be patient people be pay I mean it was
great to be over 10,000 and and and the funny thing is and this is not the thud
anyone this is just a comparison you know some of these numbers are very
similar 2013 but by multiples of 10 and I know 2018 is not going to end up being
2014 but it is odd that is a four year difference and we talked about these
four year having’s like in 2013 Bitcoin sword you know from 200 – all of a
sudden you know around the 1100 and this year we’ve gone from around less than
2,000 to 11,000 so it’s it’s an interesting comparison again it just
shows how much grown from the beginning of this year
from the beginning of 2013 it’s amazing and this is this is only the beginning
people all right I haven’t talked about steaming for a while he noticed on my
steam it account I am Bitcoin my strong there by the way and if you check out
the link section below you can follow me at steam and I post there every single
day but if you watch these videos every single day then you really don’t have to
go to my steam it because I just post those videos there and they’re kind of
older there but some people follow me on steam it and I’ll vote you out Rhys team
you if you’re my friend and I you know if you’re into it you leave comments you
tell me about a cool thing you do i do Reece team people and I upload them too
but what’s going on it’s steam it that I did not notice you know they’ve had
these hard Forks in steam and uh what it has done is like I was powering down and
it just stopped me from powering down so some of you may have been powering down
and you might not realize that you’re not powering down anymore
so you have to start to power down again if you want to power down that’s just a
little tip from a guy who’s on steam it and who likes to get free steam to turn
in the Bitcoin I have never bought steam in my life and I never will and I have
done quite well just from posting on steam in and getting free steam and
getting free steam back dollars you are insane if you buy those things I mean
you if you buy free things in the cryptocurrency world
I’ve got no sympathy for him because they’re gonna get really I mean if you
if you buy the be cash same thing I mean it’s just all right things because you
get it for free just by holding and again on steam it you know you gotta be
a little active you got to post your content but a lot of you have awesome
content out there post some stuff your I know artists out there post on steam it
is worth it a few minutes you’ll get a better understanding of cryptocurrency
and how to change a certain cryptocurrency in the Bitcoin it’s it’s
a learning experience alright um yeah as I said take it easy people we just
things move fast around here we just like broke 9,000 I know I know it’s like
hard to remember now too especially for me because I was
I guess I was in Baltimore I was it was sort of Thanksgiving me first whatever
9000 I don’t even know it’s surreal when you’ve been travelling around – but it
just things move real fast we just went over 9,000 for the first time take it
easy we should be happy I mean we just went
over 5,000 for the first time very recently – I mean this is insane this is
insane so yeah it’s gonna be a roller coaster ride it’s come here you know you
could be 12,000 tomorrow for all I know it could be $7000 for right now just
keep the strong camp people alright let me save real quick all right
remember people super chat is the only way I can see you guys over there but I
did see Richie Rich I just I checked over there for one second Richie Rich’s
over there he said strong hand very nice to achieve
rich that’s all dude to super chat if you want my attention people I can ask
your questions unless you do that alright so here is a quote from Fernet
Ferdinando 1970 the year the Orioles won the World Series before 1983 all right
no so what do you had to say was enough of this shoddy tulip mania comparison to
compare a six-month Dutch economic bubble from 1637 with a nine year global
disruptive innovation in 2017 is intellectually embarrassing Bitcoin
might fail but it is not a bubble well said well said
whew that’s one for Ric Flair there okay so uh yeah
Tresor check out the links below I just had that ring down all right bitcoin is
the world reserve cryptocurrency yeah I knew that dude of course I’m talking to
myself now okay oh one thing I forgot to say about the
bill still video I quoted yesterday bill still like me said use Bitcoin as a
savings account do you bill still man you get it you get it if Bitcoin should
be your savings account people you don’t touch it do not touch it just think of
it as a savings account remember how those used to be pound that like button
if you remember savings accounts and you’re not a grandmother I don’t know if
anyone’s probably have like button all right so uh
hi-yah Mike what’s this about my 10,000 bitcoins at $9,000 okay yeah let’s try
Oh the thing is when he dropped $2,000 when
Bitcoin dropped $2,000 like after my show yesterday think of it it’s a weird
at the beginning of the year Bitcoin was not even at $2,000 and now it just drops
$2,000 it can drop more than it was worth at the beginning of the year Wow I
hope you own Bitcoin at the beginning of the year because you’re probably doing
pretty well yeah I mean you got the freebie cash you got everything because
of it and it’s gone up so much all right all right so here is really important
news and this is a tweet by toward the moisture pointing out that big flyer and
I have mentioned this before bit flyer is an exchange in Japan plans that they
have now been approved for a bit licensing in the United States so soon
enough Americans are gonna be able to buy cryptocurrency on bit flyer so I
mean in a similar way that they can buy own coin base sure you’re gonna have to
give them a lot of information but elite that’s competition that is just great
news because right now it’s you know it’s Gemini and coinbase basically if
you have dollars if you have dollars and you want to buy cryptocurrency now it’s
going to be big flyer also so Biff flyer plans to offer 0% trading fees in the US
through the end of this year okay so when’s it starting I don’t know the
exchange plans to act now this is important the exchange plans to add
support for litecoin aetherium aetherium classic and other digital currencies in
2018 okay so yeah the gather bitlicense the competition that’s great but what I
what I want to point out here is maybe we’re gonna have a big flyer effect if I
understand this correctly you are going to be able to use your dollars to buy
aetherium classic and those other coins I mentioned Oh
on bit flyer now right now you cannot buy aetherium classic with dollars in
the United States all right the coinbase doesn’t let you do it and
neither does uh you know gee tax or Gemini and G taxes coinbase
so we can see when litecoin was added the coin base there was a big jump
so if Americans are something gonna be able to buy aetherium classic and it
said other digital it’s an other digital currencies too so maybe there’ll be some
other ones on there that will get a big flier effect too but keep an eye on that
and maybe a bit flyer list etherium classic and some others then the others
will be tempted to do that too coinbase will add it and maybe Gemini also but
maybe more likely join base so keep an eye on this big flier situation we might
we might have this big flier effect I’m sure theory and classic people are
thrilled one thing I forgot to mention about my airplane ride I watched the
movie taxi driver and I know a lot of people say my mohawk and Robert De Niro
that we look similar I’m not Italian I’m Jewish but I don’t have a mohawk like he
did in the movie I fell asleep during the movie because it’s a 13 have a ride
but something I wanted to point out that I didn’t point out yesterday Cybill
Shepherd was so good-looking in that movie you gotta watch it and maybe more
people are probably familiar with Cybill Shepherd later in her life now what she
70 years old now or something I don’t know and I don’t you know I don’t put
ladies on a pedestal or anything but I can appreciate a good-looking woman she
was really good-looking then in 1976 unbelievable really good so I fell
asleep I have to watch the movie again it’s an interesting movie I’d like to
see how New York looked in 1976 that’s kind of cool
DeNiro he’s a good actor yeah he’s a good actor and everything anyway just
won the point that I forgot to mention that yesterday hey you get all sorts of
information here oh here here’s a tweet by would man your mom I don’t know it’s
linked to below but he tells us that Krypto Pia
and Z did an amazing job today no confusing no confusion any more crypto
Pia by the way is an exchange where you can sell your bit Korach if you get into
the big core airdrop crypto dividend that’s complex stuff I’m not going to
get into that but crypto Pia and Z is a place where you can sell you but the
reason and sell your bit core for Bitcoin but the reason I’m bringing it
up is there’s crypto Pia I give them a round of applause they list it as be
cash on there they list the cash as be cash so people don’t get a good confused
and get into the situations that I mentioned on yesterday’s show so good
job crypto Pia out in New Zealand I think you’re in yeah and hello New
Zealand you’re doing a great job naming things by the correct name EB cash by
its correct name very good that’s going to give you some new customers some new
respect in the cryptocurrency community value your wealth in Bitcoin people
remember that remember that all right what last thing another toward the
Meester tweet he links to the Wall Street Journal front page this morning
it said Bitcoin mania even grandma is in it is in hey that’s great Bitcoin
mainstream I guess the TV shows coming on tonight the puts that show caught it
I even though the thursday night show in the united states is going to have a
bitcoin episode tonight on NBC the The Big Bang Theory and now the Wall Street
Journal so hey that we will have some more pumps will have some more week and
dumps but we’ve all got strong hands here that we pound that like button with
so i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to
subscribe this channel like this view share this video do check out the notes
section below i’ll say hi to everyone in the chat real quick

