2017 Audi A4 offers advanced driver assistance

The 2017 Audi A4 adds an all-new suite of
adaptive driver assistance systems, joining Volvo, Ford, Honda, and others manufacturers. It’s moving us toward a semi-autonomous or even autonomous future of vehicle. The lane keeping assist are activated on a
third stalk under the turn signal on the steering wheel. It’s kind of awkward but if this were you
car you’d would know where that was, get used to it real quickly, and find it easy to use. Using all these new systems means that there
is a lot more information to take in which is why the full-color heads up display is
really nice. It shows you the speed that you are traveling
in miles per hour like any heads up display would. It also also shows you the speed limit or
school zone signs. Those show up in yellow. The A4 has blindspot monitoring. It also has a sensor in the rear bumper and
that is looking for cars up to 70 meters behind you. So it’s not just monitoring cars already in
your blindspot but it will also tell you when there are cars coming into your blindspot. The A4 can detect pedestrians or vehicles
that are going yo come across in front. If you are going up to about 50 miles per
hour that system will engage. If you are going more than that it will bring
you down to 25 miles per hour which still give you plenty of time to react and hit the
break yourself to avoid the collision. These are some pretty advance systems and
packed into a luxury vehicle so the $54,000 price tag really shouldn’t be surprising. It’s also not fully autonomous like the Audi
A7 that drove more than 500 miles from silicon valley to Los Vegas a couple of years ago. But it does show that this is the direction
that Audi is going toward more autonomous vehicles in the future.

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