$2,000,000 Clean Room! – DriveSavers Data Recovery Tour

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100 thoughts on “$2,000,000 Clean Room! – DriveSavers Data Recovery Tour

  1. I know this is old but he still does it all the time and I can only think its a remote to the camera or teleprompter or something but what is he doing when he plays with his right pocket?

  2. what if a giant powerful magnet 'fell' on top of a mechanical hd ? asking for a friend. lol.

  3. Love the video but anyway, would you guy agree that if you worked there, having his loud whiny voice would get REAAALY ANNOYING.

  4. Why wouldn't the guy just take and destroy the whole phone? Why someone even think the photos are just stored in the camera lens!?!? I must know who this idiot was!

  5. Let´s not adress the elephant in the room: how often do these nuclears disasters take place in the first place?!?!?!?!?!??!?

  6. Guys we need you recover as much from this dead drive that was recovered. Oh BTW, it was recovered from a top secret lab in unnamed country, that dealt with weaponized smallpox, ebola, and airborne anthrax. Good luck and don't forget to wash your hands.

  7. I have Recovered a USB Drive at least 1nce…

    I am attempting to try & recover some Externals, now…

    1, I think is just not working do to my PC low on Space, I could be wrong,
    but a lot of the time it just comes up not connecting…

    2 others I think just don't have Drivers supported by the PC… Yet to Recover them…

    Right now,

    Loads External
    Opens Files
    Deletes Files
    Does not Save Files

    It seems in my case a Corrupted USB looks
    like a Bunch of Folders Labled as #Numbers…

    USB Loads showing this:
    & such…

    With weird Files inside the Folders that can't be accessed, or Read by the PC…

  8. What if a raid 5 server named wonack had a data issue while have unpublished channel superfun content on it when channel superfun had equipment rentals in the thousands

  9. OMG Linus!!!! For God's sake!!! Who told you to wear sandals with white socks on??? That should be forbidden by law.I mean you are kind of public figure man!

  10. what the hell is that annoying noise in my right earphone! way down low in the mix. 2:06 does it. between 06 and 07 seconds. had me checking my phone and the fridge and all manner of confusion until i realized its the show

  11. just hold the prompter advance control button in your hand man! it is less immersion breaking than strange hand movements every 10 seconds!!!

  12. love the video cheesy at times but great vid. also random note your logo at first glance looked like a swastika to me woopsies lol i know its not but i hope that hasnt been a thing for u

  13. Can I unlock my HDD, which was locked by bios password (forgot to remove the HDD password rather than BIOS password).

  14. Format a HDD and fill it with junk to it's capacity, then no one on earth can recover it.
    The key information missing in video is that you can not recover overwritten data(if the new data gets recorded on the same track on HDD) in "Most cases" and thats why this company check recovery possibility for free

  15. This taught me how to destroy a storage device effectively where no one can EVER recover my rare pepe collection and Doge coin

  16. What's In Your Right Pocket That Needs Constant Attention …
    Linus(?) are you so Canadian … so stupid … that you don't turn off your phone even in a secure building??

  17. Killer: Takes victim's phone
    Drops it from a 200 meter tall building
    Grabs it, throws it into a lake
    Takes it out
    Throws a nuke on it

    DriveSavers: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career

  18. The way none of the workers even looks at him. Is Linus even real? Is he a ghost? Is this a greenscreen documentary?

    Witness the datarecovery experts in their natural habitat

  19. 5:18 Why the hell is there a Barbie Dream Car Corvette on a shelf with all the drives in the inventory room?!?! Was that an actual Barbie Dream Car Corvette shaped drive? LoL

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