#2: Googles new search, Instagram founders stepdown, Walmart Blockchain | Tech News 2018

hello guys and welcome back to another
episode of news without further ado let’s jump into it now the first news we
have Google well Google is changing its algorithm well Google is making a bunch
of changes to its search now Google is celebrating its 20th year of search and
they’re making a bunch of changes to their search algorithm Google held a
small press conference in San Francisco yesterday and after the press conference
they made a blog post for the press conference now according to Google the
future of search is AI now ai stands for artificial intelligence which means that
computers can be trained as to how humans think and present data to humans
or to us when and where required now Google has been under the bus recently
regarding acquisitions that their algorithms were politically bias now in
that block force they say we see billions of queries every day and about
15% of queries are ones we’ve never seen before given the scale the only way to
provide search effectively through an algorithmic approach this helps us not
just solve all the queries you’ve seen yesterday but all the ones we can’t
anticipate for tomorrow during the press conference they released a bunch of new
changes to their search now on your mobile devices you’ll see much more of
the search because those majority of searches come not from desktop but for
mobile phones that’s the closest device you have but you when you go into the
Google search or on your mobile phone devices Google will have a feed prepared
for you which is which they are calling the “discover”. The discover would have relevant articles based on what you google from time to time now Google is trying to
push around the idea of taking users on a journey rather than just giving the
users all the search they require now you can also classify your searches into
collections which can be used upon your request there’s also going to be
featured video cards which will show you segments of videos based on your search
they’ll also be an enhanced video which will give you much more than what you
search for example if you’re searching for bugs they will not only give you
information about bugs but they’ll also give you names for the pal the place
where you can adopt of by bugs and even how the Train pops all in all Google is
trying to make it much more easy for people to get addicted to the
idea of searching on their platform but what’s my take on this guell Google is
making it easier to get all the information at your fingertips but at
the same time it’s recording thousands and thousands of entries that it can use
against you and in the end now information like current location when
you make the search the different things you’re searching at that location or
other favorable information that Google can or would want to share with their
advertisers so the information can get more monetized or probably even Google
will try to get the ad where their advertisements are into your search as
well in the near future now in other things we have new some Instagram the
CEO and the CTO who are also the founders of Instagram are stepping down
from the company at the CEO Kevin Systrom and and CTO michael Krieger I’ve
resigned from their positions from Instagram this news comes down Monday
this Mike and Kevin notified the Instagram and Facebook executors of this
decision of leaving the company on into a blog post made system confirms they
tired the planning are taking some time off explore their curiosity and
creativity again and building new things in order to do that they’re planning to
take a step back and see what inspired them and match it with what the world
needs and that’s what they plan to do this comes at a time when social media
companies like Facebook and Instagram have been criticized for not policing
the current content enough on their platforms and to spreading false news
and rumors on the social media platforms and the influence the US elections in
2016 now another awesome news we have a new
video from tasty about the art of homemade ice cream we get a new Shawn
Mendes trailer from Casey neistat, we get a new trailer from Walt Disney
Animation Studios offer Rob breaks the internet and the best for the last and
we get a trailer for the movie bumblebee now moving on now in other news so
company is being acquired we have slack slack has acquired an
email company called Astra they’ll be using axe Astros expertise to better
incorporate email into slack channels now according
to slack the company has over 50 million channels and with this new acquisition
be making it easy for more teams to collaborate with each other now slack is
a very important tool for business communication now
Astor on the other hand emailing up and they launched their slack plugin last
year in which users could integrate the slack communication the email and calendars
together and with this new acquisition slack would be able to integrate it
without a plugin now the bad news for the Astra users is that they will be
shutting down all the Astra services for the existing slack users the 10th of
October let’s see what the future of communications has for us kids now the
last and final story we have is from Walmart now Walmart is using blockchain
technologies for its leafy green now with the blockchain system that has been
developed by IBM for one month it will help the company track shipment of its
produce now this will help them securely distribute ledger and be able to track
the vegetable spot from the farm to the stock this isn’t Walmart’s internal
benefit either it’ll help the final consumers that’s when we walk into one
of these stores and can the bag and use blockchain to find when and find where
of spinach has been grown now the company’s asked its suppliers to start
integrating blockchain into their systems and by next year the same month September 2019 the company wants all their suppliers to be integrated on
their block chain now this will have the company’s feed up their recall process
and potentially save people from getting sick this news comes at a time when a
lot of companies have been trying to find new ways to become more legitimate
to their end consumers and by using the blockchain technologies Walmart’s taking
one step towards the future of becoming more legitimate or or offering more
information about a particular product to the consumers which time I think more
and more companies will start integrating different solutions from the
blockchain technology into the lives of their consumer more easy to access and
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