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Justin: What’s up guys? Justin with AmericanMuscle.com
and welcome to Hot Lap. We’ve got a great episode for you this month featuring a customer
spotlight, Manny and his 2015 ecoboost, some Shelby-related Mustang news and Stephanie’s
got a hot new product from the guys at RTR. First, let’s check out Manny’s new ride. All
right guys, got my buddy, Manny, in the shop with me here today along with his 2015 ecoboost.
Now, some of you guys actually might remember Manny’s ecoboost. It’s been is some of our
product videos and some of the CPE stuff and things like that, but we’re actually going
to be talking about performance here today. Obviously, Manny is hard at work on the car,
the thing is changing all the time and I know we’re going to get you re-tuned with that
Unleashed Tuning. Guys, why don’t we dive under the hood and
we’ll show you where Manny’s at right now with his ecoboost and talk about some of these
parts. All right, Manny, we’re under the hood. Obviously,
you’ve taken care of most of the basics with your ecoboost, the cold air intake, that sort
of thing, but you’re diving a little deeper. Tell us what’s going on. Manny: Pretty much we went with the CPU charge
pipes along with the HKM blow-off valve, custom-mount front inner cooler. We went with the [inaudible
00:01:04]. It does the job, works perfect and a catalyst downpipe and a full catback
exhaust. Justin: Yeah, I think that’s a big place too
where guys start looking for more power, these ecoboost cars you get past the intake, you
get past the exhaust, but then it’s like what else can I do to get more power out of these
things? The big next step for a lot of you ecoboost owners is really uncorking the downpipe,
keeping those charge temps down with front mount. Why don’t we get this thing in the
air? Let’s check out your downpipe and exhaust setup. Guys, we’re under Manny’s car right now, we’re
checking out his exhaust system. Now, as you may or may not know, these turbo cars they
absolutely love to breathe, so the idea is to get rid of all the restrictions after the
turbo. Manny, it looks like that’s what you’ve done. Manny: Most definitely. We went with the catless
downpipe and the ambient feet exhaust, the race series. I can’t complain. As far as the
tone, the performance that I got on it, it’s breathing, it sounds perfect, no raspyness. Justin: Yeah, I know, the catless downpipe
and again, with such a free-flowing system like that you usually you get rasp central,
right? Not the case. Manny: Sounds perfect to me. Justin: Absolutely, again it really doesn’t
hurt the wallet as much as some of the other systems. Manny: That’s a plus. Justin: Absolutely, guys, well, I’ll tell
you what, now, we’re going to get this thing off lift, we’re going to move it over to the
dyno, Manny, upload that Unleashed Custom Tuning. These things are pretty legit from
what we’ve seen in our experience, so hopefully, they relate to big gains with you. Manny: Definitely, let’s check it out. Justin: All right. Manny, we just got done
making a few pools here with the Unleashed Tune and your ecoboost with all those modifications
and I think you’re going to be happy, man. ready for this? Three hundred eight horsepower, 411 pound
feet of torque at the wheels. Manny: Perfect. Justin: Yeah, you liking that? You cracked
the 400 number. Yeah, we’re getting there, right? I mean, let’s compare that to a stock
ecoboost. We have some numbers from some of our testing. The Unleashed Tune compared to
the stock ecoboost, here’s what you’re going to be looking at. Seventy horsepower, 136
pound feet of torque gains underneath the curve, even better, 110 horsepower, 140 pound
feet of torque over when this thing was stock. Crazy, right? Manny, what are your impressions,
man? You happy with that? Manny: I can’t complain. Justin: I would not either. If I had a mod
that would unlock almost 100 pounds of torque on my Coyote car that isn’t nitrous, I’d be
like “Let’s do it.” No, that’s awesome, man, and the story doesn’t even stop there, right?
Because you had a previous custom tune on the bar with all of your mods and the Unleashed
just kicked its butt without being…if I’m being pretty honest about it. We made another 30 horsepower, another 50
pound feet of torque, in addition to those numbers so again, we’re doing all right, man. Manny: Yes we are, we’re getting there. Justin: Yes, we are. Now it’s time for a bigger
turbo, right? Manny: Definitely. Justin: I tell you what, Manny, half the story
obviously is the power. We’re looking at that right now, but the other half of the story
is the drivability. There’s really only one way to test that. Manny: Let’s go. Let’s do it. Justin: All right, Manny, we’re out in the
car here, the car made some awesome power. Manny: Yes, it did. Justin: But before we get into all that, what
the hell’s going on with this tint, man? Manny: Red tint, taking it back to the ’90s,
man. Hey, you know what? Not a lot of people could pull it off, but I think it complements
the car well with the wheels and everything so I think I can pull it off. Justin: Absolutely. I will say the car is
definitely unique. I know you’re a painter, you like doing things a little differently,
a little more custom and it shows. Those splitters, obviously the tint, the wheels, I notice you’ve
got the V-Series spoiler back there. Hey, different strokes for different folks. Manny: Yes, sir. You know me, you gotta be
unique. If you’re going to look like every other Mustang, why do it? Justin: Right now, we’re just cruising. It
feels pretty good, right? Manny: You see the throttle response and everything
is a lot better. It picks up a lot of torque here in the lower end. Let’s see when we open
it up. Justin: Even just putting around so far, we’ve
totally noticed a difference. Manny: There’s a big, big difference to the
way it was. Justin: It’s not surging. Manny: Smooth, real smooth. You can’t even
tell besides the power, you can’t tell that the car was even tuned. Justin: Nice, I do love how this exhaust sounds
too, man. Manny: You’ve to have the RP[SP] that does
the job, man. I’m telling you, a lot of people don’t like it. I love it. I want it to sound
the way it’s supposed to be. Justin: Why don’t we just pull through a gear
or two and see how it feels? I tell you what, it puts you back. Manny: You see that big jump there. Justin: Absolutely. Manny: There’s a big difference, I tell you
that, and it’s smoother. It throws you in the back of the seat, but it’s a smooth power. Justin: It builds, almost like a turbo car
now, right? I mean before in Stockport and the stock ecoboost, it falls on its face way
too early. Manny: Yeah, I don’t know what they were thinking,
but you know, Unleashed got it right. Justin: I see with the handling. You’ve got
some springs on this thing now, right? Manny: Eibach’s[SP] four lines. Justin: Eibach’s four lines and the Ford performance
shocks? Manny: Yes. Justin: All right. Look at you. Dude, this
thing feels healthy. I tell you what, man, the torque is definitely there. Four hundred
plus foot pounds. Manny: Bigger turbo, baby, bigger turbo. Justin: Bigger turbo, this guy is still not
satisfied. I see those brakes you put on there are doing the job, too. Manny: But you know what? What guy is ever
satisfied? Justin: Never. Manny: You want more power. You know what,
we make more power, then we want more, then we want more. Do you want to drive it? Justin: Do I want to drive it? Of course,
I want to drive it. This thing is awesome, man. Overall, I would say, like I said, drivability
wise, this thing is definitely on point. I’m going to get on this thing a little bit here.
