2013 – Technology Year in Review

2013! What a year it’s been, we’ve seen so
many amazing tech breakthroughs and incredible consumer products, everything from smartwatches,
to another barrage of 3D printing prototypes, and then there was also a new Wi-Fi adaptor
thingy…. Seriously, 2013 was a little on the light
side when it came to innovation, most of the big news came in the form of ongoing changes
to Google’s Search Algorithm and the panic it generated across the web. Facebook gave
us a new graph search and Intel gave us new Broadwell processors. Microsoft unveiled their
next gen Surface 2 and Pro 2 tablets and I had the privilege to unbox and review the
latter. Quite a nice machine. Apple finally produced a version of iOS with an updated
UI along with major updates to their Mac line with the exception of the Mac Mini. The iPhone
5C, 5S and new iPad Air also made their debut and the Air was certainly a wonderful device
to play with. The console world was set alight with the
Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. HTC disappeared into almost total absurdity
in the smartphone market, losing out big time to Samsung. The new Nexus 7 made waves in
the Android world and I finally bit the bullet and decided to make this tech journalist thing
a full-time gig. It’s certainly been a massive life change. I’ve been doing this as a permanent job since
November but over the past year have produced almost 100 videos and discussed such topics
as, the dangers of cloud storage, why I believe Android is better than iOS, the future of
the Mac lineup, Project Ara, Planned Obsolescence, the latest gaming news, I tested and reviewed
numerous tablets, cameras and smartphones and also ranted about things like, the signal
to noise ratio of the internet, Battled with a new suborn printer, argued that smartphone
addiction is a growing epidemic, discussed the evolving moral zeitgeist and took a look
back at some classic retro games. Creatively, I like to think I produced some
fun content too, we saw the return of Little Dave, some more time traveling hijinks and
I had a few unexpected guests this year too. It’s been a far more eclectic year in terms
of the kinds of videos I’ve uploaded to lack78 and I have all of you guys and gals to thank
for that. Although YouTube has become a more precarious place to work in the last 18 months,
I’m optimistic about the future of Computing Forever as I continue to broaden it to encompass
other platforms and venues. I’d like to thank all of my 14K plus subscribers
for your support, comments, likes, shares, encouragement and viewership over the past
12 months. I’ve got more big plans for 2014 and can’t wait to get started. Of course, my inbox is always waiting for
any suggestions or ideas you guys have also and remember, I’m still looking for bloggers
for Computing Forever in 2014. Thanks so much for watching, stay tuned for
more and be sure to subscribe to my new newsletter for exclusive blog and video content. Happy New Year and I’ll see you soon.

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19 thoughts on “2013 – Technology Year in Review

  1. Hi Dave, no word about 8 inch windows tablets for £249 with Bay trail processors?!

    Seems like the consumer market is totaly brainwashed by the apple, missing lots of important stuff in computing.

    No im not windwos or microsoft fan, i just find it amaing that i can have full PC that fits in my hand lasting for all day and its fast as core2duo.

    Surface pro is not targeted to mainstream and is overpriced. 
    I really thought that you would not miss the opportunity of having and review those 8" tablets. 

  2. From my perspective, the most significant technological developments of 2013 were as follows:

    – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
    – Standardization of 1080p displays on high end smartphones
    – Panasonic Lumix GM1 and GX7
    – Xbox One and PS4
    – 4K displays taking large steps toward affordability (see Dell's 28" 4K monitor for less than $1,000)

    I can't wait to see what happens in 2014. :3

  3. 2013 Technology – phones, tablets, some phones, more tablets, and a random smartwatch that nobody will buy. What happened to the good old PCs and laptops? All you tech reviewers just stopped reporting on them. That's the only reason I subscribed to all of you!

  4. We not always agree Dave but I do respect your opinion !  Cheers to you , my funny Irish friend !!  May 2014 be the best year yet !!  Suggestions for future shows ….BOOBS .  Lots of boobs !!!  LOL   & good luck with the printer . [email protected]#$ dam things !!!  & get rid of this GOOGLE plus shit will you please !!! …it doesn't open half the time ; I can't read responses to my smart ass comments !!!  Ruins my day in general !!  A toast to you sir  !! 

  5. Thanks for all the great videos you produced this year! I really appreciate your dedication to the channel. Keep up the good work in 2014! All the best

  6. Looking forward to your reviews in the year ahead subscribed to you about 18 months ago and love what your doing,keep it up!

  7. Dave I greatly enjoy your channel. I have been a subscriber for quite some time now. I found your channel when I was considering switching from a PC to a Mac. I found your video on the subject and I thought "Hey I like this guy. He's got an honest and logical opinion about stuff" I also enjoyed the fact that at one point when you were considering making a change in your channel, that you replied back to my Facebook message  to encourage you in the decision you were making. At this point I feel I can give you a slight bit of constructive criticism if that's ok with you. 🙂

    Firstly, It would be nice if your videos sounded a little less scripted. This one is a great example. It sounds to much like reading and less like a conversation.

    secondly, It would be nice if your videos were a little more scripted. I know I'm contradicting myself here, but it comes from how diverse your channel is. Your videos in which you randomly are talking to your cat ect are a little well randome, but if you like it, I don't mind that much. As far as I know you are the only tech reviewer to feature a cat in your videos. Who knows, maybe that is the trick to success. 

    Lastly I am wondering why you did not reply to my Facebook message to you about the blogging positions that you have opened. I am just hoping I can get to you here. I would have sent an email, but you did not give one to send it to, so I sent a facebook message. Considering you had replied to me before, I thought that you would do so again. If you are still looking for people for those positions, I am still interested. The one thing that I asked in my message to you was  more clearly defined parameters for the sample work that you would like to see.

    Good Luck to you Dave. 

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