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We’re about to go into the hottest month of
the year and countries all over the world have already hit record temperatures. So I’m issuing a challenge for the month of
August. Let’s use upcycling to stay cool and combat
global warming. I’m Angelina and this is BlueprintDIY where we remake our clothes to be just as unique as us! So for the Sew Hot Challenge, I thrifted these two tops with really good
quality ribbing and I’m going to turn them into tank tops. I thrifted these while I was in New York a
few weeks ago. You can get a ribbed tank top from any place but the quality of the fabric really matters
to me. And I’ll be able to customize them so their
the most flattering on my body. So let’s start off with this one that happens
to be the pantone color of the year for 2019, living coral. The first thing I’ll do is cut it straight
across right underneath the arms. Then I’ll use this upper portion to cut some
straps. I wanted my straps to be about 2” wide, so I cut these strips about 4” wide. Now let’s try on the body portion inside out and with the finished edge up at the top. I’ll add pins to make it fit and then take
it off. OK, now let’s go to the sewing machine and
sew the straps. Fold them in half inside out and sew them down on the long side. Then turn them right side out. Next, I’ll make new side seams by starting
off where I placed the pin and running a stitch pretty much straight
down the sides. Now for our last fitting, I’m going to try it on and pin the straps
in place. I love the silhouette of this style of tank
top because I just think it’s flattering on me and the wide straps allow me to still wear
a bra with straps. And pinning the back of the straps would definitely
be easier on my new dress form. Yes, I finally got a dress form and you can
find out more about that in my Instastories. And I also added a pin for how short I want
it to be. So, now I can cut off the excess off the side
seams and cut off the excess at the bottom, leaving
room for seam allowance. Now, I’m going to create a lettuce edge effect
on the hem by turning it under and sewing a straight
stitch while stretching it at the same time. Now, I’ll sew down the straps making sure
to back stitch at the beginning and end. And lastly, I asked you guys on Instagram
and Facebook if I should add a big or small button right under the straps. Well, I decided to go with big and small buttons. I’m gonna add three small on the front and
one big button on the back. And you definitely don’t want to miss the
final look at the end. OK, so the next one, I decided to turn into
a bodysuit. So of course I’ll start off by trying it on
and pinning where I want to cut, first at the top to cut off the sleeve and
turn it into a tank, then at the bottom to turn it into a bodysuit. And it’s not going to be quite long enough
to make the whole crotch piece, so I’ll need to cut an extra piece to attach
to the back. So first I’ll lay the sweater front to front
and back to back. Then I’ll cut the leg holes making sure to
leave seam allowance. Next I’ll cut the sleeves off next to the
pins also leaving seam allowance. Once I get one sleeve cut off, I can take
the excess and lay it on top of the other one to make sure both are cut evenly. Then, I’ll try it on again to fix some fit
issues. Next, I’ll fix the curve at the back and cut
an extra piece to add to the back to close up the bodysuit at the bottom. And lastly, I’ll use those curved pieces that
I cut off the bottom, to make a ruffled cap sleeve portion. I’ll cut a shallow curve from it and add it
to the shoulder portion. Now, I’ll go to the sewing machine and add
the extension piece to the back and then hem all the edges. Do NOT stretch this while you are sewing because you don’t want this one to have a
lettuce edge. which I think I’m stretching right here so that’s why I’m telling you that Now you can sew the side seams just like we
did for the previous one and cut off the excess. Then I’ll lay the curved part of the little
cap sleeve on the shoulder portion of the bodysuit and sew it down. I did try adding a gathering stitch first,
but the ribbing is so thick that it wouldn’t really gather. So I just bunched it in the middle while I
was sewing it down. Then I’ll sew my seam flat at the cap sleeve
and hem the rest of the arm hole. And lastly, I’ll add some snaps at the crotch
to get in and out of this thing. And I promise you that doing finish work is
so hard on camera. My snap was completely on the wrong way on
one side, so go enjoy putting on the rest of the snaps
correctly while sitting on my couch watching Netflix. So here’s the little coral tank top and it’s
just what my wardrobe needed for the hottest month of the year. It’s such a simple little thing, but the lettuce
edge hem, the buttons, and the ribbing make it everything. I paired it with these vintage peach pleated
pants and the gold heels that I thrifted in New York as well. If you want to see what else I got, definitely
check out last week’s video. And when it really gets scorching, you can certainly pair them with a little
pair of ruffled shorts and you can see how I made this super cute
pair in this video above. And I can’t even with this bodysuit! I told you all that I’m that weirdo that loves
to wear sweater weight material all year round so
this thing makes me so happy. And they are the perfect complement to these
killer pants that you’ll see in a video coming up soon. I think they were a pair of military flight
pants and they I love how they turned out. And with the button fly paired with the bodysuit I can wear them unbuttoned and folded in the
front. I really really like that and they don’t fall down because they have the elastic in the back So I’m super excited about that. You guys are going to love that video. So if you want to join in on the Sew Hot Challenge, head on over to Instagram or Facebook for
more info. And things are definitely heating up here
on YouTube so subscribe right now so you don’t miss what
I do next. See you in the next one. Bye!

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