It pegs that boost gauge real quick. Feels pretty strong, man. I like it a lot. Manny: We’re getting it, Justin. We’re getting
there. Justin: We’re getting there. Manny: We’re a lot closer than we were before
the tune, but we getting there. We cracked that 400. Justin: My goodness. Like I said, as a five-liter
owner to have over 400 foot pounds of torque, I’m jealous, man, I’m jealous. That’s all
I can say. Manny: Thank you, thank you. Justin: It’s definitely feeling pretty healthy,
and with these things too, you got a little bit of a weight advantage, right? Manny: You’ve got 750 pounds lighter than
the V8. Justin: Lighter than the GTs. How about that?
Man, this thing feels healthy. Can I do one more before I get out? Treat myself? I’m going
to do one more second gear pull here. All right, before I get in trouble, I’ve got
to get out of it here. Dude, this feels awesome, man. I appreciate you letting me drive it. Manny: I appreciate you having me here and
you’re always showing me a good time, man. Justin: Hey, we love you, man. We love the
car. Like I said, it’s been in probably more videos that I have at this point. Hopefully,
it will be in another one when you come back for a bigger turbo, what do you say? Manny: Hopefully. Stephanie: Hey guys. The new product that
I’m bringing you for this episode is RTR’s new Tech 7 wheels that are now available for
2005 and up Mustangs. It looks like RTR is working on their own little wheel line up
here, and there are two color options with these wheels, either black or charcoal. I’ve obviously got a black wheel with me here
and we’ve got a set of the charcoal on the car behind me. The wheels come in two sizes,
nineteen by nine and a half, and a nineteen by ten and a half like this guy right here.
They’re obviously a one-piece wheel, and they’re aluminum, but they’re FlowForm which is a
type of casting that creates a very strong wheel. These are aluminum for lightness and FlowForm
for strength. We’re looking at 23 to 24 pounds, depending on which width wheel we’re talking
about. Now, you will need a different set of lug nuts than your factory lug nuts to
run these wheels though because your factory ones are going to be too large. They’re going
to need a set of tuner-style lug nuts which isn’t a problem at all since they can be easily
acquired. That’s what I’ve got for you this month, and
if you guys are interested, you can always head over and check these wheels out more
for yourselves. Justin: Hey guys, let’s get started with this
episode’s Mustang news. In last month’s episode, we told you about some changes coming to the
2017 Mustang. Shortly after that, we actually caught wind of some changes coming to the
2017 GT350. It seems like Ford is going to do away with the track package all together
with the Shelby and just bless every GT350 with the Magneride dampeners, the trans and
diff cooler, and also the aluminum strut tower brace. More changes include a convenience pack which
is the more creature comfort focused package. It’s going to take place of the current generation’s
tech pack and again, featured heated, cooled seats, things like that. However, if you don’t
want to go as fancy, they’re going to offer an electronics package which is going to be
a little bit more simple, maybe for a track focused car, it’s going to save a little weight. There’s also some changes coming to the exterior
of the car as well with a new, standard raised deck lid spoiler on all cars and new colors.
Now, if you remember from last month’s episode, I told you competition orange and deep-impact
blue are getting the boot off the Mustang. It turns out they’re also leaving the GT350.
Instead, Ford is replacing them with a new Lightning Blue, Ruby Red Tricoat for the first
time on the Shelby and of course, Grabber Blue. Shelby fans, rejoice as Ford has essentially
decided to Grabber Blue all things. Sticking with the Shelby name, it seems like
Shelby just started releasing the first few of 500 total production Shelby F-150s. We
actually caught a glimpse of this thing at the show last year and it was pretty tough
looking, guys. Suspension-wise, you’re using a DDS[SP] Fox
combination, raising the truck a total of three and a half inches to squeeze in those
big BFG K02 35s[SP]. The truck will be available in five different colors, will feature the
signature Shelby striping and of course, enough badges and grills to satisfy just about anyone,
and of course, it wouldn’t be a Shelby without a ton of horsepower. In fact, there’s a 700
horsepower, 5 liter whippled version of this thing available, but bring your checkbook,
one of your kidneys or your kid’s college fund because it’s going to set you back nearly
a hundred Gs. Stephanie: That’s going to be it for us this
month. We hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Hot Laps. That’s right, guys, we have a lot more cool
stuff coming your way, including more vendor tours, more crazy builds so you have to stay
tuned right here. For all things Mustang, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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