17 Ways to be Ridiculously Productive

Do you want to be ridiculously
productive? Aha! I thought you might say yes so sit back while I show you 17
fantastic ways to be ridiculously productive rapid fire. Let’s go my
friends. First step is to say no, focus on the things that you want to achieve. If
you have a hard time saying no, check out my video on the power of saying no to
help you out. Right here. Step two, avoid meetings, if you have to go then be
really specific and have one outcome that you want to achieve. Little hint
here: I just don’t go to meetings at all. I find them the biggest waste of time
especially did back in the corporate days, what we used to do that was really
effective was have standing meetings because nobody likes to stand up for a
long time so people get to the point and therefore the meeting is shorter and
more productive. Step 3, regularly ask yourself, “is what I’m doing right now
getting me closer to what I want to achieve?” If you can’t answer yes then you
need to stop that thing you’re doing and look at your priority list and get on to
doing the right thing. Step 4 is to know what you want to
achieve and visualize it in detail. I don’t just mean that it’d be really nice
to be on stage at TEDx. Visualize yourself, putting in the application,
practicing, honing your message, honing your craft of speaking, taking the stairs
up to the stage, a red beautiful TEDx sign on stage, all the people out in the
audience can’t wait to see you. Imagine yourself standing on that stage, being
empowered and willing to share your message. Now that is gonna get you closer
to what you want to achieve. By the way, if you haven’t seen my TED talk, you
should check it out here. Step 5 stop procrastinating and just do it
already. It was my little pep talk for the day
for you. Step six is plan your day according to
the biggest most urgent task. Nothing else matters until you get that one
urgent big task out of the way and done. Step seven is to prioritize your to do’s
and tasks and typically it’s best done the night before, also your priorities and
to do’s have generally come off your goals which have generally come off
your annual plan, but if you don’t have all that in place you should know at
least what you want to be doing this week that’s going to move the needle
closer to where you need it to be, to be successful. Step eight is to use Sunday
evenings to plan your week ahead and feel like an awesome person because when
you sit down with your glass of wine, maybe in front of the fire or outside under
the stars of the deck with your partner, with whoever and you plan out your week ahead,
you do feel pretty amazing and when Monday rolls around you’re like, huh I
have this whole plan laid out in front of me. Isn’t that awesome? Now I know
exactly what I need to do, thank you Natalie. Take it one step further for
your daily priorities use a to-do list app one that is one of my favorites is
called TeuxDeux. Which is actually French and each day
you can just enter in three to five things max and every time you don’t
achieve those, it just carries it over to the next day, sooner rather than later
you start to see what you’re procrastinating on and what you’re
missing out on doing and then you get to ask yourself, “why oh why Natalie does
this keep staying on my list and I keep ignoring it?” Probably because it’s not a
priority. Step 10 if you don’t like apps, is to use
a journal and to note down your daily priorities. In fact my partner and I use
a spreadsheet with color-coded cells and eight areas of life that we want to
focus on every single day, we fill in our daily three priorities and every single
week we fill in our three priorities for the week ahead and every month and every
three months and every year and I’ll be talking about that more in an upcoming
video, but use whatever is going to work for you,
maybe it’s post-it notes, maybe it’s a whiteboard, maybe it is slapping yourself
around in the morning talking to the mirror, seriously, I don’t know whatever
works for you. Step 11 is to get up one hour earlier,
you would be amazed how much more you can fit into your day and how much more
productive you feel if you give yourself extra space in the morning. To those of you
with kids this is totally doable, you get up earlier than your kids. It does also
mean you get to have a siesta later on when they’re not around or for you to go
to bed earlier at night which then surprisingly makes you want to get up
earlier. Step 12 throw out the TV, just like pick it up
and, now I’ve never really been one to watch TV at all. I enjoy a good movie but
since Netflix came in, I must admit to secretly watching a few too many hours
per evening or per week of Suits and Downton Abbey. And I’m surprised, I’m so
surprised, if not shocked at how much time that eats up. Now it’s pleasurable
time, I enjoy it, it might be while we’re eating dinner, we might be having a
conversation about it after, but it is serious time that I could be learning,
reading, relaxing or doing something that’s very important, even if watching
Harvey Specter win in court is very important. Step 13 is dump your phone, seriously. I’ve turned
all notifications off, I had it on do not disturb everyday, I have no more social
media sites on there aside from Instagram because that is obviously a
phone based app. No Facebook messenger, no Pinterest, no LinkedIn, nothing and it is
genius, it gives me back my time. And it means that I’m
present in the moment with my friends. So no more phone. If you can’t give up
your phone, put it in another room while you’re doing your important work. Step 14
is to turn off your Wi-Fi and if you really can’t go that far, then install an
app that basically blocks sites that are taking away your time. There is Leech
block which is on Firefox and there is Freedom which is for Mac and both of
those are basically stop you from going to sites like Facebook where you waste a
lot of your time so that you can just focus on what you need to do. Otherwise
turn off your Wi-Fi and do things offline that actually require you to put
in the effort and stay focused and get it done. You’ll feel amazing trust me. And Step 15 is one of my favorite, it’s use the
Pomodoro Technique. Twenty-five minutes of focus work, five minute break, do it
again and again and what it does is it condenses your time right
down so that you are more effective in that period, rather than having the whole
day to work on whatever it is you’re working on. Check out this old time video
of mine where I talk more about it. Step 16 is to hire people to help you,
hire your first virtual assistant or your first team member, use Upwork or
remote.com or any of the major freelancing sites and get some help on
board. I did an entire video about why you need a personal assistant in your
life which can be done even if you are not a celebrity and I also did an awesome
one about how to outsource like a rock star, so please click those links of
those videos. They are also below this one, also the links to those videos are below
this one, so check it out, watch them, listen to my advice and then go and take
massive action, so you can be ridiculously productive. Oh that’s all I
want for you. Yes it is, yes it is.

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4 thoughts on “17 Ways to be Ridiculously Productive

  1. Thanks, Natalie. Some great ideas here that I will start to implement such as Sunday night planning for the week ahead. Will also check out the app you mentioned.

  2. Thanks, Natalie. Some great ideas here that I will start to implement such as Sunday night planning for the week ahead. Will also check out the app you mentioned.

  3. Yessss! Downton Abbey. Haha! But seriously! Thanks for the tips! I like your way of presentation very much, just being you!

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