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Being a parent is hard, but it was probably
a lot harder before these 18 apps were invented. Kudos to the generations of parents before
us who managed without being able to monitor their baby’s every move, connect with health
professionals in a split second and send themselves insane with worry comparing photos of deadly
rashes with that splotch that just popped up on their toddler’s tummy! Here are 18 apps that make being a parent
just that little bit easier: Baby monitor apps
Most of us have baby monitors at home, but they’re a pain for travelling. You have to remember to take them, and then
you have to find somewhere convenient to set them up in the room where your baby is sleeping,
often using international plug adaptors. Then there’s the issue of range. If you’re staying in a hotel and you want
to pop down to the restaurant for dinner you’ll often find the monitor out of range. Cloud Baby Monitor is an Apple-only app that
enables you to turn two or more Apple devices into a baby monitor system. Set one device up as the child unit and the
other as the parent unit and it works over wifi or 3g, which means unlimited range. It has a whole host of features like white
noise and the ability to talk to the baby and monitor multiple children from one parent
device. It’s $3.99 per device in the app store and
$6.99 in the Mac App store. Baby Monitor 3G by Tappy Taps is very similar
to Cloud Baby Monitor but isn’t limited to Apple devices. You can’t monitor multiple children from
the same parent device, but you can set up both parents to monitor the child from their
own device It costs £3.99 per device. Apps for being less lonely
Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found being a parent means you almost never get alone
time, yet somehow you manage to feel lonelier than ever. Fortunately there are some apps designed to
address that. Subscribe to our channel
Hoop has to be my all-time favourite app for parents. It’s beautifully designed and highly intuitive,
which is always a bonus. You use Hoop to search for kid-friendly activities
in your area. I’ve found some incredible activities, from
bring your own baby comedy club to yoga, ballet and music classes. It’s free to use and available on both Apple
and Android. Mush is a local social network for making
mum friends. I like the idea in principle, but like any
network it’s subject to a network effect and needs a lot of take-up to be successful. So when I tried it in London it seemed like
there weren’t many mums in my area. I also really don’t like that it focuses
on mums. It assumes the mum is the primary caregiver,
which is not the case for many families (including my own). That marginalises dads and supports an unhelpful
gender narrative. It’s free to use and available on both Apple
and Android. Apps that help your baby sleep
We found white noise to be really helpful when our son was a small baby. It created a routine that signalled to him
it was sleep time, which meant we could put him to sleep in different environments relatively
easily. It also helped my partner, who is a very light
sleeper and found he couldn’t fall asleep when the baby was in the room with us – because
babies make all kinds of noises when they’re sleeping. There are loads of free white noise apps out
there, such as Sound Sleeper and White Noise Lite. And then there are specialist apps like Baby
Soother that are designed to simulate the sounds the baby would have been familiar with
in the womb. Apps to track your baby’s development
Being a new parent is very overwhelming. You don’t know what you’re doing, you’re
getting advice from every angle, and you have no way of knowing whether you’re doing things
right. There are loads of apps out there to help
you keep up to date with the first few months or years of your baby’s life. The Wonder Weeks App is based on the bestselling
book. It helps you keep up to date with the big
mental developmental milestones you can expect as your baby grows. It costs $2.99 and is available on both the
App store and Google Play. The What to Expect App, based on the very
popular book covers everything you need to know week by week of your pregnancy, followed
by a baby and toddler section for once the little one arrives. It’s full of useful information on everything
from milestones to childproofing your home. The app is free and available on both the
App store and Google Play. Babysparks claims to support your child in
reaching their potential by providing meaningful play activities that are supposed to be developmentally-appropriate. I’m sceptical because the science section
on their website isn’t very sciency, but I will probably use it addictively when Baby
2 arrives later this year and I’ll be sure to review it on this channel. It’s £7.99 for the first year followed
by a subscription-based service. Apps for tracking everything
When you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and when there are multiple people looking
after your baby, it can be reassuring to track things like feeds, nappy changes and sleeps. Like this video? Hate it? Either way, leave a comment. Glow Baby is a good example of this. It’s a subscription-based app that costs
around $7.99 a month. Other examples are First Year, BabyTime, and
Milk Maid, for tracking pumping and breastfeeding. Apps for when things go wrong
No one warned me about all the worry that comes with being a parent. I thought it would be all cuddles and tantrums. Fortunately, there are apps for parents with
health anxiety by proxy. WebMD has a good app that includes a symptom
checker and loads of helpful health advice. It’s also a baby tracker and phot capturing
app all in one and it’s free. Ask the Midwife is an app where you can ask
registered midwives anything regarding pregnancy or the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life. You can ask questions or chat directly with
midwives and between 7am and 9pm seven days a week. Talkspace is a brilliant service for parents
who are struggling. When you’re looking after a baby, you often
don’t have the time to pop out and see a psychologist. But early parenthood can be the most mentally
challenging time in your life. Talkspace pairs you with a therapist after
an assessment and then you can chat with them daily or schedule video chats if you need
them. The service costs from $49 a week for messaging
chats to $79 a week for video chats. Apps that are really really useful
Finally, NCT Babychange gets its own category here. It’s an app where users rate the babychange
facilities in restaurants and coffee shops across the UK. As someone who has changed a nappy on a grimy
bathroom floor on multiple occasions, I think at this stage in your life, the quality of
baby change facilities is much more important than the quality of the food in a restaurant. So, that’s it. 18 apps that make parenting just that little
bit easier. PLEASE help me bring more great reviews and
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