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Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com. Alright, so the holiday season is approaching
so in this video we’re going to go over what you should know if you’re looking to
catch a Black Friday TV deal. We’ll start by talking about the yearly
price cycle for TVs, and when you can expect to find the best deals. We’ll then go over what you should look
out for when buying a TV this holiday season. We’ll talk about Black Friday specific models,
and if they are lower quality. In this video we’ll mention a few early deals
that are available at the moment, but they are time sensitive so you can see the links
in the description box below for our deals page. We’ll be keeping this deals page continuously
updated and manually curated through to Cyber Monday. So this is the typical pricing behavior of
most TVs. Most models from major manufacturers like
Samsung and LG are released around Spring. At release they are very expensive though,
and typically not worth buying over the cheaper models from last year. You can see a few examples here of previously
popular models and their pricing trends. The first holiday season price drops typically
begin a few weeks before Black Friday, as flyers are released and price matching occurs
between retailers. At the time of this video, many retailers
including BestBuy have announced some of their Black Friday deals and price drops have already
begun. Overall, the weeks leading to and including
Black Friday are usually the best time to buy a TV, as it is the most competitive with
sales occurring from pretty much all retail stores and online. Traditionally, Black Friday sales have largely
been for in-store deals while Cyber Monday is for online retailers, but this is no longer
really the case as the whole holiday weekend is a high-sales period. Something to note is that after Black Friday
or Cyber Monday the price of most TVs tends to rise back up a bit. After this point it is harder to predict what
happens, as some models continue to stay at a higher price until they are discontinued
and replaced by a newer variant, but it can happen that a TV receives further price drops
as stocks dwindle. For most people though, the weeks leading
to Black Friday are the best time of year to buy a TV as availability is very high and
there’s a lot of competition between retailers. Alright, so now we’ll talk about what you
should look for when shopping for TV deals this Black Friday season. The whole market receives a price drop, so
if you’re looking for a TV then this is the best time. Having said that, the dollar amount of the
price drop isn’t the most important. In some cases, the dollar amounts may even
be inflated by price rises beforehand. It could also be based off the RRP or recommended
retailer price, which for TVs is often meaningless because they tend to sell for well below this
price normally. As a result, you’re best to ignore the magnitude
of the price drop completely and instead focus on the absolute price and the performance. Compare the TV to other TVs you can find at
the same price to find what’s best for you. In some cases, the best deal for you may be
on one of last year’s models that’s on sale. Now, some TV models aren’t available throughout
the year, and then only appear in shops a few weeks before Black Friday. These special Black Friday models tend to
be slight variations of other more mainstream TVs, with a different model code and slightly
reduced feature set. For example, they may have a slightly more
basic remote, fewer HDMI ports, or be missing Bluetooth. They are typically priced very low, and offer
some of the best deals during Black Friday. Many people are concerned that they may be
lower quality – after all, if they lower the price then where are these savings coming
from? We don’t have data about the reliability
of these TVs, but most TVs nowadays last for about the same time, around three to five
years. Consumer electronics tends to follow a bathtub-curve
for reliability, so if something goes wrong it is typically early in the life of the product,
but if it outlasts the manufacturers warranty then you’re unlikely to have any problems. With this in mind, some people will be unlucky
just like when buying any product, but for most people we don’t expect it to be an
issue. Also for most people, these missing features
don’t matter too much which makes them a great buy. Because these special variants are largely
unheard of before Black Friday, they often haven’t been reviewed and it is hard to
get much information on how they perform. In these cases, look through our reviews for
a model number that’s similar – the performance should be in the same ballpark. Now, other TV models are available throughout
the year but only at certain retailers. An example of this in 2019 is the Samsung
RU7200, which is only available at Walmart. We haven’t tested it, but it appears to be
the same as the Samsung RU7100 we tested. These retailer specific variants tend to have
a very similar feature-set and performance to the more widely available models, but like
the Black Friday special variants there may be small differences. This different model code allows retailers
to prevent price-matching. Again because it can be hard to find reviews
for these models that are less wide-spread, check for a model number that looks similar
and the performance should be in the same ballpark. So with that said, if you’re looking for
a TV deal then Black Friday is usually the best time to shop. To help you find the best buy, we’re maintaining
a deals page on our website to keep track of the best deals and the lowest prices, along
with links to detailed reviews and measurements. You can check it out in the links in the description
box below, and while we only covered TVs in this video, we also maintain a deals page
for headphones, monitors and soundbars. We’ll continue updating these pages to catch
all the deals through to cyber monday. If you find a deal which we haven’t included
yet, then let us know in the comments below, via email, or in a discussion on the deals
page itself and we’ll update it right away. Thank you for watching, and see you next time!

