2016 Denver Startup week Pitch Challenge

– We have 16 teams that were selected from
a application round of 200 app. We’d like to see the entrepreneurs get up
on stage and speak to the community as a whole, and kind of collaborate not only with community
members, but also with the judges on stage and it’s great experience for them as entrepreneurs. – Started researching everything about Denver
startup week and I saw that you can register for the pitch challenge and I thought, why
not. – DU’s started this project just X-ITE The
collaboration of Innovative Technology and Entrepreneurship and we want to be involved,
not only in the DU community, but the students and faculty and alumni but also in the Denver
community as a whole. – It’ll be a great opportunity to promote
the product to practice and learn more about our company, and get feedback from experienced
people. – There’s just all kinds different companies
that have social impact, that are started by current students, it’s just across the
board, really cool things are happening. – I registered and got accepted. – There will be one final winner on Thursday. – So today is the third track of the pitch
finals. The prize package is worth about 25 thousand
dollars and mostly in in-kind services. There is a small cash prize attached but more
importantly there are in-kind services from companies like SendGrid and Meyer Law, so
they’ll get some legal assistance. Project X-ITE welcomes both students and faculty
innovation, but also innovation from the community. So, we welcome people, even non-alums, to
come in and see how the University and the resources of our faculty and our students
can potentially help them move their companies forward. – I think it’s incredible that they’re kind
of sparking the entrepreneurial scene in downtown and reaching beyond just focusing on their
school. I think that kind of shows their value to
not just Denver, but to all of Colorado. – All right, the number one winner of tonight’s
contest… – When you pass it, it zips back to your feet
you get to work on your distribution as well. If you put it on the blue setting, pass the
ball on the ground like a normal pass to a teammate it pops up for a game-like header. – The Soccer Sidekick. – It’s always amazing, gratifying and inspiring. You know, you see a million great ideas during
the course of a year and in this competition, you see some of the most thought-out, fully-developed
ideas. – Winning this competition is going to propel
us to a new level of growth. With the resources that we have, with the
network we’re building now in Denver, it couldn’t be a better time because this is where we’re
really going to start growing our training brand and having people to guide us in the
right direction, to give us feedback, and having all those subscriptions to those resources
are going to be really important and invaluable for us to reach our next level of growth. And it’s awesome to see a University being
a leader in that scene.

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