2019 InVenture Prize Finalist: Handld

– On average every year, there’s
roughly a thousand cyclists that die every year
and half a million more are actually sent to the hospital. Now, only a portion of this
is due to unsafe passing, but we have to look at
this as a whole picture. Our device is called
HANDLD and what it is, is basically a product
that allows cyclists to enforce safe passing laws that exist in 42 out of 50 states. – In our context of the three foot law, it’s most common that a cyclist is riding on the far right-hand side of the road, so a car would slow down, move
over three feet from the tip of their side view mirror, to the tip of the cyclist’s
handlebars and pass. We’ve surveyed hundreds of
cyclists all over the nation to get their thoughts on safe passing. They say it’s a really
serious problem for them. 90% of our survey respondents
have either been hit because of unsafe passing, or knew first-hand from
someone that had been. – And that’s really what
HANDLD is tryin’ to do, is really empower cyclists
to take their safety into their own hands and
do something about it. – The device itself is a series of cameras and a distance sensor. Our backwards facing
camera is always running to catch a video of a driver’s approach. Distance sensors always
take the measurements, and if it gets triggered,
that back video is trimmed to be easily viewable by police officers. The front facing camera
takes a series of pictures of the violator’s license plate. Now, that’s all packaged together with GPS and timestamp data, and
uploaded directly to our app. – You have the ability to
both review the evidence. So, we’ll have a video of
the approach of the car, as well as give you the
easy one-click ability that you can actually report that evidence to your local precinct
or local law enforcement. We can actually make a heat
map of all the violations that happen on, whether
it be a street corner, or a stoplight, and really say hey, city planner or local government, this is really where you wanna
start putting your focus, because this is where we’re
seeing the most accidents. I’ve been riding in the car
with all these friends of mine, and we’ll be approaching a cyclist, and I’ve told ’em about
our idea about HANDLD, and they’ll come up on
’em, they’re like oh, I need to give ’em a few feet of space. So it’s like, you can
already see the impact that this idea is having on people, just by changing their mindset and educating them to what’s out there.

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