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73 thoughts on “2019 Black Friday TV Deal Guide – RTINGS.com

  1. Can someone tell me what is the International model for TCL P8S… It's available here in some south asian countries.. Can't find any reviews for this tv.

  2. COSTCO will have 65” VIZIO P Quantum X (PX65-G1) for $999.99
    Blew me away.
    Model number did not change on their website (Yet), will check back on Black Friday.
    However, Do you think it’s a great deal?

    One more question and thought;
    SONY X900F is the one I really want, and I hope the drop price on Black Friday to $999.99
    However, if they don’t;
    Is VIZIO PX a good option for $999.99 rage (Comparable)??

    Thank you again.

  3. I'm in love with Samy's Q80R but i have know idea if it will fall in price any time soon. I continue to watch closely.
    I've also discovered CamelCamelCamel appears to fail in tracking prices on many, many products, so be careful when using that site to reliably track prices.

  4. Today I had the luck to get an LG OLED65C97LA for an unbeatable price here in Germany (1749 EUR including VAT, that's ~1930 USD), which corresponds to a saving of around 350 EUR/390 USD compared to the second cheapest offer from a trustworthy dealer.

    Thanks to your test of the C9 series, I decided to go for this baby. So thank you very much, guys! I CAN'T WAIT! πŸ˜€

  5. I bought the LG OLED55C9 for $1,199 from Newegg a couple of days ago. It seemed to good to be true but the purchase was legit. Brand new tv at a much better price than other retailers were offering this holiday season.

  6. Wow… the part that is quite unsettling is when you mention their life expectancy… of 3-5 years! That is far too low since court ruling in Quebec blamed Samsung for a TV that broke after 5 years. The judge mentioned that at least 10 years should be expected. The concept of reasonable life expectancy under the Consumer Protection Offfice (quebec) protects against that. My LG 50UH5500 broke down after 2,5 years (so after warranty… how convenient), but this part of the law made Costco reimburse the whole price without even complaining about it (that is awesome Customer Service). A video about your experience on reliability would be interesting and informative, since sometimes one prefers sacrificing a little performance for longer durability.

  7. So I'm between the Hisense – 65" Class – LED – H6500F Series – 2160p – Smart – 4K UHD With HDR spetiall from best buy at 300$ and the Philips 65" class 4k android smart tv at 280$ spetial from walmart.
    I think are the best deals going on on black friday.
    Which one is better?

  8. Best Buy really gave me a run around, and I was very unhappy with what I had to go through to get my TV. I still went through with it because it was the model I wanted after a lot of research. Vizio P55-F1 for $579.99 this past Monday.