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24 thoughts on “24 hours in the life of a Bitcoin strong hand, BitFlyer to the USA soon, Coinbase & the IRS, Dash

  1. Bitcoin is making a good correction, I am surprised… but let's see where support comes in at it broke through the $9,600 support so it is going to go lower and flush out all the weak hands. What remains will be the strong hands and that would be the best position moving forward. Especially since the big institutional money is salivating at this price drop and possible entry.

  2. STRONG HANDS make this whole project strong. Remember guys, we are confronting a whole system that is set against us ever succeeding in life, THIS IS A REAL FIGHT. Today is not one of those days, either.

  3. Looks like real strong hand support is in at $9200, this is very good news. and we are winning at an exponential pace!!!!!


  5. NOTE: Coinbase considers moves out of their system in their reports, this is not given to the government as a tax event. It is just for you for personal use. I was told by them that it was not a taxable even based on the current information a year ago when I moved it…

  6. Ideally we will be paying for items we need and use with cryptocurrency, in the local community, the best way to escape taxes is to spend your crypto and increasing the adoption rate as a side effect. There are so many amazing protocols available now we should be switching more to a crypto lifestyle.

  7. 1970 World Series is the first one I remember watching. Some great catches by Brooks Robinson!! Also recall an awesome grand slam HR by Oriole pitcher Dave McNally (I think that was his name). Brings back memories of great Orioles from way back… Jim Palmer, Boog Powell, Frank Robinson etc…

  8. Thank you for all your shows Adam. Of all the commentators out there, I hold your view and strategy above everyone else. I've just downloaded all last 3 shows to listen to on my flight home. Strong hand!

  9. Don't be stupid. Pay your Federal & State taxes on capital gains. If you don't know what that means, you need to talk to an accountant or financial advisor. Here's the only IRS statement on bitcoin I've found:


    What remains to be seen is how the IRS will treat the "forks". Is like a dividend, is it like a prize, etc? You've literally made something from nothing. When is tax due? How will the IRS value it? See below Forbes article:


  10. What can NASDAQ the false financial duck, and CME futures the fake futures market do to Bitcoin? Adam please analyze this real or just another FUD danger to Bitcoin coming from the mainstream failing market exchanges. Can they manipulate the prize of Bitcoin to zero?

  11. Any news update about the huge exchange that was gonna open in South Korea? That would be epic one for sure…along with bitflyer.

  12. Coinbase: pay taxes on gains regardless of $20,000 or not. Buy all your cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. Within a week of purchasing you sell that purchase by transferring to cold wallets. Your gains are minuscule while on Coinbase that way. So your tax is miniscule. Meanwhile your cold wallet unrealized gain magnifies with time.

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