2.0 – hindi short film | Chitti The Robot v #2.O Sci-fi Thriller

Vashikaran first robot prototype, Chitti though being good, is destructive. Hence, vashikaran encapsulated chitti in a time capsule, and started working towards a new prototype. Latest addition to our lab, Kutti Hi… Come out of your dreams. Its just a robot Robot? Please don’t say that… My latest invention, Kutti. Speed 1 Tera Hertz, memory 1 zetabyte Whats the difference in between Chitti and Kutti? Chitti is masculine. Strong and Powerful. Kutti is feminine. A symbol of peace, harmony and love In short, Kutti Chitti ka yek softer version hai In destructive mode, chitti can turn violent. But Kutti doesnt have a destructive mode at all. Nightmare (Bad dream) Even Robots are dreaming now a days… Stop it guys. what happened? A big bird is burning the whole city Bird? Hi.. Dr Richard. Dr Richard an Ornithologist – he who studies birds. Along with his knowledge on birds, he grew affinity towards them. Please be seated. More than 70% of the phones your company is manufacturing are exceeding the permissible levels of radiation. Due to the radiations coming out of the phones your company is manufacturing, several birds are dying. Kindly consider stopping the manufacturing of such phones. See, I get a lot of money though those phones. Who will take such huge losses for birds lives? If not all, at least those high radiation phones your company is manufacturing. As such, who cards of birds lives. If all birds are dead, does it make any difference? Please don’t say like that. Birds are a part of our ecosystem Like humans, Birds too have equal rights to live Let us assume that I will stop making mobiles, can you guarantee that people will leave birds alive? One day or another, all birds have to die in humans hands Sir, please dont say like that. Go to hell No body gives a damn to birds life here. I will make a bird-hybrid that kills every person holding a mobile phone. A Living mobile tower, that can sense any mobile phone nearby and turn every mobile user into ashes. Dr Richard’s Bird hybrid… Vasikaran… Yes Minister You have to act quick We have only one way to come out of this problem Chitti version 2.O (two point O) 2.0 (two point zero)? Destructive Robot Do we have a choice? Go for it. Kutti, assemble Chitti This is Chitti… Reloaded. Version 2.O (Two point O) Welcome back Chitti.This is Kutti. Your co-robot Wow… What happened? Magnetism. Law of attraction, fundamentals of physics ooh. I though of something else As such, what have you thought Leave it. We have to calibrate Chitti. Take him to shooting spot. Happy Diwali folks Chitti, its high time. Go slay the beast Soldiers… Chitti… There is only one way to kill this beast. We have to match the radiation strength with that of the dragon. I will soon send you a weapon that I am researching on It is extremely heavy and it cant be carried in the Ariel route. Do what ever, get that dragon on to the ground We cant’t beat the dragon when its in the air Let us get it down. Soliders This antenna has the signal strength equivalent to a million mobile phones I will take this and go to the center of the field… alone. You guys wait for my signal Soldiers, Formation Robo Dyno, Now… Dr Richard.. Your intentions are good. But not the approach You are doing the same harm to humans that humans once did to birds. Humans are not bad, it’s only that they are unaware. Now, that you made your point, and people
are aware of the problems with technology, It’s our time to let them re-think. If every human takes his own decision, Nature will be unbalanced. We, The Humans are here to support you in restoring this ecosystem. It’s your time to extend your support to us. With the help of Dr Richard, Vasikaran restored balance between Technology and Nature. Hey.. Hi Hi What are your expectations out of boyfriend Robot? The same old robot specifications like? Like speed 1 Tera Hertz, memory 1 zetabyte See you all in 3.0

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