  9. All I know is in the UK the price of the LG C9, will not go below Β£1299.

    If I were the cynical kind, I'd be thinking that Its almost as if there's an agreement between the online retailers & LG πŸ™„

  10. I have a reliable 2009 42" Panasonic plasma TC-P42S1 used for gaming (XB1X + Switch) and sometimes movies in a dark room. Do you guys reading the comments think it's worth the $800 to upgrade to a 49" Q70R? I am slightly worried about viewing angles below the Q70R since I lay on the floor, so I'm about 2 feet below and 6 feet away. Does it wash out? Also worried dirty screen effect will be bothersome, since the plasma has perfect uniformity, and motion won't be as good on the Q70R vs plasma. Benefits would be HDR, 4K, and slightly larger (going 49" since I can't go 55" in my space). I don't need tons of brightness since it's mostly evening gaming also. The plasma does look nice already, so I'm not sure how much of an "upgrade" this would be for $800.

  11. Any advice you can give will the price for TV this year models will drop even lower then Black FRiday, if I buy somewhere middle of next year so that I can save even more money on TV ?

  12. This is by far my favorite channel on Youtube.
    Such in depth unbiased testing, along with genuine recommendations, and now doing a huge help, on finding the best deals on the best TVs during Black Friday – what more can you ask for?
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Thank you SO much Rtings for the amaziong work you do πŸ™‚
    Keep it going!

  13. Bought my LG 50 7300 for $289.99 from Sams 2 weeks ago……

    I won't spend over 500 on any TV today, they simply don't last long enough now.

  14. Actually depending on the model i’ve seen random price drops in stores around february-march. Also some other stores have special action weeks around the end of january, which will lead to even better prices.

  15. LG just dropped all 2019 lineup TV prices today. My first choice was Samsung Q90R but seems that Samsung Canada does not apply the same USA discount policy in Canada. Bad luck for them! I just got my LG OLED C9 ( 65 in) today !

  16. The c9 dropped 100quid today everywhere, It was on a 125quid off code at most places a ccouple weeks ago, I hope it lowers some more for blackfrday!

  17. I am so glad I went with my instinct. Newegg had amazing C9 deals from a 3rd party merchant on their website by the name of "First Class TVs" Wouldn't you know it that merchant is listed on your website as an unauthorized LG merchant. LOL. The 1699 price was tempting, but if it is too good to believe, it probably is. Still waiting for BF week to buy my c9

  18. Thanks to RTINGS and RedFlagDeals for the information I've received. To pass along some of that info, my advice is to lookout on the BestBuy website for the TV you're after, but grab the one that says open box "Geek Certified". You'll save probably around $400-$500 (depending on the make/model) off the SALE price and receive the same warranty that you would get from buying new. You just need to be on the lookout on their website as the stock for these TVs goes fast.

  19. 3-5 year life cycle? I guess I should be happy my Sony flatscreen lasted 7 years, however my Sony tubed TV lasted over 15 years and was still going strong when I got rid of it. 3-5 years, F. that.

  20. We've got some great deals in the UK right now. I just got a flagship Samsung Q90R and it came with a free high end Samsung Q70R Dolby Atmos soundbar for just Β£1899. They are now even lower at Β£1799. And we get the extra premium metal remote on the UK version.

  21. in canada it seems like sony and lg have already rolled out their black friday deals. C9 and B9 oleds had huge price drops at all major retailers. 900F and 850 from sony dropped a couple of weeks ago. Expecting Samsung(Qleds)vizio and hisense to have big drops in the next couple of weeks leading to black friday.

  22. What is a better deal, a brand new 65" C8 for $1960, a 55" C9 for $1650, or a 65" C9 for $2350? Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

  23. 3-5 years…. ummm my plasma still works and it's like 10 years old. So they charge more money for products that crap out sooner. Well isn't that just great:) πŸ™‚

  24. Just bought an LG 65" OLED Model OLED65C9PUA for C$ 2523.00 at Best Buy and I couldn't be happier . This model blows out all the other pretenders from the other manufacturers for the price.

  25. Any chance anyone here knows if there's any difference between the Samsung Q70R and Samsung Q7D(Costco's name for the Q70r I presume)?

  26. The Vizio 65" Class – M-Series Quantum LED Model:M658-G1 is now $650 and not $750 listed on your website 1/17/2019 at best buy.


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